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The HTC Aria just hit AT&T for the price of $129.99 on a 2-year activation, but Dell thinks that’s just a bit too steep of an asking price. New AT&T customers who purchase the Aria through Dell’s online store will get the handset for exactly $129.99 less. For those that don’t want to do the math, that equals free. That pricing of “free” also includes shipping and new line activation.


This won’t do you much good if you are a current subscriber wanting to get their hands on the best Android phone the carrier has to offer — and I can’t name many reasons why Android fans looking for a new carrier would want to open up a new account with them (I can name a few why not) — but if AT&T is your best choice and you want a free phone, you may want to check out the deal at Dell.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. This does work for contract extensions; You’ll see an option for it on the right hand side. I ordered mine 3 hours ago and have already received the shipping notification.
    I called Dell to place the final order because it sounds too good to be true (there’s an order by phone link on the page too) but so far it’s gone smoothly.
    The only caveat I ran into was that it has to be the primary line if you’re on a family account. And, if you select the extend-family-account option online it puts two phones in your cart. Since I called Dell to place the order they cancelled the second phone and are only shipping the one.
    Now let’s hope it goes as well as it seems.

  2. I left AT&T last week for T-mobile. Now I am just waiting for a phone I am willing to invest in.

  3. You can get two free phones if you have a family plan, but of course the second person would also need to be eligible for upgrade. Additional phones past 2 are $79.99 each. This also appears to not require a mail in rebate. The $129.99 from AT&T is after $100 mail in rebate.

  4. I left T-Mobile for Sprint ( HTC EVO ) but if i was still on T-MObile I would go with the Nexus ( I had it, sold it for $450 on craigslist, bought 2 Evo with that $) its an awesome phone, but most deff do not go with the Samsung Galaxy, Touch Wiz sucks hands down.

  5. Hmm.. says ” Nation 900 w/ Rollover – Contract Extension
    for West Roxbury, MA 02132″

    Does that mean the retailer is in Roxbury, or does that mean I have to live there (or otherwise just spend a night there) to get the free Aria?

  6. Waiting to see if we get any news of the Nexus 2 (T-mobile rep mentioned it and he had seen it) or what the Emerald Project is (android based sidekick?). :)

  7. If Sprint would have been on the GSM network, I would strongly consider them. However as I have family in Europe and travel, I like a phone I can use worldwide, not just in the USA and other underdeveloped countries using ancient technology.

  8. looks like it’s free on newegg and wirefly too.

  9. So, basically $85/month plus taxes and bullshit fees. WOW! I get a better plan (no data limit) for $67.xx/month including taxes and fees.

  10. That pricing of “free” also includes shipping and new line activation.

  11. It is 99 dollars on letstalk.com and is listed as a topseller

  12. Just got the same deal through WireFly Corporate Perks site. It does work for Family plans, and you can upgrade just one line if you need to. Gave me a good enough reason to ditch my old LG Shine.

  13. I did this, and it only cost me about 45 minutes on the phone with some gal with a funky Foreign + New York accent (kind of cute, actually)… she kept asking me nosy questions about how I’d use my phone, so she could offer me silly accessories.

    But, I have my new Aria, and I’m loving it. It’s not quite as easy to use as the iPhone, but I love the multi-tasking, the responsiveness, the form factor, and the power of Android!

  14. Oh, and I was a current subscriber (primary line) whose contract had run out over two years ago.

  15. It’s even better on HTC website. You get the phone free, waved activation fee, and free shipping!

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