HTC Delivering Froyo to the HTC Desire and Legend Within the Next Two Weeks?


We knew Google was drumming up to a grand final release of Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo) soon, but we only expected the update to rollout for Nexus One devices initially (or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that we’re most confident that the Nexus One will get it first).


It seems HTC might be gearing up for their launch of Froyo across multiple devices pretty soon, as well. The news comes out of ZDNet.de where they state HTC’s informed them that the HTC Desire and HTC Legend would be getting the update “in the next two weeks” (translated).

This joins the other army of handsets that Adobe announced would be able to “soon” enjoy Flash 10.1-based content from a handful of their partners to whom they’ve shipped the latest version of the plugin. If all of this ends up adding up how we’d like it to, it’s possible that Froyo could not only be headed our way soon, but to a lot more devices than we’d initially expected.

[via The Unwired]

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  1. Why Desire and Legend first? Is it because they’ve been HTC Sense devices longer than the Incredible?

  2. It should have been pushed before June 24th, when the new iPhone comes out.

  3. will the moment be one of the devices that will be able to get this?

  4. Seriously. IF the Legend is on the receiving end of some factory Froyo love then there is really nothing stopping a Hero, Backflip, Eris, etc… from running Froyo as well. Well the Backflip may never see it because of what it is and the carrier…. Ooh well.

  5. i don’t know, i think holding until AFTER the new iphone makes more sense. Apple always steals the spotlight with their launch. If you launch 2.2 before this, it will get lost in the iOS4 hype. Launch it AFTER, and you don’t worry about the Apple train coming around the corner.

  6. The Desire and the Legend will get it first because they are havailable in more than just the US. That way they will serve more people world-wide. The Incredible and the EVO will get it as well but they will need the carriers to optimize it for what they want…

  7. I wonder if the Nexus froyo was held back intentionally? So that HTC can catch up with the Desire/Legend build, and shoot some of the perception of fragmentation and skinning issues in the foot? Just a thought.

  8. Fug the Desire AND Legend!!! Get to pushing on the Incredible NOW!!! That is all. :-)

  9. Legend has more ram than hero which is the main problem with upgrading to 2.2

  10. They were probably able to get the Sense version done faster because of the early version of Froyo that was available like 2 – 3 weeks ago. And because of this I’m wondering the same thing phannon86.

  11. Screw both of those phones. The EVO is what needs Froyo!

  12. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :)
    Desire Love just got better. In the UK we might not have access to google voice and google shopper, but at least HTC gives us some Android Love

  13. Yes, launch it AFTER apple and keep the quality as better as possible. Apple iphone is getting normal and much less innovative. We got fast apps switching since android bornt. We just love open and freedom to innovative. Who needs beautiful handcuff?

  14. holy crap, legend! yey, great news
    any info will 2.2 enable live wallpapers on it?

  15. #1
    Really? The Evo 4G is not available in Europe and Desire and Legend were both released weeks before Evo 4G. It seems HTC have other issues to fix with the Evo anyways. Bringing Froyo to Desire and Legend first is the right thing to do.

  16. U can get Google voice on HTC desire..

  17. Google needs to release official froyo for nexus NOW. That was supposed to be a major perk of getting nexus – the first to receive updates. If HTC is releasing it days after (even though I’m happy for the Sense users) kind takes the excitement out of it for us nexus owners.

  18. when will the MyTouch 3G be getting Froyo? I have been hearing rumors about new release dates of Froyo for this phone but up till now nothing official so can someone at HTC please tell me the truth?

  19. Hmmm it will be extra good if HTC gives the Desire HD video recording like they said they would too.

    In other news Sony Ericsson says that the X10 will get Froyo in July 2011…joke

  20. I have spoken to costumer service in Denmark. She told me that the update would come to: Hero/Desire/Legend.

    But that could be a mistake from her.


    I don’t think that the update comes before Nexus One. Nexus One should be the first to receive the 2.2 update, because it’s a Google phone.

    If HTC launches the update before Google, that would just be weired.

    But maybe Google launches the 2.2 update same date as HTC. I’m an owner of Desire, so I hope that it comes soon. But, i know that 2.2 will come to compatible devices from HTC. So obviously its comming for EVO and Incredible.

  21. Now lets hope Sprint doesn’t sit around doing nothing and holds up the Evo update.

  22. When the HELL AM I GOING TO GET THE DESIRE FOR AT&T?! Wait it’s not coming to AT&T so sad now.

  23. It’s good to know that HTC put some effort to upgrade Legend user to Android Froyo 2.2, but I’m wondering how this would be done? After or before the upgrade, user data will be wipe out and require reinstallation? Apps that already installed, will that be remained as it is? Froyo 2.2 allow Apps to be installed to external memory, can it be moved over or require uninstall and re-install?
    My main concern would be our contacts and downloaded emails. How would this be handled…

  24. The reason only the legend and desire are listed is because it’s a German website. They’re only reporting about phones relevant to them. I think it’s safe to say that HTC will be ready with the Legend/Desire/Evo/Incredible updates at the same time. How long each carrier takes to roll them out is a different matter.

