[Update: Nope, It’s OMAP] Will the Droid X and Droid 2 Pack 1GHz Snapdragon Processors?


droid-x-signup-siteThe issue of just what exactly is under the hood of the upcoming Droid duo isn’t becoming any clearer just yet. What was originally thought to be a certain Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 CPU in both phones soon started to give way to whisperings of the phones actually coming with a 1GHz Snapdragon. A tweet from the new @DroidLanding viral Twitter earlier today seemed to confirm the 1GHz Snapdragon claims, but was quickly pulled. So what gives?

Droid-Life got in touch with their sources who substantiated the Snapdragon claims, saying that Motorola worked closely with the chip manufacturers to get the processor running in top form in their new handsets. Still, Moto has been closely linked with the Texas Instruments line of processors and there has been no outward indication that they would move away from using them.

Snapdragon is all the rage when it comes to 1GHz smartphone processors, and it isn’t exactly unlikely that it could be in the Droid X and Droid 2, but everything up until the past few weeks indicated otherwise. Whether or not its the Snapdragon or a TI chip that makes its way into both handsets, it seems like Motorola and Verizon would rather keep the answer under wraps for now.

[via Droid-Life]

[Update]: Looks like Droid-Life updated their story to confirm that it isn’t, in fact, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. These phones will still be coming packed with TI OMAP-based processors (3630) clocked at 1GHz.

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  1. According to the #droidlanding twitter feed, its a 1GHZ Snapdragon processor for the Droid X

  2. I hope it’s not a snapdragon, but we’ll know for sure soon.

  3. So which phone do you get then, the Droid X or Droid Incredible? What to do, What to do.

  4. Which one is better?

  5. i terms of the CPU

  6. Did you guys see the flickering date in the teaser video? http://briefmobile.com/droid-x-release-set-for-july-2nd
    Does that mean July 2nd release???

  7. Well, someone who got a hold of the DroidX ran it on the benchmark test and it crushed the NexusOne (2.1) … so it’s unlikely to be packing the same processor (Snapdragon).

  8. As someone who went from G1 to N1 I can tell you that the processor makes all the difference in the world. Totally transformed my experience with Android. Go with the best processor.

  9. Maybe they pulled the tweet because it wasn’t true. Just some dumb marketing guy for Verizon.

  10. Now they’re just f%&king with us

  11. snapdragon processors are disappointing, as they (and their chipsets) were released 3 years ago. think about that…your brand new phone today has the same processor it could have had *in 2007*.

    i don’t understand why it takes so long for them to be actually implemented into products. in the world of pc’s, motherboards are developed and support new processors within weeks or months, not years and years and YEARS.

  12. I will be very surprised if moto sources from one of its arch rivals in wireless cell technology (qualcom), TI is a much more likely possibility.

    My bet is on TI!


  13. how did it scor so high in the benchmark tests if they have snapdragon processors?? doesn’t make sense..i still think they have omap cpu’s..which make my evo feel really slow..im pissed

  14. I almost switched to sprint for the evo, but ganna wait a few more days to see what the droid x can do, since I already am a verizon subscriber

  15. It is a TI processor….Droid-life just updated the original post. It sounded very odd in the 1st place, OMAP to Snapdragon????

  16. Boooooooooooo! Omap was the one thing X had on the evo

  17. I’d be very surprised if Motorola suddenly decided to use a Qualcomm chip instead of a TI one. I think it’s more likely to be the OMAP 3640 or possibly even the OMAP 4430, which is dual core. This is not based on any insider knowledge, just my speculation…

  18. I so want the Droid X but Sprint is a bit more affordable. Especially now that Verizon is going to get rid of unlimited data. EVO was my choice. I love all Droid phones still!!!

  19. The Answer is no, its not a snapdragon, its a TI Omap. If you like the Droid UI get the Droid, if you like blur get the X, if you like Sense get the Inc. I got the Inc and the Droid. Love the Inc -battery life.

  20. Why in the hell do you all care who made the processor or what its called. It could be an 8086 but if it puts up the benchmark numbers that we saw earlier then what difference does it make. Arguing over phones is one thing but processor brands and models ??? Lol

  21. Maybe the person who originally posted the tweet was just a marketing guy that saw 1 ghz and assumed it was a snapdragon and then pulled the tweet when informed otherwise.

  22. A tweet from the new @DroidLanding viral Twitter earlier today seemed to confirm the 1GHz Snapdragon claims, but was quickly pulled. So what gives?

  23. @digitalicecream

    Ive never heard the words “love” “battery life” and “incredible” used in the same sentence. Anyway, I doubt its gonna have the OMAP.

    BTW droid 2 also has that ninjablur crap, it has that blur touch button thing.

