Motorola Cliq to Receive Android 2.1 in July?



Perhaps it’s a case of too little too late, but TMONews is reporting that the Motorola Cliq will be receiving its update to Android 2.1 in the beginning of July. In the middle of a summer when everyone is clamoring for a Froyo update it might not feel as satisfying, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Motorola certainly has seemed a bit more aggressive about updates lately, and the July timeframe still falls within the Q2 roadmap for the update’s delivery. Cliq owners should be more than happy to hear this news. If I were a Vegas oddsmaker, however, I wouldn’t suggest putting too much money on this one just yet though.

[via TMONews]

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  1. ..so which “calendar” are Motorola’s updates based off of? I was under the impression that it was standard calendar year…
    in that case, July(month 7) would fall in Q3.

  2. motorola, sony ericsson and LG are probally worst cell maker of all time, they should stop playin “boy who cried wolf”. so when is cliq due with 2.2 update? my guess at end of next year.

  3. They probably made a typo moto said june not july

  4. We all know that Motorola screwed up the OTA updates pretty bad a few months ago on the Cliq….My guess is that the update has been done for a while but they are closed beta testing the crap out of it within Motorola before it is released….In my opinion I agree with Kevin about this update being too little too late….I’ve been ready for a new phone for about 4 months and I’ve had this phone for 8 months….Normally I don’t start clamoring for a new phone for at least a year but Motorola dropped the ball on the Cliq and for me personally ever buying Motorola another Moto phone…..Update or not I’m ready for a new phone so I hope T-Mobile brings some HTC magic this summer!

  5. “And by Q2 what we mean is early Q3.”

    I’m so over this phone anyway, I’m on my third one.

  6. Am I the only one who likes my cliq?

  7. Too Little Too Late is an understatement. I have 2 cliqs and just ordered 2 EVO’s an hour ago. Goodbye T-Mobile I will always treasure the time we had together on my G1 but Motorola will not be getting my buisness again for a long time. HTC all the way!

  8. this seems correct to me. Motorola does not follow the calender quarters. Their second quarter just started. Compared to other companys, at least they did give us the update road map. And they are sticking true to it so far. I cant wait. Hopefully 2.1 brings lots of improvements to this phone. Above all, where is our froyo port. That would be the day…lol.

  9. @The Dude, I am on my third as well. This phone is garbage. Like I said though, hopefully 2.1 is a game changer for this phone.

  10. I am done with Motorola. They let me and every other user of the Cliq down. I will be making the jump to HTC soon as they have a new, 1+GHZ phone with a hardware keyboard for Tmobile. Motorola, you are just walking right back into your grave.

  11. Poor Samsung Behold II… the only Android out that won’t have 2.x on it EVER. Time for an upgrade.

  12. Agreed the motorola timeline said Q2 for cliq USA. If this “2.1 in July” is a typo then disreguard the following… motorola is a good phone brand but one major flaw is the update push outs. If it does not come in June then goodbye motorola.

  13. @Joianne i still like my cliq

  14. @Joianne: I LOVE MY CLIQ! :D
    MotoBlur is freakin awesome! People who don’t do too much social networking should look elsewhere. This phone is geared towards a specific user. I understand that MotoBlur may hold back the updates for Android OS but at least is serves a function that some people find gratifying. 2.1 WILL ARRIVE just hold your horses people. Once it arrives I’m sure all will be well. Believe it or not im a huge techy and the way 1.5 is handled on this phone is well…GOOD! When Motorola implements 2.1 with Motoblur im thinking its gonna be amazing! They have a quality product with software that works great. I’ve got a lot of faith in Motorola to come through on this. (thumbs up) :)

  15. @frank
    so true

  16. Yessss I feel like it is way to little way to late. I have to say the idea of this phone is great. I love blur on the days it works. But this phone was built poorly and obviously the software issues from day one have been pretty bad. This all around experience just reminds me why I quit buying motorola phones after the q first was released. Anyways everyone here have fun I am with Mitch up there and paying the big bucks to get out of my contract and heading over to sprint for the EVO. HTC FTW

  17. Yall cliq owners should be freaking happy that you are at least getting 2.1! Smsung ain’t upgrading our crappy ass bh2’s past 1.6!

  18. Now it’s July? Moto keeps extending the date. Originally heard that the 2.1 update could have been Feb/March, then Q2, now July. Tired of it. Love the Cliq/Motoblur regardless.

  19. I don’t know why every one is so in love with htc. I mean they DO make great hardware but they aren’t any better with updates: gsm hero is still on 1.5 although htc promised update several times already, htc magic, htc tatoo and mytouch are stilll on 1.x etc. On the other hand htc is pretty nice to developers so the community (xda) can work for them :)

  20. Crap! I was expecting that update this month. I totally regret buying this phone. Has anyone had a turning off and on problem with the phone? I am about to receive a third device; the two cliqs I have had kept having the same problem. Motorola really disappointed me with this phone.

  21. my phone resets itself maybe twice a week(that i know of)
    it’s fried 2 sd cards with quite a bit of data.
    motoblur has been wonky with distinguishing between status,comment,wall and i’ve sent all sorts of postings to all sorts of places because of it…

    and then, i wait for an update(almost patiently) and watch other phones get updates, get faster, and do more.

    ((sad face))

    i’m watching for a nexus-like phone with a physical keyboard.

  22. I am way disappointed with the CLIQ. I am on my 5th, and my wife on her 2nd! That is 7 phones since Christmas!

    The hardware and the software are to blame… Many friends with Moto Droids seem not to have the same issues, it is almost like T-mobile asked them to do it too cheap…

  23. Moto should just hold off all 2.1 updates and go straight to 2.2 b/c there’s no sense in doing things like this

  24. @aaryn & @Joianne I too like my CLIQ and I really haven’t had any issues at all. Usually the issues I see are caused by an application I have downloaded, not the Phone or Android (BLUR) OS. A little bit of root cause analysis will usually highlight the offending application…uninstall and the problem is gone. People will complain about anything and everything. This phone is light years ahead of any WinMo phone I have had and I still like it more than the IPhone (even though I am an Apple user).

