Nexus One Puts the Slot Car Pedal to the Metal


The limits of what a person can accomplish with a Nexus One, Adobe AIR, some fancy computer interfacing, and some rubber bands have no bounds it would seem. Throw in a slot car set and you just made yourself a virtual gas pedal to throttle your little toy racers around the track. Acting more as a neat example of the sort of things capable using AIR and the functions inherent in the Nexus One, Grant Skinner explains the concept:

The generic mobile client connects over the LAN to the desktop app. The desktop app sends it a “surface” SWF which contains all of the graphics and logic for the interaction (allowing the host to dictate the experience). The mobile client then sends accelerometer data to the host, which interprets the data, and sends back commands to update the client UI. The host communicates with a Phidgets motor controller, which controls the speed of the cars.

Pretty cool, if you’re asking me. You’re friend has a Nexus One (or presumably any Android phone capable of running AIR)? They can play too, as the process allows multiple inputs for multiple cars. Of course, you’ll need all of the fancy motor controllers and what not, and don’t forget the totally sweet rubber band and wood pedal mount.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. That is pretty sweet. :) As long as he doesn’t step to hard on his simulating gas pedal.

  2. “‘Your’ friend has a Nexus One (or presumably any Android phone capable of running AIR)?” There, fixed that for you ;-)

  3. You are friend has a Nexus One huh? LOL

  4. Ah, I tried tipping this a few days ago when the Captcha was messed up.

    Good to see it made it here anyways.

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