AT&T Just Flashed Us With the HTC Aria/Liberty [Video]


Looks like AT&T’s susceptible to leaking information out of their own. Thanks to one of our ridiculously aware readers, AT&T’s uploaded a video that shows a quick glimpse of what we believe is the HTC Aria/HTC Liberty/HTC Whatever.

AT&T calls it their latest Android device – it certainly looks like the devices we mentioned up above – and they were giving us some insight on the testing phases that it has to go through (along with other devices, I assume). Watch the video for yourself if you’re really interested on the specifics, but not much is revealed about the device itself: we’re just happy to see it out in the wild.

[Thanks, Will!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet! Check out at 1:56 also, it’s shown using sense. Interesting, that does’t look as tiny as expected.

  2. it has sense

  3. It’s AT&T why bother getting excited. The phone is going to be a mid-range device at best with a whopping 320×480 display. Will probably have the same SoC as the MyTouch Slide. YAY! No not really but anyway. Until AT&T gets Steve’s iPenis out of their asses you will NEVER see a high end Android device on their network.

  4. Who Knew Adam Sandler worked for AT&T? LOL

    Phone doesn’t look bad, just not an AT&T fan for service.

  5. Definitely looks like a 3.5″ screen. I held a buddy’s Incredible in my hand just like he does, and the Incredible looks just a little bit bigger.

  6. Will they give a deal to people who just bought the Backflip?

  7. Hmm, Take an HTC Legend, chop off the bottom chin, change the frame to the standard hard plastic, move the track pad to the center of the bottom row of buttons, and voila, you have this phone. I’m convinced that’s the same screen as the Legend has.

    @Tornadoes28: If this comes out within 30 days of when you bought your Backflip, you can exchange the Backflip for this.

  8. Wish we could edit comments.. :) Yes, I realize the Legend doesn’t have a 3.5″ screen. I changed my mind after I wrote the 3.5″ note.

  9. I just wonder if they have tonnes of dropped calls in their, “Screen Rooms,” just like in the REAL WORLD!

  10. It’s looks like an HTC HD2 Mini. Nice phone.

  11. Another POS low/midrange Android phone. Anything less than the Desire at this point is a slap in the face.

  12. @McHale Seriously? You know not everyone wants/needs the fastest, best phone? Some people (“normal” consumer, not tech/phone people that read this) might want some of the features of android but not all of the power… some people actually like free phones, too.

    I’m hoping that they come out with 3 phones at once (low, mid, high) to satisfy everybody…. the question just is _when_ will this happen.

  13. Isn’t some variant of the Samsung Galaxy S coming to AT&T? That should satisfy the high end audience, from what I’ve seen. If only we knew when and for how much!

  14. @Joe: To be completely honest, it’s a different story if there is already a super phone on the network – But when AT&T is only offering the worst android phones out there, then they are not hitting the mark – Providing a mid, low, and high end phone—and really, multiples of each—is where it’s supposed to be! AT&T has been wayyyy behind the trends… And for those of us forced to stay with AT&T because of our location and their service being the best available, and who do not want to give in an get an iphone, well… it’s really, really, really disappointing to watch high end device after high end device go to other networks, and then having mid-line or even low-end devices on AT&T — and even then, they’re being completely neutered :( *dismay*

  15. I think it’s a legend without the beautiful hardware.

  16. Its complete proof of why AT&T will continue to deliver the crappiest Androids so they can prove strong why their iPhone line is the best.


  17. I WILL NOT GET THIS POS CRAPPY CRIPPLE PHONE. WTF is wrong with you AT&T? I’m getting sick and tired of you guys getting crappy shit phones. If you get the DESIRE OR LEGEND more people like me that have AT&T phones will stay on with you. FUCK THIS POS PHONE or what ever it’s called. We don’t care how you guys do testing at HQ JUST GET SOME DAMN GOOD ANDROID PHONES.

  18. thats why guys need to quite your bit***** and buy an att 3g branded nexus one best money i ever spent

  19. @Karl Ugh I know! I’m fearing that it will really just be a low, mid/low and mid-but-att-says-is-high-end phone. It’s really sickening how much iPhone crap they push… I wonder how much stock the company has in Apple :-X lol.

  20. Liberty .. 4th of July .. kind of go together.. when they launching it ?

  21. if it has a 3.7 screen, 1Ghz, good physical keyboard and 2.1 with sense then I’ll take it..

  22. @Dennis i hope they dont wait till 4th o july

  23. It’s HTC mini HD renamed to X no A`no`L`no`no I

  24. It looks like it’s the perfect size! Better not be 2.8 inches

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