  25. Lol, your not the only one @Joianne

  26. @Frank I agree with almost everything you’ve said (except for faith in Moto). I happen to like the MotoBlur as well bcuz it suits my social networking crave.

    The UI isn’t the sexiest but the meat and potatoes of MotoBlur is what it does behind the scenes (behind the interface). Like syncing of all your contacts, contacts– something Android should have already carried out the gate.

    People are hating now but once Moto touches around the rough edges some more people will become hypocrites and hop back on the wagon.

  27. Does anyone know anything about working in a science Lab, for example, NASA or DOE Labs. There are always deadlines in these labs and as long as I been working in these labs, I have never seen something finished on time. The people making these updates are scientist and probably run into problems like any other scientist. Scientist are lazy.

  28. You Got To Be joking July is not Q2 but that’s par for the course. nice one Motorola .I gave up on the cliq a month ago and dropped the cash for a Nexus one best thing i ever did sporting 2.2 now Motorola can stick it somewhere.

  29. If its taking them this long to update to 2.1 I can’t imagine how long its going to take them to update to froyo…I personally think that the phone is not that bad even though I don’t use the moto blur at all. I hope that they won’t come up with some sort of bs to not put froyo on the cliq…

  30. To me the cliq works fine. I can wait for 2.1 personally. I mean the phone makes and recieves call, txt, and email pretty good wit 1.5. Blur is still young and the updates are making it work better. Blur on the flipout (which is 2.1 btw) looks gr8. Thumbs up to moto. I’m pretty sure users of there other “supreme android” phones have issues with it. That’s the nature of ppl thou. They can never be fully satisfyed. I.e the droid received android 2.1 just a few weeks ago now droid owners r crying for 2.2. Relax ppl.

  31. Hopefully this means Backflip coming soon.

  32. I had to update my previous statements by adding the fact that after 12 midnight today I purchased a N1, you gotta love Craigslist! Sorry Moto…

  33. I love my Cliq.

    That being said, the hardware isn’t ready for primetime. I’ve gone through 4 now (multiple hardware keyboard problems, camera autofocus issues).

    I used to love Motoblur but it doesn’t update as fast as the Facebook app (using blur, I post on a friend’s update then go into the app and see 8 people have already commented!).

    And Facebook contacts integrate with 2.1, like on Blur. No reason for Blur anymore…. I just ordered a MyTouch Slide. Sorry, Motorola!

  34. Motoblur is a useless bunch of garbage the android market has apps for every social network that blur is used for and if u didn’t already know there are even more apps on the market with 2.0 and 2.1

  35. I also completely regret buying this phone. What a joke. Not only have I waited for more than six months for a firmware update, my phone just randomly turns off from time to time… usually when I’m trying to tweet or email. That’s super awesome, let me tell you.

    That new iPhone is looking sweeter every day.

  36. Early Dext adopter in the UK, received 2nd replacement handset in November, so #3 has been ok so far. Really nice hardware, keyboard, call quality, FF etc. I would definitely buy a Moto-built Google phone in the future.


  38. I have to laugh. You guys buying new phones and apologizing to Moto. They sold those phones to TMO a long time ago and they aren’t losing a thing.

    I have a Cliq and have no problems with it. I would like 2.1 because there are apps now that only run on 2.1. They going to be constantly upgrading phones, etc., so unless you want to just keep spending money, relax and enjoy it.

  39. WTF is up with motorola…..get ur head in the game an do this….if u don’t have enought people then go hire more because I fell like HTC should just take over. Motorola need to learn how to push updates b/c they have like more then 10 phones out worldwide….how hard is it to learn.

  40. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s been so disappointed with the Cliq. I’ve found the Cliq to be a clusterf**k in pretty much every way possible. This Cliq is the last Motorola phone I’ll ever own.

  41. I like my xt but the update is taking too long. it would be really cool if they surprise us all with 2.2, i could see it because its taking FOREVER to roll it out :) if only if only …

  42. Motorola has dropped the ball on Cliq updates!!!!!!! I’m moving away from Motorola! We shouldn’t have to wait so long for 2.2!


  43. @Joianne

    I love mine. And I’ve owned the same on since it came out. And I was one of the people who got the bad update. In my case, that problem was minor. Messaging was affected, but I just looked around on some forums, and got a non-native messaging app, and waited for the new update (which fixed the problem). I’ve heard of much worse.

    Anyway, other than that, I’ve never had any issues at all. I had a hard time with some settings at first, but they’re easy to personalize. Also, I’m horrible with phones. It’s been dropped more times than I can count – a few times into standing water – and it’s still fine. It has some nasty scratches, but it works flawlessly. I’m anxiously awaiting the 2.2 update, but I still love th4e phone.

  44. I had Mixed impressions of this phone, at first i was wowed it was a little bit faster than the My Touch 3g, Has a bit more rom available, Then..I realized its android 1.5 The widgest freeze my phone, my Phones screen cracked in my pocket while jogging, and i havent fixed it because seriously..When mytouch 3g was able to do google maps navigation and i wasnt…I almost flipped my car over. Now i hear The MYTOUCH 3g is getting Froyo????? im going to have to say profound things to motorola :(

  45. I am on my third cliq as well. The light in the keyboard keeps failing. I will never buy a Motorola again.

  46. F%*k motorola, this will be my last moto phone. Keeping us waiting, should have known better.

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