Droid X Preview Nets Some Interesting Details


The folks at Engadget – the lucky horde they are – were able to get their hands on the Motorola Droid X for an extensive preview of the device. Mostly everything we’ve heard regarding the device still rings true, but we’ve learned that it actually has a 4.4-inch touchscreen instead of a 4.3-inch (not a big difference, but looking back at the side-by-side comparison to the HTC EVO 4G, I can see the difference that the extra tenth of an inch makes).

We were also treated to sample video of the device’s 720p-capable camera, a look at the device’s software keyboard, and a quick stroll around the user interface (to sum it up: the 1GHz processor is awesomely awesome and it shows in this preview). Follow this link over to Engadget for the full suite of goods.

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  1. Something tells me the difference between 4.4 inches and 4.3 inches isn’t a full “inch” as you state:

    “… I can see the difference that the extra inch makes”

  2. The size difference between the Droid X and EVO’s screens is one-tenth of an inch, not an inch.

  3. Dave: Thanks for catching that. Corrected!

  4. Have a Droid. Love it and the physical keyboard. I hate the camera though. A good camera is important to me……In regards to my previous statements, who has an opinion as to which phone I should be targeting? The Droid X, or the Droid 2, and why? Thanks

  5. There is a lot of question about the screen size. I believe Engadget now says 4.3″. We’ll have to wait till June 23 to find out.

    So as a Verizon customer trying out Sprint with the EVO, the question then becomes which one is the one?

  6. Amazing that people actually release videos that are completely out of focus.

  7. I was seriously considering jumping ship from Verizon (Droid owner) and going to Sprint to get the EVO, but there are too many build quality issues that have cropped up with the EVO for my taste.

    Therefore, I may consider the Droid X, since IMHO, Moto build quality has proved to be superior to HTC build quality in recent Android phones.

  8. Steveo ur best bet is the droid x I beleive the droid 2 is still going to have a 5mp camera . The droid 2 is basically a droid with a few improvements. But on the exception if your into a physical keyboard and can’t live without it then go with droid 2. Either way both of these phones are going to be good

  9. Cool phone, but still won’t get it because of Motoblur…regardless of the redesign. Can’t wait for Gingerbread so HTC and Motorola will stop ruining their phones.

  10. I want to like this phone but Motoblur is, simply put, garbage. I want my android phones stock android phones free of garbage like Sense and Motoblur. Maybe the Droid 2 will be free of Motoblur.

  11. im going to safely asssume that everyone with issues with motoblur hasnt really had a chance to use it.. i have it on my devour and other than a few optimizations and widgets its hardly noticeable. the only issue would be the speed at which the firmware is updated, BUT with google claiming an end to fragmentation and slowing the speed of releases this is a minor issue at best. give it a try before you knock it.

  12. I am wondering about the virtual keyboard. I have big fingers- liked the one on the Droid extreme and didn’t make any errors when typing. But the other verizon motorola phones I had a LOT of trouble with their virtual keyboard. They had a back up keyboard but I would just as soon use the virtual keyboard. Any comments about the virtual keyboard with this new phone

  13. And what about the battery life of this phone….That has put be off getting the droid extreme (plus the fact you have to wait anyways- so I decided to wait to see what else might come out).

  14. @Chris
    It is a little less hate for motoblur itself and more hate toward the custom UI designs which slow the adoption of the latest Android OS build. It also has to do with other applications which do not function the same as with stock Android. Take “Barcode Scanner” for example. I can share contact info and scan in contact info on my stock Android device, but one with Sense UI can not because of its tight integration and replacement of the stock Android contact manager. Also, while Google may be moving toward simplifying the skinning process of Android, it isn’t here yet, and these devices currently being released will take quite some time to be upgraded to that theoretical release. As a result many 2.1 devices may stay on 2.1 until Gingerbread is further along in development.

  15. @webby

    Motorola have always build quality.

  16. @Zer0-9
    There is likely too much of a performance improvement from the new JIT in 2.2 for the recent models not to be updated. It seems more likely that if a phone isn’t updated to 2.2, it is a reasonable sign you won’t see Gingerbread on it either.

  17. It’s great seeing first-hand video of new products from you guys. However, how about you purchase some REAL video cameras. Ones that you can actually ZOOM IN WITH and maintain FOCUS.

    There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to get a first look at a product and then having see some lame-ass blurry video when you’re using some piece of crap fixed lens camera that loses focus because you’ve moved it in to get a close shot and you’ve passed the minumum focus distance.

    Contact me if you need some suggestions on inexpensive real video cameras.


  18. if the battery life on this phone is better than the evo i will be switching .

  19. I feel so upset that this phone will likely never swim across the pond to the UK so to speak :(. We’ve been screwed over in that respect, no 3g version of evo 4g, not droid incredible :(. At least we have the desire!

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