  24. It looks to me that when the Droid x is compared to the evoit has a taller but skinner screen I really dislike the Droid and the incredible because of the width of the screen

  25. Looking at the speed tests, if it was a 1ghz processor, then it has to bethe OMAP as you cannot get that more performance out of the SnapDragon over another 1 ghx snapdragon, at least not running 2.1. With 2.2, sure,but not 2.1


  26. DroidLife retracted its posting…no SnapDragon.

  27. No crappy Snapdragons on MOTO DROIDS keep the OMAP goodness, leave HTC to use Snapdragons and ruin their phones.

  28. Here’s to praying its the OMAP and not that overrated snapdragon.

  29. Just frustates the heck out of me that verizon is now putting a push with the release of all these new droids…. I just upgraded to the moto droid a couple weeks ago, and upset to find out that the droid x and 2 are coming up. Don’t get me wrong, this moto droid is truly badass, and really can’t see how much faster a phone get get?????

  30. I saw the benchmark image that was posted about 1 month ago showing the Droid 2 getting better marks than the Nexus 1. There are some questions I have to ask.

    1. Was it photo-shopped and how do we all know it wasn’t?

    2. Why haven’t more benchmarks surfaced. You would think whoever posted it would have done multiple benchmarks.

  31. OMAP 1GHZ processors on Droid X and Droid 2. Confirmed by our friend from Droid-Life a few minutes ago.

  32. @Ivan I knew it! They WERE just f%&king with us!

  33. AndroidSPIN called this out first, then Droid-Life contacted ASPIN and then changed their post. Ahh! nothing like a little baby mama drama. Take Care Phandroids!

  34. Hummmm what ever long as if its a snapdragon they improved it….but I must say hearing the word snapdragon sounds alittle old now…..

  35. I don’t want a Snapdragon in MY Droid X.

  36. Its a texas instrument..a guy from ti came into my work at rubios where a shirt with texas instruments on it…i asked him if he worked at TI and he said yes..and then i asked what part and he laughed and said calculators and then he said he was kidding and that he does all the other stuff..i asked him if he works with the mobile processors and stuff..and he said wow im suprised most people dont even know we have processors and i said so i hear your new 1ghz omap processor is going to be in the new droid..and he said yes it is and that i have done some good reading lol..i gave him a free drink for the info ahah

  37. @bobdude5
    Right on!!!

  38. No Snapdragon please!!

    TI has shown that they have better GPU and more speed

  39. haha I remember the Texas Instruments Speak and Spell. Now they are the future and Intel just can’t get anywhere in the mobile space.

  40. I would be extremely surprised if Moto switched to a new architecture at this point. There is always a learning curve when switching to a new processor and there is no reason to abandon a chip that has served them so well so far. The OMAP processors are very good. The DROID compares favorably against the Incredible in benchmarks. It doesn’t beat it but it comes very close, especially in benchmarks that use the GPU, even though it is clocked much lower.

  41. Don’t know… but everywhere I have seen has the ARM V7 1GHz. They are EASY to overclock and seem insanely stable. The snapdragon has got to be a joke, can’t overclock and is only a cheap piece of metal to stick in a crappy phone. ARM is the way to go! I have seen a Moto Droid (ARM Cortex A8 550Mhz) overclocked to 1.2 GHz and was STABLE!! Insanely snappy in the UI too!

  42. As long as they moto make a 2ghz omap 4 phone by the end of this year i don’t mind if they decide to go with crappy qualcomm processors now.

  43. I didn’t read the tweet from Verizon, but it is not surprising that they got the specs wrong. They must have interns or something do the twitter posting, they are almost ALWAYS mis-informed. Also, remember that the original Droid X announcement said that the screen would be 720p, later changed to correctly say that it SHOOTS 720p video. Verizon really needs to proofread the stuff they send out.

  44. IF these handsets are using the Snapdragon they are a complete and utter failure. There would be absolutely no reason to get one of these instead of an EVO 4G or a Samsung Galaxy S, both of which have already been rooted. Both the EVO and Galaxy offer more features. The only reason the Droid X and Droid 2 would appeal to me is for the OMAP 3630 that is supposed to be in it. Well we will know for sure on the 23rd.

  45. @Anjunafreek –
    You do know that the Snapdragon is an ARM processor, right? I think you mean to say “OMAP is the way to go!” Snapdragon is just Qualcomm’s ARM variant…

    That said, I totally agree. OMAP is the shit. If the Droid X ended up with a Snapdragon, I was going to have to rethink my planned purchase. It really wouldn’t have much special about it to differentiate it from the crowd at that point…

    So glad to hear the OMAP3630 @1GHz confirmed!

  46. WOOT! Now the phones are made of WIN again!

  47. OMAP must win….No exceptions

  48. so what’s the difference between performances of the arm and omap processors?

  49. @Ulnek the TI OMAP is an ARM based CPU. What we are talking about here is the difference between the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, which is also an ARM core, and the TI OMAP.

    The TI OMAP Architecture is just plain better than the Snapdragon even though they have more or less the same cores.

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