It’s A Droid Day: Droid 2 Pics and Video Surface



While we were busy digging up info on the Droid X by Motorola, our pals over at Droid-Life were getting their hands dirty with the Motorola Droid 2. Clear images of the new keyboard and revamped casing show a familiar yet refined handset. Check out how the screen now covers the “chin” when slid shut, where it originally stopped on the first Droid.

We also are getting word of some of the specs for the second-generation Droid:

  • Android 2.1 (unless Verizon pumps out a last minute 2.2 update to it)
  • 3.7″ screen
  • 750MHz OMAP processor
  • Wi-Fi tethering
  • 8GB internal
  • 8GB SD card preinstalled
  • Updated keyboard
  • 5MP camera
  • New version of Motoblur
  • No HDMI port
  • No front facing camera

Rounding out this info is news that June 22nd is the date for a Verizon in-house training session on both the Droid 2 and Droid X. If it’s anything like the Droid Incredible training that went down within weeks of that phone’s launch, it is almost certain we will be seeing these handsets in July at our local Verizon stores (for more images, head over to Droid-Life).

Oh, and want more? Here is a quick video of the Droid 2 boot animation. I’m liking your new look, red eye.

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[EXCLUSIVE] About that Droid X by Motorola

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  1. keyboard looks more usable

  2. dammit I wanted it to have a 1 ghz snapdragon… how fast is the 750MHz OMAP processor compared to a 1 ghz snapdragon?

  3. Yawn…

    O come on! This thing deserves to be called droid 1.2 or something. Yes it looks nicer than the droid 1..so what? I had high hopes for this phone thinking it would 1up the iphone once again.wait wait Motoblur on the droid sucessor? Haha so theres actually a greater chance that the original droid will receive updates before the droid 2? Gimme a break! Im sticking to the “ninja blur” powered droid x

  4. The Droid is better, faster GPU

  5. i sure hope they won’t wait too long with a milestone2.
    they can keep the motoblur for themselves, but the rest is good enough for me.

  6. Ugly phone :/

  7. Honestly, I’m not impressed. Why would I swap my Droid out for this? For a 750 mhz processor? Uh, I don’t think so. Screen is the same size as the Droid. Wifi tethering will be available in 2.2. No difference in the camera. 8GB internal + 8 GB SD card equals 16 which we already have. No front facing camera and know HDMI out. I’ll pass.

  8. kind of a let down, same phone in a new case with slightly better CPU… SLIGHTLY, no i don’t mean clock speed i mean the chip, it’s SLIGHTLY better

    this is kinda mute since the Droid is still selling fine

  9. 750 mHZ? Really?

    Not even a gig?

  10. No more ninja blur on droid X but I’m waiting for Htc Scorpion

  11. Man, why did they skimp on the specs compared to the Droid X :-( Should have gone the whole way w/ the 1ghz cpu and the 4.3 in screen

  12. 2X uglier than the Droid 1

  13. Why would a phone be built on older technology. All phones should be built on 1ghz + 8 mega pixel, with front facing camera and 512 ram or 1 gb of ram. This is where technology is at.

  14. what a fucking waste moto. your doing a fine job of following the iphones suit… release a new phone with minimal new features and put a 2 or 3 after it… lame moto, just plain lame. i will be opting for a different phone when its time to reup. droid 1 owns, droid 2 dissappoints.

  15. btw moto blur sucks balls

  16. This is just a refresh of a classic. From the other article (https://phandroid.com/2010/06/10/motorola-to-bring-the-superphone-of-all-superphones-this-year/) we shouldn’t worry about specs.

  17. Its alright but I’ll keep my nexus Tmo, as for 4.3in screens that’s to much phone for me, evo is a nice phone just not pocket friendly and I’m a standard android Guy, not that fond of “sence ui”

  18. You people are jumping the gun a bit. If it has the same OMAP3630 as the Xtreme then there’s NO PROBLEM with the specs. Seeing as they’re releasing at the same time, I’m willing to bet that it will have the same processor, in which case this thing will fly. Go and take a look at the ridiculous benchmark the Xtreme (Shadow MB810) has in Quadrant before you whine about Snapdragon.

  19. Why are more and more people saying they are waiting for the Scorpion? We still barely know the first thing about. It hasn’t even been officially confirmed that it actually exists. If you are always willing to wait for a phone that exists in name only without even any pics/specs then you will be waiting forever.

