Millennial Media Report Brings No Shocker: Android Still on the Rise


Just about every ad network serves up its own take on mobile market share each month, and given the various methods in collecting data and certain caveats for devices (such as iOS rankings usually including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) the numbers reported speak best in general terms. The results of Millennial Media’s MobileMix report for May are in and they again show an unsurprising truth: Android is still on the rise in the smartphone market.


The month-over-month increase for Google’s OS was 5 percent, bringing Android’s total share to 15 percent of the US market. Couple that with a 14 percent decrease in Apple’s lead spot (that is expected as there is only so much of the pie to go around) and RIM holding on to the number two spot and the numbers read — again, in general terms — about the same as every other variation on the ad network market report.


Perhaps more interesting to note from the latest figures is HTC’s rise to the number four spot overall in manufacturer share of the smartphone market. This was no doubt helped greatly by the introduction of the HTC Droid Incredible, and should continue to rise with the release of the HTC EVO 4G earlier this month.

All in all another good month for Android. How about that?

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  1. Brilliant news! I’m working with a few guys on a nice little game, Android exclusive, and it’s great to know more and more people will be able to enjoy it.

  2. you could go ahead and change manufacturer from apple to foxconn

  3. Android! ftw! ahihihihi

  4. Here’s what people in the Apple community who are screaming “Fragmentation!” don’t get. Fragmentation, for lack of a better word, is good. Fragmentation sells. Fragmentation cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

    With apologies to Gordon Gekko.

    Android is playing right into our ADHD love for new, shiny things by coming out with new shiny things every two weeks. It keeps Android front and center. Just look at yesterday’s Droid X commercials. They’re all over the internet and on the news. Last week it was the Evo, before that the Incredible. It’s gaining a lot of mindshare very quickly.

    Meanwhile, Apple does one push with the iPhone/IOS4 and that’s about it. After yesterday’s push of iOS4, a lot of people with older iPod and iPhones don’t even get all the goodies that iOS4 is supposed to be all about. If you got iOS4 on your iTouch yesterday, you’ll notice it really doesn’t look or act any differently than it did before. Yawn. Hmmmm….sounds like Apple itself is becoming f-f-f-fragmented.

    And Apple is plumb out of shiny new phones to show off.

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