Jun 14th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 5:07 pm

There is much to be said about the statistics released by various mobile traffic tracking services — and the latest numbers really don’t come as a huge shocker — but Quantcast has just released a report showing Android market share continues to rise steadily, now resting right around 20 percent compared to iOS’s 58.8 percent. Android share has increased steadily since last October, up 4.6 percent for the quarter and 12.2 percent year over year. Not a bad increase at all.

mobile os market share chart

And while 10.7 million iPhones isn’t that much greater than Android’s 8.7 million handsets, add in the iPad and iPod Touch under the iOS umbrella and you’ll understand why the gap in share is as wide as it is. It’s just another caveat to this type of statistical analysis that makes it a bit harder to understand the whole picture. One thing is certain regardless of how data was collected or measured, Android is still growing, and if Froyo and handsets like the EVO are any indication it will continue to give the iPhone a run for its money.

mobile os market share change

[via ReadWriteWeb]