[Update] Xperia X8 Official, Yendo Walkman Not Android-based, X10 Trio Gets 2.1 in Q3


Another morning, another grouped news post. Today, Sony Ericsson’s shaking things up with a lot of good news for a lot of people. Firstly, the Xperia X8 (what we knew to be the Shakira) has been officially announced. It’ll come with a 600MHz processor, Android 1.6 with MediaScape and TimeScape user interfaces, a 3-inch capacitive HVGA touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and more.


For those that are already on the Xperia train, Sony Ericsson’s also announced that the X10, X10 Mini, and Mini Pro will all be getting Android 2.1 (in select markets) by the end of Q3, with “additional features” to be added to the X10 in Q4.

Finally, those Android Walkman phones are indeed real, and they aren’t looking too shabby. Pictures of the phone – being called Yendo – were leaked by the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog and takes a lot of queues from the X10 Minis (with the obvious differences being the enhanced music experience). The phones will come in an unimaginable selection of colors so everyone might have something to like from this package. We’re expecting an official announcement really soon.


[Update]: Looks like speculation on the Yendo turned up false. After getting confirmation through Sony Ericsson’s official press release we just got, we can’t seem to find any mention of this being Android-enabled. We’ve reached out to SE for comment, but I’m pretty sure this thing will just turn out to be a really nice feature phone. Bummer.

[Update]: Sony Ericsson’s confirmed with us that the Yendo phone is indeed running a proprietary OS made specifically for the phone.

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