Data Throttling Coming to Sprint this Summer?


All those brand new EVO 4Gs floating around are sure to be consuming their fair share of data coverage on Sprint’s network. And with all of the internet at your whim (soon to include Flash), I’m sure at least a few people will experience data overages. It appears that Sprint may be implementing a new method for handling overages, going the route of data throttling to cut back on bandwidth consumption of those who are eating up more than they paid for.


The news is unconfirmed, but comes by way of a snapshot of Sprint’s The Playbook. No word on whether implementation of data throttling will eliminate overage charges similar to T-Mobile’s new pricing structure. Which would you rather have?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Well looks like t-mobile will be the only place to get decently priced data services now!

  2. I cannot even buy a EVO-4G in Sioux Falls, S.D. cause of some Bullshit with our Sprint Carrier/Provider for this area. What’s up with that???

  3. More data than we paid for? We paid for “unlimited” data. Not “secretly capped at 5GB” unlimited, regular unlimited (at least us Evo owners).

    I hope the bit cut off in the picture says “just kidding” or Sprint has this clause “just in case” and doesn’t actually do it. Come on Sprint, you had a week of relatively positive news, that’s not nearly enough to justify going back to your old d-bag ways.

  4. T-mobile throttles as well. They were the first US carrier to put any kind of limitations on data.

    Rumor has it that people who pay the $10/mo premium data fee won’t get throttled. Grain of salt on that one.

  5. I’m not using more than I “paid for”.


    If there’s going to be a limit then there’s going to be a broken contract.

  6. yawn… sensational garbage based on a limited shot. Another one of Engadget’s efforts to rag on the EVO, Android, and 4G.

  7. I thought the monthly $10 surchage we EVO owners now pay was for the increased data we consume. How, then, could Sprint justify throttling us as well?

  8. @Kevin the $10 premium data charges lifts the 5gb cap, now we have TRULY unlimited Data, this is NOT why they are doing this, they are doing this to prevent their network from crashes like they saw in NY, or like ATT has every other day

  9. Uh… this is for 3G, not for 4G. Its no wonder so many people get uptight about stuff. Wait for the actual word from Sprint and then jump through the roof.

    Also, the 3G throttle will only happen after users abuse the system. Much like Comcast gets away with.

    Stop downloading porn and you should be fine.

  10. Sprint wont throttle data, with it would be impossible to max out the capasity. With the extra 10$ charge it wont happen.

  11. It said the funtionality is added not implemented maybe this way parents of children, or comanies that let their employees have data cards, can make sure that they do not go over the limit on these cards.

  12. @ Matt, what you posted was for TMO’s webconnect service, not for phones. The webconnect is their new air card for laptops which is still not in very many cities yet. Dont know why anyone would subscribe to webconnect when you can just tether your smart phone for internet on your laptop for free. And Froyo 2.2 will turn your Android smart phone into a wifi hotspot. So yeah….webconnect ? Why would anyone pay for that ?


  13. Well, if it’s a choice between throttling or capping, at least with throttling, I won’t end up with a huge bill at the end of the month…

  14. @pogey “Stop downloading porn and you should be fine.”

    lets not go to drastic measures….

  15. @ Kevin,

    Your article sounds like you are suggesting that Evo owners have a cap on data… Just to clarify, it is a fact that both 3G and 4G data is unlimited on the Evo, hence the $10 premium data charge. If there is throttling, then it will not affect Evo owners.

  16. Honestly…i dont mind this at all….It will bring balance for those Cheap bastards that Tether without paying a measly $30 and mess things up for the rest of us.

  17. To the Phandroid masses, come on it’s still Sprint EVO or no EVO, lol @going_home you got it right buddy, I’m a tethering SOB on my N1 and I LOVE IT.

  18. Sprint has not had an issue with BANDWIDTH and they are already charging for the addt’l data bandwidth for the EVO, so in my opinion the SOURCE of this info is wishful thinking. SPRINT stands to collect HUGE amounts from influx of customers if they hold their ground on DATA as the other carriers GOUGE their own. Sprint has traditionally been free with their bandwidth and I see no reason why that would change! AT&T is doing it because their infrastructure can’t handle the load, they KNOW it, everyone knows it. Verizon will charge more… cause they can. Stay Smart Sprint!!! Go Android!

  19. already debunked by engadget themselves:

    “Update: We’re hearing from a couple sources that the shot here from The Playbook is a little out of context, and actually refers to a new feature for businesses looking to restrict disproportionately high usage by employees with company data cards. That sounds a little less painful, does it not? Thanks, everyone!”