  25. This is very promising news. Will 2.2 be released by individual telecom carriers or will simply going to Settings > About Phone > System Software Updates suffice? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. I’m in the U.S. on T-Mobile, but my Desire is an unlocked Asia/European version.

  26. Google never said the Nexus One will get Froyo first. Personally, I’d be quite happy if all the HTC phones (including the N1) got Froyo at the same time.

    Anyway, the pre-release for the N1 has been out for ages, and I’ve been using it, and it’s awesome. Some people have said they haven’t noticed any speed difference, but they must have been using it with their eyes closed, or something. And apart from two or three apps not working on it, I’ve had no other problems at all.

  27. “In other news Sony Ericsson says that the X10 will get Froyo in July 2011…joke”

    good one – there’s no chance it will be ready by then

    Good news though if true, ive been using froyo (Nexus One Port) on my desire for a while and its definately an improvement. But i do miss the Sense goodness, and the official HTC version should be better.

  28. Froyo on the Desire will be awesome- making a speedy phone work even faster, how cool is that!!! Was kinda hoping the leak would be accurate and the release be today, but can’t really complain when initial predictions for Android 2.2 with Sense were for Autumn!
    Anyone know if the developers are keeping up, are we gonna be able to save to SD? Cause for me that’s the most important feature…

  29. @Isvaffel1200
    Denmark rocks! And HTC Desire with Froyo rocks! (especially if it will release before one week!)

  30. read the updated text – they report that two weeks is B*S*

  31. Pushing fast release of froyo for HTC Desire (which could be the best phone in production right now): SIM based (GSM) phones are smoking hot worldwide. WCDMA only phones are a limited & hyper controlled market. Do your homework, check HTC sales, check iPhone4g release date, then do the math.

  32. I translated the bottom of the article:

    Update from 6/23/2010:
    HTC has denied through his PR agency, that there will be two weeks in an operating system update for the Desire and the Legend. The statement was based on a misunderstanding. It is certain that the HTC Hero will receive in the next two weeks, his update to Android 2.1. In updating the Desire remains vague and HTC will deliver an update to the third quarter. If and when the Legend to upgrade to get Android 2.2, you do not know yet.

  33. All of these comments just show how android gonna pay google missteps.

  34. I emailed HTC, the guy said he couldn’t give me an official release date, but he did say it was immanent ! SO hold tight Androiders, does anyone know if the Desire is capable of HD recording with its hardware its just the software thats missing ? or that its hardware just isn’t gonna cut it for HD ?

  35. Darn I’m excited about this release now. The main improvement I’m looking forward to is the wireless access point capability. I have a wifi only iPad so having a 3g access point from my desire for my iPad to use would be very useful when I’m away from my home. Really excited!! Screw the iPhone!

  36. So excited to hear about this upgrade, was just about to root my Legend. Can’t wait, lets just hope HTC actually comes through.

  37. This report is false. Even the referenced site has added an update where HTC claim that the Desire will not be updated until Q3. So we have a summer with 2.1 — I’m still loving it ;)

  38. @aproposnix
    Q3 begins 6 days after your post… just saying…

  39. The updated text says that the two weeks was a misunderstanding. Most likely someone took the 2.1 Herp port and assumed this was for the Desire/Legend port.

    2.1 is already plenty good enough for most people. Froyo is the frosting on the yoghurt.

    Autumn seems a much more likely release date. I’d say it is likely to coincide roughly with BP sealing the Gulf oil leak. But then again I am happy to be surprised by good news, I’m just not expecting it.

    Look for an August to September release but hope for better. I doubt you’ll see it before middle July at the earliest.

    Also don’t forget that Froyo potentially breaks carrier charging with the WiFi hotspot. Therefore carriers will roll out slower as they need to modify it themselves too.

    Vanilla Desire owners like me will hopefully see it first. Then the big Telcos will roll it out soon after.

  40. @14 I really hope the 2.2 update on the Legend will enables live wallpapers. I feel envy looking at all the cool live wallpapers on youtube.

  41. Hi i just phoned o2 and theyve told me that froyo for htc legend is DEFINATLEY OUT middle of NOVEMBER or near end OF NOVEMBER..it should have been out on 1st of NOV but theyve had a small problem…
    Posted by A J CORISH, united kingdom

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