Sep 11th, 2009

Remember INQ Mobile? They would be the people who came up with the “Facebook phone.” Given that idea you can certainly understand why the company would be after the customizability of the Android platform.


In a recent conversation with PCMag, CEO Frank Meehan revealed that INQ is hoping to join the US Smartphone market soon. Specifically the aim is “the $79-99-199 on two-year-contract range.” or the mid- to  low-range. When asked about their choice in OS for future phones, Meehan said that in comparison to major competitors like Windows Mobile or Palm’s webOS, Android won out due to its stability and “rich customization.”

While on the topic of customization, the team at INQ certainly has a plan, hoping to use contacts for a more social-network friendly UI a la MOTOBLUR.

No word yet on when we will see the first handsets from INQ, but they have a lot of confidence that they can beat major manufacturers due to their small and “nimble” size.

[Via AndroidGuys]