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Verizon just teased us with a short clip touting the soon to arrive Droid X, and if you have sharp eyes (or the free time to examine each frame of the clip) you may have caught a small viral plug in the iris of the cyborg eye. The text “@DroidLanding” appears in reverse, which with a bit of deductive reasoning has us headed to a new Twitter account that presumably plans to tease us more with some viral goodies. The eyeball also reveals a few of the more well-known specs of the Droid X upon closer inspection, including HDMI output, 4.3-inch display, and 8MP camera.


For now, the sole tweet from @DroidLanding reads:

REPORT: Droid X units have escaped! Get the stats on them at http://www.droiddoes.com . Forewarned is forearmed.

Which links us to the familiar Droid X landing page at Verizon letting us know the phone is “Coming Soon.”

The whole Droid line has been excellenty marketed by Verizon, positioning Verizon’s top smartphone offerings as the perfect counter to the iPhone by giving them a little more edge and emphasizing their power and functionality. While viral marketing can get a bit trite, it still retains a sense of charm as new information is uncovered through clues and controlled leaks, and it seems like a great approach for the next generation of Droid. So go ahead and click follow on the new Twitter and let the fun (and waiting) begin.

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  2. whole droid line minus the droid incredible, they botched up the launch plus its marketing

  3. Please tell me I can use voice and data simultaneously.

  4. thats a negative stephen

  5. @Stephen

    CDMA uses a different protocol than GSM and doesn’t allow voice and data to be transferred simultaneously. The EVO 4G even though it is CDMA because of the new 4G spectrum and over WiFi as well. Not over 3G. (Now why you can’t do the same over WiFi with a 3G phone, I don’t know)

  6. You wont get that until Verizon switches from CDMA to 4G LTE

  7. U can do voice and data at the same time on a droid over wifi

  8. A ‘controlled leak’ really isn’t a leak, is it.

  9. @Rufio – You don’t need wifi with EVO to do both. You can do both over 4G without Wifi. I can do it right now over 3g and Wi-fi with my Hero

  10. The twitter feed says…. 1ghz Snapdragon?

  11. The offending SnapDragon tweet has been deleted…probably just another marketing error.

  12. They already removed that post, should definitely not be Snapdragon from what all other details have said.

  13. All you Droid fans that were expecting a processor as fast as Samsung’s Hummingbird just got BURNED by the Snapdragon. MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA.

  14. @Dustin…They removed it because they new how much it disappointed everyone.

  15. @obscenejester motorola uses TI chips in their high end phones not Qualcomm. Btw OMAP> hummingbird

  16. No doubt. It is a TI OMAP.

  17. LOL that is discusing

  18. @Kevin….Yea your right OMAP is slightly faster in CPU benchmarks but the Hummingbird is slightly faster in GPU benchmarks.

  19. hummingbird owns on neocore.
    I really want to see everything on froyo because you’d then have the double combo of the JIT and the V8 javascript engine (remember the Google I/O javascript test of N1 vs an ipad?).

  20. Hummmmm well I do wonder if the X will sellouts out and stay sold out for along time like the Inc…prehaps if both Droids come out at once that will lessen the chance. Something tells me the X will sell out many times before they have a nice stock of them sitting in stores…and it will be out even longer if the D2 does not come out at the same time…well this will give me the chance to see the beasts flaws

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