Look At These Pictures Taken With My Canon Reb– I Mean Droid X


I’m probably getting a bit too excited after seeing just how great these shots look from the Motorola Droid X compared to the cameras on other Android devices, but I will admit that I thought these images were falsely credited to the Droid X when I first saw them.


Thanks to BGR grabbing a hold of the EXIF data for the images, we can now confirm that these pictures have indeed been taken with Motorola and Verizon’s latest superdroid (new classification, I just made it up.)


The results are stunning, to say the least, for a phone camera and it’s actually starting to make me jealous of those of you looking to scoop this device up when it launches in July. I’m not the biggest photographer, but I can think of more than one scenario where taking some quick, ultra clear photos with my phone would’ve been much appreciated.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. As good as the Xperia X10’s camera, which i think has the best camera on an android device.

  2. WOW….just…wow

  3. The real test will be indoor shots, but those do look very nice.

  4. Actually I think that top photo (the toy story 3 one) was taken indoors. If you look it looks like there is some kind of tot rack underneath witch makes me think it might be inside a tow store?

  5. edit: toy store*

  6. Toy story shot was taken in what appears to be a store of some kind.. theres your indoor shot dave

  7. @ Dave – the first one is indoors, unless those shelves are outdoors….

  8. I wonder if they’ll add a zoom feature for the video recorderand add the flash light for better night time recording.

  9. Now all we need is for Adobe to give us a real Photoshop for mobile.

  10. those pictures seem to be no par with what the samsung memoir was capable of taking. that phones camera was superb, even in complete darkness. it even took decent hi-res video in low light outdoor conditions. camera was great, but the phone and UI itself sucked hard.

  11. I hope the start-up time for the camera is snappier than that of the original Droid.

  12. is it xenon flash?

  13. Why doesnt droid 2 comes with this and hdmi is beyond any reason….

  14. Hm, Xperia X10 has a superior camera, and their camera app also does things like smile detection and face tracking. I kinda suspect Droid doesn’t ;)

  15. Not for nothing but my Droid Incredible takes just as good pictures as the X , it is by far the best Camera in a phone I have ever seen !! But I am upgrading to the X myself , LOVING what I see with that phone and its NOT made by HTC and I consider that a HUGE plus

  16. @sjcea what is it with some people’s irrational hatred for HTC? my evo is solid and although the droid (original) does have my favorite phone design ever the evo is a good piece of work.

  17. I really don’t think that these photos are THAT impressive. They look good, but I’ve seen similarly high quality photos from other phones currently on the market.

    It’s certainly not a bad camera, but from the pictures above, there isn’t anything that wows me about it.

  18. I am very pleased with the quality of the pictures I took at the beach a few weeks ago with my Droid Incredible. I just finally loaded them onto my computer yesterday and I was blown away. Even the sunset pictures looked awesome. I think it actually took better pics than my year-old Olympus point n shoot.

  19. Visit my Facebook page and look at the “Portland” album for photos taken with my Samsung Omnia, which is the bar by which I measure all mobile phone cameras. That said, these look pretty decent, although the colors on the Toy Story display don’t look nearly as sharp as on the flowers (by sharp I mean they look washed out, even compared to the boxes under the dinosaur in that display – it could be the display itself, but more than likely I think it’s a component of the lighting).

  20. I am glad that camera phones have been getting better. It will never replace my Canon of coarse since cell phones have a long way to reach D-SLR quality. The segment really set to lose is the point and shoot segment. I’ve already replaced my point and shoot with my cell phone since I have my cell with me all the time (IMO what point and shoots are all about anyway).

  21. I agree with Derek. Nice, but not good enough to let me leave my camera at home.

  22. We are seeing 550 x 412 pixel, web ready, photos and not the real 8 megapixel images. Unless we see a crop at full resolution, we can’t make any judgements other than ooooh, the colors are pretty and it looks nice.

    I too am hoping that quick startup and cycle times will make the camera usefull. I am admittedly spoiled by me Canon DSLR. Oh, an optical zoom will be nice when it finally hits the phone market, too.

  23. Wow, amazin, this could not be the best 8mpx camera, not even better than x10, but this phone is far better from x10, and the camera DOES IT.

  24. yes…I am pleased to see this…and wait for this phone to come back into stock after July 2…lol

  25. exif data verification? seriously? you can change that crap to read whatever you want very easily. I wouldn’t take that as a way to “prove” it came from a droidx

  26. Thanks for posting the pictures. I’m really thinking about buying the phone now.

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