  20. I’m not liking the keyboard redesign at all. The lack of an actually Dpad is seriously not to my liking.

  21. I don’t know why they put the chrome on it–it makes the screen look in-set a bit more. And I don’t like how the “chin” piece comes up with the slider.

    Still, the only things keeping me from getting the original Droid were the processor and the keyboard. Depending on what the hands-on reviews say, this could be the Droid I’m looking for.

  22. Not impressive at all. Plus Motorola heads said they will put out the phone of all phones by years end with a 2ghz processor. Think I will keep my Droid and wait for that monster.

    ps. Motorola, keep the OS vanilla you will sell more.

  23. I just hope Htc clarify their Vision within the next month and what their Qwerty offering is. Isn’t it about time we had a massive load of htc “leaks”?

  24. But moto needs a phone to sell now. People buy the droid because it has a keyboard but that keyboard wasn’t too great. Not sure what they were thinking with all the gold highlights so I’m glad that’s also out.

  25. Can we say same keyboard as G1??????? Although I love this layout!

  26. I’d like to remind everyone of a couple things:
    1) “ninja blur” is just something that someone nicknamed the new motoblur (over @ HoFo) after one of the insiders said something about it being fast yet as sneaky as a ninja so you hardly know it’s there….
    2) The true specs on the Droid X (formerly Xtreme, formerly Shadow) are still very much unknown. Up until today everyone had been saying 4.1″ screen, and running on an OMAP 3630 (750 MHz) with PowerVR SGX530 GPU. Now today we have some leaks saying 4.3″ screen and even some reports of a 1Ghz processor inside.
    The point is, things still aren’t completely figured out.

  27. so this is the best Android phone with physical keyboard…
    hmmmm still not at that 1Ghz speeds! but atleast u know u have the best GPU!
    i think i’m gonna wait before i replace my HTC Dream

  28. @kwest12, true these specs may or may not be this phones true specs but until I hear otherwise, I’m going to believe that they are. And if these are the true specs then I have to say this is a big disappointment! Keyboard might be better but no front facing camera, no hdmi port, same 5 mp camera as the original, processor that is barely an upgrade on the original, hell this thing even comes with an 8gb sd card which is half of what the original came with! A lot of new verizon customers might like this but this phone isn’t doing anything to get current droid owners to upgrade. If these specs are true then I’m keeping my original droid for now or upgrading to the droid X, its not worth it!

  29. @Richie Given that it doesn’t even mention WHICH OMAP processor is clocked at 750mhz, just “OMAP 750mhz” you’re jumping the gun a bit. If it IS a 3630, it will outspeed Snapdragons with a better battery life to boot, even with at 750mhz.

  30. It looks thinner, but maybe that’s my eyes playing tricks on me?

  31. it has 8 gb internal which means it can be used for apps (though everyone will be happy once froyo is out)

  32. Guys! The OMAP processor in this Droid 2 and Droid X (shadow) is almost twice as fast as an OVERCLOCKED Droid! Processor speed isnt everything!!!!

    Check out this other Phandroid article showing the “shadow/droid X” which has the same processor as the Droid 2 running Android 2.1. https://phandroid.com/2010/05/27/motorola-shadow-benchmarked-looking-pretty-zippy/

    If this is correct, and we see a jump to Android 2.2 It will be EVEN FASTER!!! woot!

  33. Yea sorry, forgot about the 8 gb internal memory but this phone is still not enough of an upgrade for me and I can’t see it being enough for other droid users…..I mean plus the fact that it might come out with android 2.1, do they really expect people to upgrade their droids for a slightly better processor and keyboard?

  34. I don’t think it’s enough of an upgrade for me to trade in my Droid 1, especially considering it may be some time before we can root and overclock it.

  35. It may not be an upgrade phone for you Droid users. And to be honest I don’t know why you all are looking for an upgrade when you haven’t had your phone for a year and this would probably come out in a few months or so. But it could make a decent refresh of the phone if the price does not go up from the current Droid. My wife might be interested in a phone like this (maybe not quite the overall design) when she comes over to Verizon with me. She isn’t looking for the most high powered thing she can find like I am. She just wants a decent sized screen with a keyboard possibly and running Android.

