Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy S With Vodafone Now, Get It June 15th


While we’ve seen the device go on sale in the UK in one form or another before, this is probably the first time we’ve seen it jump to a specific carrier on subsidy. Vodafone’s opening the check-out line for you to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S. The device is expected to launch on the carrier June 15th.


If you want the device, you can sign a 2-year contract under a minimum required monthly plan of £35. Recombu‘s also reporting that Vodafone has the device exclusively on the “big five” in the UK, so if you don’t take kindly to switching carriers for the device, then you can always purchase it unlocked elsewhere (Expansys is still shipping the device in less than a week, I believe).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It seems Vodafone only have an exclusive on the 16GB Model.

    T-Mobile had been expecting the 8GB one on their network from today but it has been delayed.

  2. Vodafone seem to be getting into the android market.

  3. Please T-mobile…please!!! Don’t screw this up!!

  4. Is this phone compatible with both AT&T’s and TMO 3G data network? I keep seeing the phone specs for both 850 and 900 hz.

  5. Stay far away. Samsung does not support their phones. See story about 4 entries down on pathetic upgrade to Android 1.6 for poor Samsung Behold II users.

  6. @James

    why don’t you stay far away lol. Makes mine that much more special. The specs on this phone is amazing, beats the iphone in every little category. This phone is going to kick some bootay!

  7. No camera flash other than that it looks nice but Vodafone are pants!

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