Jun 14th, 2010

sprint_logoRemember the 66,483 HTC EVO 4G handsets Sprint stores sold over the two days following the phone’s release? If not, that’s probably because the sales figure leaked by a Sprint employee on the XDA-Developer forums didn’t get too much air time between the released and retracted “record” sales figures reported. Even though the figure didn’t make too huge of a splash, Sprint followed up the leak with an internal investigation that has resulted in the termination of the employee in question.

Sprint’s “Forensics” team traced the offender back to a Florida area store, sending a member of the task force all the way from Kansas to handle the matter personally. After chastising the employee for their loose-lipped online habits the perpetrator was sent packing.

Is it all part of a larger conspiracy to skew the sales number for the EVO 4G? Probably not, though Sprint obviously was not happy with the figure being reported (granted the number presumably only includes Sprint retail stores and excludes outlets like Best Buy and RadioShack).

[via MobileCrunch]

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