    As for Motorola MAN they shoot themselves in the foot with odball designs every time. If they’d just make something simple and sleek I bet they could sell double what they currently sell.

  36. If this is the new OMAP3630 series processor, then look at my video comparing 65nm OMAP3430 with 45nm OMAP3630 to get an idea how much faster this new processor is. It is something like 62% faster for such a thing as 3D renderings for example.

  37. If this is the new OMAP3630 series processor, then look at my video comparing 65nm OMAP3430 with 45nm OMAP3630 to get an idea how much faster this new processor is. It is something like 62% faster for such a thing as 3D renderings for example. http://armdevices.net/2010/02/23/texas-instruments-65nm-omap3430-vs-45nm-omap3630/

  38. yeah I don’t get why this phone was rushed with nothing really worth saying “ooooh the Droid 2 now has a _______.”

  39. I think they decided to take a page out of the Apple playbook and are going to release practically the same phone, just with slight modifications. Except Moto did well to make more noticeable changes like bigger screen, better keyboard. To quote Noah from Phonedog about the iPhone4, “A good evolutionary step, but nothing revolutionary.”

    On a side note, emulators should be a bit easier to play on this phone with the off-set, domed keys…

  40. i was waitin for 1ghz processor (not SnapDragon), 4″ screen, and 8mpx camera.

    So now, how should I feel?

  41. No HDMI port
    No front facing camera

    only new keyboard, little better processor and more internal memory

  42. Not every phone that gets released will be orders of magnitude better than previous phones. Especially with popular models, you eventually cost reduce them. You leverage what works, make some changes to things that don’t, and find ways to produce them cheaper for the long haul. When you’re trying to penetrate a market you’re not so concerned with margins. Once you’re in the door, then you want to increase profits. This isn’t a Motorola thing. It’s common to just about every industry and product.

  43. Motorola should not release this phone until November to give the original Droid/Milestone 1 full yr of life. That being said this is a HUGE upgrade (750MHz OMAP) sorely in needed stock speed, for this class of device. I think that Motorola should have kept the dPad, but should have located it on the left (for many arcade games)of the keyboard instead of the right, as it is on the current Droid/Milestone and improve the key feel as well. And it looks like Motorola listened, regarding the menu button placement! ;-) (of course this all assumes that this IS infact the final design of the Droid 2.

    Oh and Motorola/Verizon…..NO MOTOBLUR on the DROID 2- Keep it pure!

    It would have been nice to see the Droid one up Apple again technically and make the world once again respect the Droooid!

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  45. Why do all the phones with keyboards have shitty specs?

  46. Should have given it a 4.0″ screen and a small dpad for games

  47. If they put Motoblur on it, I dont care how good it is. I will pass.

  48. From what I understand, the OMAP processors being made now are faster than similarly clocked Snapdragon processors. Clock speeds lie.

    Also, I bet you could OC it to 1.5 Ghz this time ;)

  49. You people dont understand the purpose of this phone. Droid 2 will be a replacement for current Droid. It an update for future Droid buyers, not for current Droid owners.
    If you want an upgrade for your “old” Droid, go for Droid Xtreme.

  50. Great update and the best Android Phone out that has a full hardware keyboard…..Don’t get hung up on clock speeds, I’m sure Motorola understands the upgrade must be faster.

  51. @craig Nope, the G1’s keyboard has one more row of keys, dedicated to the numbers at the top.

  52. This is a pretty decent upgrade of the existing Droid if the spec’s hold. Looks like they improved the keyboard, but I still don’t like it. They need to add some separation between the keys or get they raised higher. All you need to do is study the Blackberry keyboards, they’re great.

  53. Wow.. you guys moaning about the 750MHz are noobs. I would swap my 1GHz Snapdragon for the Droid 2’s OMAP any day.

    Lower clock cycles/second yes, but a much better all round processor (especially for rendering 3D).

  54. Processor speed in MHz only says how many processing steps the processor performs per second.
    The amount of work that is done in each step varies between processors so a 750MHz processor can actually be faster than a 1GHz.

  55. Might be more prudent for recent Droid “1” buyers (like me) to keep the already fabulous phone until Verizon switches to the 4G system, which is only, what, a year away??

  56. when will the droid two come out i need two no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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