INQ Mobile Finally Has an ETA for Their First Android Device


Waaaay back in September, INQ announced they’d be jumping into the Android race at one point or another, and now we’re finally being given a window on when we can expect their first attempt. We don’t know much about the handset itself still, but the device is set to come out at the end of this year (Q4 is the specific window we’re seeing).


Being a low-end, entry-level handset, they’ll be focusing on customizing the UI to fit the needs of teens who want a cheap phone with lots of social networking features out of the box (what MOTOBLUR is to motorola). One interesting thing to know about INQ’s other handsets (which offers Qualcomm’s own BREW OS) is they’ve been known to integrate Skype as a core feature of the device.

If this thing heads to the US, it’ll be interesting to see if they hold up that tradition given Verizon and Skype has an exclusivity contract in place. But the world isn’t all about the US! This phone could go anywhere so until we can get some more information, we’ll keep our mouths shut.

[Note]: Image courtesy of Unwired View. Yes, that is TouchWiz 3. No, it won’t be included on the phone and it isn’t an official shot of the phone.

[via GigaOM]

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  2. What I noticed was the touchwiz SS, then I saw the [Note].

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