EVO 4G Gets Overclocked to 1.26 GHz


XDA never sleeps, it seems. Popular developer Coolbho3000 over at the equally-popular phone developer forums has managed to create a custom kernel for the HTC EVO 4G that will allow users to overclock it to 1.26GHz. For now, he claims it’s stable, but your mileage is going to vary so proceed with caution.

What’s more is that he claims it could go even higher, but a bit more work needs to be done.

I got an EVO myself and managed to overclock it to 1.267GHz. We could probably go even higher, but that requires more extensive changes.

In the meantime, go peak your head inside that thread on XDA if you want to check this out for yourself.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow, that’s awesome. But, I still don’t understand how the motorola has oc’ed to 1.2~1.3 and why these snapdragon can’t go higher?

  2. TI’s OMAP processors handle overclocking a lot better than Qualcomm’s

  3. @quentyn
    I understand that but the droid’s ti proc was oc’ed from 800 mhz to 1.2/1.3 ghz, that’s a 50% increase if not more but the snapdragon was oc’ed from 1.0 ghz to 1.23 ghz that’s a 23% increase. Lol, I guess when they release a 1ghz or more ti omap processor it will be an overclockable BEAST.

  4. Just what I need, a way to reduce my battery life even further, make my phone run hotter, and possibly randomly lock up, just so I can play games on my phone a bit faster.

  5. @TMob

    On your comment about TI releasing a 1GHz processor having the potential to go much higher. Not entirely true. It really depends.

    For example the processor in the iPhone3GS and iPhone4 are the same with the only difference being the iPhone4 is overclocked from 600MHz to 1GHz. Don’t know how much higher it could go but both have the same ceiling as they are the same processor.

  6. @ace curry: no, thats not true. the iphone4 has an a4 multicore processor, whilst the 3gs has a singlecore processor, somewhere around 800mhz, but underclocked to 600-something.

  7. @Orpheo The A4 is not multicore.

    I think the 1GHz OMAP, as well as new Scorpion-based SoCs from Qualcomm (QSD8x50a, QSD8x55, QSD8x60) will be 45nm; these should clock much higher.

  8. Now I’m pretty sure it probably won’t go higher than this even if I made those extensive changes (you have to re-calibrate the clock source to get it to pump out more than 1.267GHz).

  9. there is also the fact that apple when asked about the itampon stated that was at 1GHz; but didnt comment on what the iphoneHD was running at

  10. @Orpheo whomever told you that the iPhone4 has a multicore processor lied to you- http://gizmodo.com/5510191/deconstructing-the-ipads-a4-chip-its-still-a-giant-iphone

  11. I stand corrected, they are not the same processor. Similar but not the same.

  12. Is it running hot?

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