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Even though the Motorola Droid is apparently selling quite strong, Verizon has dropped the price $50 from $199.99 as the phone is set to be replaced by an upcoming line-up of new Motorola Droids. The Droid X and Droid 2 will make more than apt replacements, but if you can’t wait for their impending release you can grab the original Droid off the Verizon website for only $149.99, skipping the mail-in rebate in the process. No word on if this pricing will carry over to retail stores.

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  1. You can get them for $20 here or on amazon.
    With 2.2 and an overclock these phones beat incredibles.

  2. will never beat the incredible software is not better than 1ghz

  3. Hi. Is there any girls in here?

  4. Starting on Sunday June 13th, Wal-Mart will be carrying them for $48.88 for at least a week. I would be surprised if the price went up after that.

  5. @JR except that it does. Don’t forget the droid has a discrete GPU. The Snapdragon only runs at ~750mhz for actual processing power. And 2.2 offered a 40% speed increase with the new JIT compiler. So 500mhz*1.4 = 700mhz. Toss in a overclock and you can easily beat 750mhz.

  6. Telling ya, those Incredible fanboys are threatening to become more sheepish than the iPhone fanboys.

    You can tell who reads the forums here and who doesn’t. My Droid is OCed to 1GHz w/ 2.2 and my Quadrant score is over 1400. The Incredible doesn’t even break 1000. Now, when it gets 2.2, and OCed, sure, it’ll compare. But the truth is, rooted, both of these phones are equal.

  7. Correction, the Incredible doesn’t break 500 on Quadrant’s test. Yikes. Don’t feel too bad, a stock Droid only gets about 300. When you’re rooted and have all the same goodies we do, you’ll have similar scores.

  8. Interesting conversation ~ I had no idea one could Over Clock a phone. Are there any websites that carry information?

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