HTC Legend Headed to Virgin Canada, Too


We’ve known for a little while now that Bell would be getting the HTC Legend (it should be launching right around June 11th) but we are now learning that the Legend will be available from Bell-owned Virgin Mobile as well. An inventory screenshot dug up by those friendly Canadians at Mobile Syrup shows the device as already listed.


The Legend is priced at $357.00 in Virgin’s inventory, which is a bit cheaper than what it has been selling for in Europe, but we’re talking Canadian dollars compared to euros and frankly I’m no expert. No word whether this price will stick, what the contract price will be, or when it will be released, however.

[via Mobile Syrup]

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  1. Any good Android Phones coming to Tmobile any time soon?

  2. The myTouch3G Slide?

  3. The Nexus One is your best choice, or you could wait and get the MyTouch Slide. If you’re looking for a B.A. HTC phone like Sprint and Verizon have, you’re SOL.

  4. @ryan Nexus One is the way to go.

  5. I have Nexus One and very happy with it, it just seems like all the future and present kickass phones are coming out on other carriers and Tmobile is left with no good ones in the future.

  6. @Ryan: wait. You have a pretty new phone already when you are done with that one they will have another.

    I would have gotten one instead of a Droid as I love the tmobile discount for bringing your own phone idea, but their coverage in my area makes that not feasible. I hope they fix that the next time I am out of contract.

  7. Is Virgin Canada GSM? If so, what 3G bands do they run on?

  8. @Steve
    Your right I do have a very knew phone and I’m not looking at replacing it (yet). It just seems strange that TMobile has no plans to bring hot new, strong (not old OS) devices to its bands. I mean we heard rumors about the EVO or the Incredible back in December, 6 months ago and we havent heard anything from TMobile. I dont ever plan to change carriers (mostly cause of the prices) so im for Tmobile all the way. But common’ there has to be some new hot android phone on the way, and no the slide does not count.

  9. What phones are coming to ATT? Anyone? Anyone?

    Of course we know about the Backflip Android 1.5 but what about the Dell Aero that is supposed to be coming out 2Q per ATT Wireless site:


    What is everybody’s take on this phone? Has there been a sneak review on this phone?

    Is the Legend coming to ATT? I’d love to know if the Desire was really coming. Anybody else got any dirt on upcoming phones coming out shortly for AT&T?

    Let me beat everyone to the punch – changing carriers is not an option for me as my wife and I are on a joint plan and staying with AT&T is much cheaper than me switching to another carrier even though my contract has technically expired.


  10. This phone has been out in Europe for a while. Is coming to another GSM Canadian carrier which will work with AT&T, no word on whether it is coming to AT&T.

    As of right now, it probably is the best of the midlevel phones. It has Eclair, the AMOLED display. A Qualcomm 600MHz processor, 384 megs of ram, resolution is 320×480. IMO the look of the phone is nothing short of beautiful. Overall, a great phone for somebody who does not need the high res, superfast processor.

  11. lol@ Ryan, you think you got it bad with Tmobile…I’m with AT&T, who’s more intent on releasing Pantech clamshells and Samsung Rugbies, with three— just THREE– fabled android devices waaaaay off in the distant future. Niiiiiiiiice. LOL

  12. @ Kevin I have not heard of anything of particular relevance coming to AT&T.

    Personally, I do not really like Dell phone/tablet thingie. I think it would be cool for someone that does a lot of business on the go; I just don’t need those features. And for them to call it “mini,” it’s pretty huge lol. If the pictures that I saw were legit. I have never heard of Dell making mobile devies, and it’s something about that lack of familiarity that deters me from that product…

    My husband seems to think that the HTC Legend will be coming to AT&T under a different name. I’m not sure why he thinks that, something about FCC filings or something. But if you look at http://www.phonescoop.com there a section about new released as well as FCC approvals for different phones.

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