HTC Legend Launches on Virgin Mobile Canada Today



Those crazy canucks at Mobile Syrup have caught wind that the HTC Legend is out today, June 11th, on Virgin Mobile in Canada, just as the we had suspected. This means that the Bell subsidiary gets the phone just a few days before its parent company. The plan is for Bell to start retailing the Legend come June 16th. You can pick up Virgin Mobile’s first Android phone in Canada for $79.99 on a 3-year contract or $349.99 outright.

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  1. Its a good phone and so more of it is always good.

  2. Isn’t Virgin owned by Sprint? I hope this phone will be released in the US to Sprint sometime soon.

  3. Nevermind. Sprint owns Virgin mobile USA, non Canada.

  4. Well if the Virgin Mobile up there in Canada operates on the same CDMA Freq. spec as Sprint PCS, which I think it does, you can buy it outright and just activate it here. Just sayin… but maybe someone else would confirm my suspicions about the Freq.? :) Happy Trails!

  5. yeah no….Virgin Canada is not on CDMA, I should know as I run my ‘purdy’ Nexus One, VMC piggy-backs ofd the Bell towers, APN info is all Bell.ca

  6. They need to bring an android phone to the USA Brand asap but unlikely will not happen.

  7. Virgin Canada IS Bell so it’s all the same network. That includes both CDMA and the new HSPA network.

  8. VERY low end Android phone at this point in time

  9. 1. This is not a CDMA phone, it is GSM.
    2. It has the same data bands as AT&T in the states – 850/1900.
    3. Although it is not a superphone in the same league as Nexus 1, Droid, Desire, etc., it is also priced much less: $350 versus $550 (all figures Can $)
    4. You get what you pay for.

  10. I have one here in the uk, its lovely, and as i do manual labour, would not feel safe carrying a desire around in my pocket. better not be last on the update list tho!

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