Verizon Gives Droid Incredible Training in Video Series


New to Android or just having a hard time getting used to an HTC Sense device? Verizon doesn’t want you to be left clueless with what is at least for the moment their most powerful Android smartphone, the HTC Droid Incredible. Covering everything from your basic Google searching to personalizing your homescreens, if you still aren’t familiar with your Incredible these videos should catch you up to speed.

For most, they probably won’t teach you anything you already don’t know, but it is nice to see Verizon taking an active role in product education. Check out all the videos on their YouTube channel.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. You mean they actually had these on hand to sell at one time? hehe

  2. Hmm, this would have been useful about TWO MONTHS AGO! Little late Verizon.

  3. DROID X is on the way.

    I dont think the “Incredible” gonna be succes anymore.

  4. Yes they did have these on hand at one time Matt but not for long and I purchased the first one sold at my local VZW store the day they launched although I had to have them hold it for me. After your comment I checked their site and it says will be shipped by 7/19/10. Sure glad I bought it then and am not sorry. I also have the Moto Droid and may trade it for the X just because I can’t stand the physical keyboard on it otherwise it is a great phone also. Bought my wife the Ally and although it is a little slower, not much, I kinda like it also. It’s great for her and the first smartphone she has ever really used to potential and to think she fought it at first. Both BB she had before she did not use much except to text and make calls but she has found out the Android based is much better.

  5. Why even make this comment “DROID X is on the way.
    I dont think the “Incredible” gonna be succes anymore”
    They’re still on back order; that’s how many people wanted them. And the X is a slide out keyboard device made by Motorola, not HTC. Many people, like myself, specifically DO NOT want a slide out keyboard. The tutorial is supposed to help people gain an understanding of the device itself AND HTC sense. Motorola Android devices do not come with sense, hence the video.

  6. Scratch what I wrote about the slide out keyboard.

  7. This would seem to show that VZW is making a commitment to this handset long term, since there doesn’t seem to be any other high-end HTC handset in the immediate pipeline for Verizon. Nice info for Android noobs.

  8. My point exactly. Its already packed with high-end specs; the only thing lacking right now, imo, are some serious apps to take advatage of its OS. Iambic, Chapura, are you listening?

  9. this is nice and all Verizon, but where the eff are the Dinc accessories?!?!? TV out cable, home dock, car nav dock??

    these should have been available at launch and here we are 2 months later…

  10. @jwg802 the car dock is available at many Verizon retail locations, but I am with you on the other 2. I don’t understand what is taking so long!

  11. i hear ya cdandrews, that thing is butt ugly though. i’m looking for a nice landscape dock with some nav features…. something like the droid has.

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