Jun 13th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 3:24 pm

Ever since the excitement of Google I/O died down, we’ve all been left wondering one thing: when the heck are we going to get our dessert? Google gave us a quick – and arguably meaningless – update on the matter stating they hope to have the update ready for Nexus One users “ASAP”.


Now, new rumors have cropped up suggesting that “ASAP” can actually be translated to: “Yea, it’s almost done and we just have a couple of more kinks to work out. In fact, what if we told you it was coming this week?”. The rumor gets its legs from the fact that Sizzled Core – the original outlet that reportedly (and supposedly) received the update over-the-air – noticed the build number was different from what we knew Froyo to be.

FRF72 replaces FRF50, but there’s still no confirmation to be had in any of this: we all know about the build.prop debacle that’s made it necessary for us – and any news outlet –  to treat this kind of rumor like it’s an unloved stepchild. The file was said to be 1.8MB in size and a changelog indicated that only the browser saw any treatment, bringing improved Flash 10.1 support.

One Google employee on Twitter apparently updated his followers on a new OTA he’d just gotten for his Nexus One, but that tweet suddenly no longer exists. Internally, something is definitely making its rounds and we could see another build pop up very soon. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, though, so I hope I’ve made the “RUMOR” sign big enough for you.

[via Android Guys]

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