Froyo Source Code Released to Developer Community



“[Android 2.2] is being open-sourced today. Everyone can start hacking on it right now, and start making it even better.” Those were the words of Google’s own Andy Rubin at today’s Droid X event hosted by Verizon and Motorola. Anyone who wants a piece of the Froyo action only needs to head on over to and they can start tinkering with all the new features inherent in the latest version of Android. I’m sure the devs will have a field day with this one, let the games begin!

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  1. sweet, 2.2 on my eris finally

  2. So when can we expect the ota on the nexus! grrrrr

  3. Let’s hope this means an N1 OTA update very soon. This waiting is killing me lol.

  4. Alright, Koush! Here you go! CM 6.0?

  5. So, does that mean it’s starting to OTA to Nexus Ones?


  7. Wooh, a full Android 2.2 for my Nexus. :)

  8. no ETA for the OTA… lame!

  9. Any idea when an OTA will be available?


    Who cares about OTA? CM 6.0 PLEASSSSSE!

  11. ^yea for real, OTA’s are overrated.

  12. I sure hope this means that Froyo will be headed to the AT&T Nexus One via OTA very soon….

  13. Be nice when the developers start to program the apps to SD card option. That’s what I’ve been waiting the most for.

  14. Forget the Nexus let’s go EVO world!!!

  15. I’ve been using it for a month now … the leaked version. It’s rock solid, only App to SD card wasn’t working. it’s the new Dawn :)

  16. Uh, all you N1 fanboys?

    They’re not going to talk about a competitor’s (both hardware and carrier) phone at a conference put on by Motorola and Verizon. And, last I checked, T-Mo/AT&T and HTC were competitors.

  17. *were competitors to Verizon and Motorola, I meant to say. Accidentally hit the “Submit” button with my touchpad on my laptop.

  18. forget OTA, lets see the latest cyanogenmod.

  19. Time to reset my droid to 2.0.1, root, and get a 2.2 ROM….

  20. cant wait for cyanogen’s 2.2 :D

  21. So another words there will be a way to put 2.2 the same day as the release of Droid X?

  22. This is awesome guys!! DEVS will have a field day with this. :) all in all good for Android and Google!

    Who cares who has what Android phones? lol. I’m happy if u have a EVO, Droid Incredible etc. I’m on a Nexus One running the latest build of 2.2. So….. OTA soon!

  23. Cyanogen twittered he will have Froyo tonight but I think it was just a joke.

  24. Hmmm, iPhone 4 comes out tomorrow (June, 24th) and no one wonders if Froyo won’t be strategically released OTA to Nexus One owners to blunt that news generator. Hmmmm…

  25. @Leon iphone 4 came out today. Three guys in my office already have theirs.

  26. @Steve The official date a la Long lines at stores was today. It’s gone out OTA for some already (starting last night).

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