HTC Desire Headed to More Regional Operators in US this August


Confirming what we already knew, the HTC Desire is headed to the US. This follows US Cellular’s apology for their delay of the expected July launch they’d been promising customers. It’s said the delay is because of HTC’s inability to produce the devices fast enough (mainly because of AMOLED shortages), something that’s also been holding back the HTC Droid Incredible’s claim to fame.


In any case, we can at least now confirm that more regional carriers beside US Cellular will be getting the device, but we probably won’t get details on who they are for another month, at least.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Cellular South (Mississippi Regional Provider) is also getting this, and I can finally leave AT&T!! YEAH BABY!!!


  2. Screw the us!
    You get the incredible, evo, droid 2, Droid x and now you also want the desire. Its the only higher end android smartphone we have here besides the milestone & nexus one….

  3. It is good when everyone has access to the same phone. It means a developer can make sure the app runs good on a Desire.

  4. This baby of mine will never hit AT&T. they just redesign it and AT&T fucked up the hard ware. So fuck the Desire and I’ll forget it and move on till my contract expired.

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