  20. Hey Phandroid, if you guys/girls continue to run unverified stories, you will likely lose readers, thus losing out on advertising revenue. There is nothing wrong with being the odd man (woman) out. ;)

  21. THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT!! This actually refers to a new feature for businesses looking to restrict disproportionately high usage by employees with company data cards, NOT the everyday mobile user!!

  22. @informed-while I’m certain Phandroid appreciates your insight to their business, I would like to inform you that this article is shared info from Engadget’s original article & to advise that this kind of thing happens in breaking news. we all realize here, that what’s reported may be rumor, tips, insight, etc. That’s why the rest of us check Phandroid’s latest articles-to be informed. :)

  23. @overit, “That’s why the rest of us check Phandroid’s latest articles-to be informed.”

    There lies the problem, Phandroid did not have breaking news, the “unverified” information was not true from the beginning. Referencing engadget is another problem, that site has such a bias against Sprint, they make no effort to hide it. Many-many hours after engadget updated their inaccurate article, Phandroid have not done the same.

  24. I actually knew this was coming. AT&T may be the first to wipe off the Unlimited plan from its offerings, but that doesn’t mean they’re the last!

    I can picture most carriers (if not all) restructuring their data structure and charging per tier, considering they’re providing higher-end phones (smartphones) to their consumers, and a good amount of consumers are going to be using up twice as much bandwidth as they do now. For the servers to handle millions of users and high bandwidth, this does not go cheap!

    And who knows where VOIP will be in the next 2-3 years. And the fact that we’re already starting to see Video Conferencing on the Evo and iPhone, this is not your usual cell phone usage!

  25. @Matt, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. LET ME REITERATE MY POSTING at the #6 Position. I am tired of reading breaking news that is total hogwash. Come on guys. Is this the kind of embarrassment you want to subject yourselves to by pooling your ignorance with Engadget?

  26. Agreed. Let’s have some attempt at accuracy, otherwise this is just some blog, not news.

  27. @informed & @js-yet, here you both are rechecking the comments section on an article you took the time to express your dissatisfaction. Why? Phandroid appears to still be worthy for you-why not just email the author, unless you enjoy the slander fluff.

  28. @js-my apologies, I apparently got lost among the few, it was intended for informed & swampfox.

  29. wow, so many people are posting like “sprint is evil” crap without a: reading the article or b: reading the comments.


  30. Give me his email address and I will. I have tried to contact Phandroid at least three times about articles and NEVER even gotten a quick reply back…

  31. @overit HAHAHA! What the heck are you talking about?! Do yourself a favor, look up the definition of “slander.”

  32. Article is FUD.

    I’ll be visiting phandroid less now.


  33. Tom you can order a EVO through another store that’s how i got mine and I’m in Sioux falls

  34. anyway you look at it 3g 4g cdma 1x gsm umts its all bullshit protocols. Everything at some point runs through the internet. The telecom giants would rather have you think that voice runs on different networks than data. this is not true they are both the same network and act as data all the same. Why not use wifi on every cell tower instead? Cause then they would not be able to bend you over every month. And by the way wifi is everywhere probably more wifi than cell. They use bullshit protocols to get away with charging you 100.00 a month. I say we all get wifi and broadcast our own signals for the sake of humanity everything thing pretty much today runs on wifi, and every cell phone runs on wifi, fuck 3g 4g cdma 1x gsm umts and cell phone companies!

  35. Throttlin IS ACCURRING on my EVO!! I have downloaded about 25GB this month….seems high to me….but am using the phone like a computer and am only doing minimual updates on my three home computers. I have a rooted phone running free wifi tethering. I couldn’t get the paid HotSpot to work. Anyway, as I am trying to download Unrevocked2, I am getting 8kbps!!! I was averaging close to 1MBps just the last few days. This has been going on for a while now. Very annoying!! What to do…..?

  36. I think throttling is in effect with my Samsung Instinct M-800 , Now my Sprint TV, Youtube, downloading updates and everything data has come to a complete crawl. Okay 10 GB last few months is a bit high but I really like Sprint Radio, and TV. Now I can’t even watch them because my speed is so slow. Many calls into sprint landed me a free phone replacement Instinct M800. But still waiting to see if this new phone fixes the problem or they finally just come out and say ” We throttled your data connection and thats why your speed is .08 kbps. Thats Dial up speed ! “

  37. Sprint sells shit it cant deliver.They have one hand in your pocket the other on the throttle

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