Android Still Growing Steadily in Market Share


There is much to be said about the statistics released by various mobile traffic tracking services — and the latest numbers really don’t come as a huge shocker — but Quantcast has just released a report showing Android market share continues to rise steadily, now resting right around 20 percent compared to iOS’s 58.8 percent. Android share has increased steadily since last October, up 4.6 percent for the quarter and 12.2 percent year over year. Not a bad increase at all.

mobile os market share chart

And while 10.7 million iPhones isn’t that much greater than Android’s 8.7 million handsets, add in the iPad and iPod Touch under the iOS umbrella and you’ll understand why the gap in share is as wide as it is. It’s just another caveat to this type of statistical analysis that makes it a bit harder to understand the whole picture. One thing is certain regardless of how data was collected or measured, Android is still growing, and if Froyo and handsets like the EVO are any indication it will continue to give the iPhone a run for its money.

mobile os market share change

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  1. Not for nothing but I will wait for the Ad Mob and NPD results again. I have never heard of these folks.

  2. Totally unscientific log analysis of a site I manage and mobile access to it for the past few hours.

    $ grep -i android aaa.log | wc -l
    $ grep -i iphone aaa.log | wc -l
    $ grep -i blackberry aaa.log | wc -l
    $ grep -i ‘windows mobile\|windows phone’ aaa.log | wc -l

  3. @Darkseider Why? lol. If the trends keep up all the iFools are just gonna claim its all false information anyway. I seem to remember them blasting the NPD results for being based on phone polls but then used the Nielsen results which I believe are phone polls. Not to mention the two sets of data were measuring different things. They were looking at install base which means nothing out of the context of sales rates. The line graphs here show the real story. They have the share now but the trend does not look pretty for them.

  4. Well the NPD results was based on 150k individual respondents. That I can live with. The Nielsen was like 11k which is 8% of the NPD poll. This thing I can’t figure for crap. Where’s RIM? Seriously you can’t believe that 80% of mobile web traffic is just those two platforms knowing that RIM still holds the lions share of handsets installed and in use in North America. That’s why this report is flawed.

  5. people traditionally have used blackberry for email, not the web

  6. @DarkSeider RIM users don’t browse the web often because the their browser is too slow and takes long to load. The report notes Android users consume the web more because of the ease of use, including multi tasking.

  7. Emails are TINY. Hence RIM being so low.

  8. I’m gonna hang out with the iFools temporarily until Android becomes more mature and hopefully less fragmented (yeah, I said it).

    Symbian has a long way to go to re-invent themselves, so I figure I will go with the ‘iFools’ as someone here said earlier until these things get resolved.

  9. don’t forget, the iPhone is only on AT&T. when it opens up to other carriers, Android will have a run for its money….

  10. Fragmentation is a myth (yeah, I said it).

    Have fun with your overpriced toys though. Android will still be here when you’re ready to step up to using your phone as a real computer, or when you realize that choice is a good thing, or when you get tired of AT&T’s crappy service…

  11. @jouten
    …until android becomes more mature and hopefully less fragmented…

    c’mon man, it’s mature enough and of course it’s gonna get less fragged and of course it’s gonna be better than the iphone if not already. but hey, to each is own…go ahead and hang with the iFools, we’ll still be here when you’re ready.

  12. I want to see this same test but with only the iPhone. itouch and ipad left out of this.

  13. Where do the numbers 10.7 and 8.7 come from?

  14. Ipad is for all purposes a computer unlikes phones. Their share should be considered with PCs and Macs

  15. Droid does…not own the market share

  16. Fragmentation does not matter to the average user.. and the iPhone user is average at best (there I said it).. For the umpteenth time, let me say this.. Phones with 1.5, and 1.6 Android on them are just fine, and can still be awesome phones that compete well with the current iPhone.. the people who focus so much on upgrading the OS to the latest version, I understand you, but really isn’t your phone pretty awesome with what it already has ??

  17. This is something I already knew that was going to happen back in April. Android is the future, and anything that is apple isn’t always great. Leave it to the iFools to believe that, because they are
    gullible fools that believe in anything apple does. This is a article that I read back in April, and it still holds true today. Android will always succeed.

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