Here’s the $129,000 Diamond-Studded Chairman


We’ve already gotten a pretty good glimpse of Ulysse Nardin’s $50,000 Android handset, and now we have official shots of the $129,000 version. It comes 2,000 diamonds with ceramic trim embedded into an 18-carat white gold shell. Nothing has really changed here from what we’ve seen in the other editions, but it’s $129,000 and it looks pretty: that’s all we need (if we actually had that kind of money to spend, anyway).


[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. No bluetooth so I sent mine back.

  2. I bet the screen is easy to read in the sunlight! ;)

  3. The day I can spend $129,000 on a smartphone… will never happen. Lol, I can’t even begin to justify a purchase like this. It’s cool and all but I could never pay that much for a phone. God bless those who can throw that kind of money away on this.

  4. Looks like a gaudy blinged out casio calculator watch.

  5. the Russian mafia phone cha cha cha!

  6. You guys don’t get a review version of this phone? Lame.

  7. I’d buy a small yacht with that price instead!

  8. I’m so rich I bought 10 of these for my family, ha ha ha ha. But they were so useless I threw them in the bin and bought an Evo 4g.

    That aside, even if I did have the money to buy even one of these, you could get a good car for that price, and not only that, this phone is an invitation for you to be mugged!

  9. for the price of this phone I could buy one of every high end android handset on the market ( Incredible, Nexus, EVO ) even probably a phone that hasn’t HIT THE MARKET YET ( droid Xtreme) lol Someone who would shell out this kind of money on a phone is an IDIOT! bottom line, it’s a worthless phone. The screen is small, it will probably never get updates OS versions bc there is obviously some kind of “skin” in it…. SO, you’ll have to pay another $50,000 for a new phone with a newer OS version. Hope you’re 2,000 diamond white carat shell is interchangeable to a newer version of their handsets, but i’ll bet NO. If you have that kind of money….don’t buy a phone like that, give me 10K and donate some to Dev’s I’ll put it to some good use and so will they. LOL

  10. I sent mine back. It’s not fancy enough. I’m getting a custom model that powers itself by absorbing the users over-inflated ego

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