Jun 13th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 3:17 pm

While we’d like to believe every device ever made could leave the factory in top-notch condition, there’s always going to be a bad bunch waiting to eventually be returned for exchange and repair. The HTC EVO 4G isn’t an exception to this rule, and most of its issues lies in that 4.3-inch screen it’s packing.

Users are reporting the same grounding issues that we’ve seen in the HTC Droid Incredible. Placing the device flat on its back may make the upper portion of the touchscreen inoperable until you’ve repositioned it. Having gotten my EVO when it was released last week Friday, I can confirm that this issue is definitely out there (to what extent remains to be seen). It hasn’t plagued me to the point where I’d want to return or exchange the device, but it’s there.


If this is anything like the Incredible’s issue, it may not be possible to overcome the defect outside of a quick prayer and a device swap.  Unfortunately, things don’t die down there. Other users are getting extensive light bleeding at the bottom corners of their devices due to the screen rising above its bezel.

We’ve heard that taking a screwdriver to the screws holding the glass in place could help (you can find those right beneath the battery cover), but that depends on your willingness to mess with the phone’s build. Again, I am an EVO owner but this is one issue I have not encountered. There are a few glaring reports out there, though, so we just want to do our part in spreading the word.

[Update]: Now with video!

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