Samsung Captivate Gets Video Time, Early Impressions [Video]


Engadget’s once again been fortunate enough to get their grubby little tech-loving hands on an as-of-yet unreleased device, and this time it’s the Samsung Captivate. If though it has the same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S (it is being called a “Galaxy S phone”), there’s a lot that differentiates itself from its parent.

Unfortunately, I don’t mean that in a good way. Judging by the video (and trusting the comments of Engadget’s Joanna Stern), the device is downright sluggish. Whether it be scrolling through the home screens, the app drawer, or something as simple as opening up the context menu, it made the phone look horrible, performance wise.

We know that’s not true under the hood with it supposedly packing a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird chipset (the same as all of the other Galaxy S phones), but it’s more than likely an early software issue that Samsung and AT&T still have time to work out. Full impressions can be had by following this link.

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  1. AT&T bloatware.

  2. Knowing ATT, they’ll do absolutely nothing to improve this phone, if anything they might even subtract some features.

  3. @uly,
    AT&T has already “improved” this phone. Instead of being a “google experience” phone, it is an “at&t experience” phone. Removing front facing camera must be so that AT&T can claim that iPhone 4 is the only phone in the world with a front facing camera.
    AT&T: I am altering the terms of our deal. Pray I don’t alter it further.

  4. The only software issues this phone is going to have is all of the AT&T crapware on it. Here’s hoping that the root method for the Galaxy S translates over to this phone as well so a real kernel/ROM combo can be run on it.

  5. key word is “claim” right? As in the EVO is disreguarded?

  6. Gotta love the AT&T haters. Don’t all carriers pre-install apps for their network? Hasn’t it come out today that T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy-S ALSO has the front-facing camera pulled out? Come on folks, do something with your life other than spew bile about AT&T.

  7. but according to the rumors t-mobile will also get the iPhone so hmmmm

  8. from engadget

    “The phone we demoed was powered by an ARMv7 processor running at 800MHz”
    “The model we saw was confirmed to be a few months old, so our guess is that the final version will be a whole lot snappier than what we saw”

  9. @DAnnyB

    i meant improve the issues the video displayed. Like the sluggishness and the unresponsive buttons.

  10. @Uly read my previous post. try going to the actual article on engadget and read the whole thing. that will give you a better idea of whats going.

  11. yeah Joe I thought swore that this was said to be a demo of a slower processor and NOT a 1ghz.

  12. Ugly ass hardware. No front facing camera. STILL NO FLASH SAMSUNG! I will pass on this phone cause i don’t like the hardware & it’s not the REAL SAMSUNG GALAXY S cause the hardware doesn’t look like the one I saw at CES earlier this year.

  13. No the iPhone is not going to T-Mobile. That was canned because T-Mobile couldn’t come up with the cash. But Verizon on the other hand is now reportedly in the works of carrying the iPhone in that red has already sent over official paperwork to apple about carrying it.

  14. front-face cam is useless for any phone IMO. what good is it if the people we know don’t have a phone with front-facing?

  15. phandroid…. you guys are misrepresenting the video. the engadget article clearly states the demo model in the vid is rockin an 800mhz proc. Not 1ghz. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention again.

  16. makes me wonder why the UI overlay looks like iPhone UI ? To attract iCrap dummies? :)

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