Official Droid X Teaser Confirms July, Actually Teases [Video]


When we first saw the commercial slides for Verizon’s latest Droid campaigns a few days ago, we knew they would be getting a head start on promoting these Android-powered behemoths. That head start kicks off today as Verizon’s uploaded an official teaser to their YouTube account.


Just as the slides described, we’re going to be seeing some futuristic iRobot-type stuff as a single eye transforms from human flesh into a mechanical masterpiece. The Droid X logo is flashed for a quick second and then we’re given a broad launch window of July 2010 at the very end.

This short teaser did just that: teased us and left us wanting even more.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Freaking creepy.

  2. I would say yay because i really am interested to see how this device performs, but its Verizon and my budget is telling me no way no how. I think I’ll keep Sprint. :D UNLIMITED>2GB Cap (even if Sprint may be throttling)

  3. No front facing camera… Do not want.

    I’ll wait for Moto X 2

  4. This rapid pace kinda makes sense to me now. If you keep seeing all these commercials for Droid this and Droid that it will make the iPhone type person that needs to be “in” on things come check it out. They can’t be left out of whats hot and with all these commercials and releases they’ll feel they must be missing out on something lol.

  5. totally scary

  6. Definitely has a front facing camera.

  7. Love that commercial!

  8. @Hampteezy

    Verizon is still unlimited and no throttling… yet.


    Hands on video showed no front mount camera, unless they were only giving a early production ready prototype.

  9. i don’t think it has a front face camera because i saw almost all the videos of droid x

  10. don’t you think the screen is too big!
    4.3 inches
    i think 4 inch is enough like evo 4g .don’t you?

  11. Droid Mother effin’ Does!

  12. the HTC Evo is a 4.3 inch screen as well… so if it’s “enough” for that, then no, it isn’t too big for another phone.

  13. I want motorola to release an android phone for sprint :(

  14. RPG,

    It doesn’t have a front facing camera at all. Just a 8meg one on the back. That’s all this phone is missing is a front facing camera. Cause I love the build qaulity and style but that’s all that is missing for me is the front facing camera.

    And I doubt that was a early production one in the video. It comes out next month. The spec sheet is out on the site and they don’t even mention a front facing cam.

  15. Why did the Incredible get left in the wind? Is Motorola ponying up that much money for advertising?

  16. EVO is 4.3″ too, but side-by-side comparisons show the Droid X as taller than the EVO. I personally think it’s just too big. I just really want to jump on something the size of the Incredible, and then on the Google/Verizon tablet when that comes out. Then I could have 3.7″ phone, 10 or so inch tablet, and 17.1″ laptop. Seems like a good mix, and least for me.

  17. http://twitter.com/DroidLanding

    This twitter account is flashed in the eye early in the teaser. Status right now:

    “The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues.”

  18. Moto is killing it with the Droid spots. They have all been amazing, and this is no exception. A perfect teaser, and makes you wonder what it is…just like the first droid spot with the crater/fighter jets.

  19. Looks good but man I checked into switching the family to Verizon and its like $50 more a month then with Sprint.

    Thats over a grand a year. The phone isnt that nice.

  20. Motorola is obviously willing to pay more for advertising thats htc is..

  21. Why do people care so much about a frontfacing camera? They have had this in Asia/Europe for years and nobody uses it. You are never going to use it in public (you would look like a dork walking around talking to a phone in front of your face). And in private, you can always use Skype on your computer. To each their own, I guess.

    In terms of hardware (processor, display), this phone is probably the greatest phone ever built. I hope they make a pentaband HSDPA GSM version of this.

  22. Droid ads are sweet they continue to out do themselves

  23. Nobody used front facin camera, and iInvented did people like it?

    Who cares about that, I dont think I will never use it

  24. I want this to be my boot screen, looks awesome!!!

  25. July 2nd release date for this!!! WOOHOO!

    First off, its a friday. So makes sense. And look at the flickering at the end… good picture on that site.

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