NEC Reveals LifeTouch Android Tablet



Japan-based NEC is dishing out a bit of info on their upcoming Android-based tablet called LifeTouch. Featuring a 7-inch TFT LCD screen at 800×480 resolution, the Android 2.1 device runs on an ARM Cortex A8 processor, gets 256MB of RAM, and sports a 3MP camera. Cloud-based solutions for businesses will link up to NEC servers for easy access.


The LifeTouch tablet will be available in Japan come October at price unknown at this time. No word on international availability or if that’s even in the cards.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. 256 RAM. My wife had a laptop from 2001 that had 512 RAM.Come on guys and it had a 900 PIII. I know we can do better. I am sticking with my slow but awesome G1 TILL I see at least 2ghz 1 or 1.5 ghz ram. Smart phones and tablets are going to take over but I will wait patient till then. YUCK

  2. Fail. Its ugly and still not spec’d enough to have followers. somebody should just make a 7″+ screen with a dock on the back where you insert your Android Cellphone into and then use it like a tablet…Hmmmm.

  3. @pimpstrong
    thats an insanely good idea that will unfortunately probabaly never happen :(

  4. I think it looks interesting but not up to the current competition.

  5. looks like a fail in progress

  6. @david
    You know that a processors speed is more then their ghz. Especially concerning microprocessors like arm and mips which are based on risc architecture. Which functions completely differently your x86 p3 architecture

  7. what is wrong with Android tablet designers. it seems like every single one I’ve seen comes with an old (and slow) processor, an old version of android, and a very bad proprietary ui over android. It makes me want to scream!!!!

    When will a manufacturer just make something with a 1 ghz or higher processor, good battery life, the latest version of STOCK andorid, and preload a solid app set for practical and entertainment uses. put the whole thing in a handsome case with little extra plastic, keep the price to around that of a netbook and show me where to get in line for one.

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