Yes, the HTC Hero is Getting 2.1 VERY Soon


Yesterday, we reported on the rollout of an OTA firmware update for the HTC Hero that we thought could be a prerequisite to an eventual Android 2.1. “Soon” was all we could assume, but that’s now a very accurate assumption seeing as its coming straight from the horse’s mouth: the HTC Hero will updated to Android 2.1 by the end of this month.

htc-hero-2“Android Éclair update for HTC Hero will be released by the end of June. The upgrade will come in two parts, the first of which will roll out from this week and will be detected when the Hero next automatically checks for software updates. The second part of the update will follow towards the end of the month. As the second part of the upgrade will wipe all data on the handset, Hero users should ensure any important data has been backed up before proceeding with the installation. Due to the size of the update, wherever possible, we would advise using a WiFi connection for this download to avoid additional data charges.”

The update will wipe your phone clean of any data that’s not on the SD card, so take proper measures in backing up anything you need. We’ll be refreshing HTC’s support site ever half-second until that darned update shows up, so sit tight and we’ll inform you when the time comes.

[via Android Community]

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  1. End of June? RIDICOLOUS. I can’t wait to sell my Hero.

  2. *ridiculous

  3. What kind of “proper measures” should I take? Would copying the contents of the SD card to another drive before the update, and recopying back afterwards, be enough?

  4. Will all the apps be wiped?

  5. Will the TELUS Hero be included in this?

  6. Ridiculous^2

  7. I have already use 2.1 a few months ago. Few weeks ago, I just updated to VillianROM 10.X version and is working great. Come on HTC, that’s slow and I won’t flash to official rom yet as custom rom have more features.

  8. To all Hero owners:

    Download MyBackup from the market (30 day trial), backup all your info to SD then apply your update.

    Once update is complete, reinstall MyBackup (Yes Wagster, you will lose your apps), and restore your backup.

  9. Will my phonebook be deleted or is it just apps? The htc sync thing doesnt really work with backing up my contacts.

  10. A Nandroid backup will also do the trick — it’s available on the Market for free.

    I won’t be buying another HTC product again, ever. If a company can’t deliver a critical update that un-cripples their product, within six months of when they say they will, on their biggest-selling handset, they are either technically incompetent or have a suicidally indifferent attitude towards customer satisfaction. Either way, they’re never seeing another dime from me.

    Think I’ll give myself a Nexus One or the like for Christmas.

  11. If you need to back up your data (photos, contacts, call history) then use lookout app. its free and even has a anti virus scan 4 apps and if you lose your phone you can activate an alarm off the mylookout.com site or locate it on there GPS system enjoy…….sorry everyone dont know anyway to back up the apps u could try moving them onto your computer then back onto the phone after the update i know thats what im gonna do with all my MP3’s, also HTC came out with a ROM update which will also clear all your data so if you have not done that yet either may want to do it all at the same time once the second part of the android 2.1 software update is complete at the end of june

  12. What a Joke

  13. @sid the Nexus is an HTC phone that’s Google branded.

    My next phone will be an Apple. At least they can follow through with what they say. I have come to the conclusion
    I just don’t care about all the “lack of openeness” etc.

  14. Quote from HTC UK
    (UK – Ireland Support
    (Tech)) Close Pending Hi Matthew, thanks for your email. The Hero update is confirmed for the month of June. There is no confirmed day of release. The update had to be postponed due to technical difficulties but we are working to get the update to everyone owning a Hero as soon as possible. Kind regards, Aaron W, HTC.

    (They better keep to this!!!)

  15. Long time reader first time poster

    I love android. I love the open nature of the phone.

    However, I will not go back to Android until another manufacturer makes a decent phone, released in the UK. HTC need to realise that legacy support (on a device that came out less than a year ago!?) is crucial. I dont want to have to pay for another bit of hardware, when all it needs is a new piece of software.

    Rant over :)

  16. so wheres the tattoo upgrade? it was released last september and already out of any luck? nice customer service, htc

  17. I agree with Sid, well-said! It is already the “end of June”, and I wonder if my local cell service provider is even going to get the updates. I’ve never seen updates handed out in such a way. Does MS only update their software if we buy from Dell? This is so stupid.

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