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Yesterday was only the beginning, apparently. The website we saw Samsung launch was USA specific, but yet another promo site for the Galaxy S has popped up. This one is a lot more interactive and informative giving you a closer look at how their first Android “superphone” ties into every part of your life.


They also include a nice looking gallery as well as a user guide and the specifications rundown. June 29th is closing in faster than we thought, and we have a good feeling that Samsung is not going to disappoint. If I may tear a page out of Degeneration X’s book: are you ready?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice promo. Liked the song. The cradle looks sweet too. I wish HTC would’ve introduced a cradle for the INC when it was released.

  2. Love the battery specs:
    Battery (Standard) Li-pol, 1,500mAh
    Talk time: 2G/803 min, 3G/393 min.
    Standby time: 2G/750 hrs, 3G/576 hrs.

    Almost twice the IPhone 4 !!!
    That’s close the deal for me

  3. What’s the scoop on this thing? Some websites are saying the camera has flash assist,others are saying it does not, while still others are saying it is an option, available only on the 16GB model.

    It certainly does not look like there is a flash on any of the pics I have seen.

  4. So is this thing coming to Verizon or not? I’m up for an upgrade on July 22nd and I’m jonsin’ hard for an Android phone. By that time, there should be a number of good options announced or released… Droid 2, Xtream, Incredible and maybe the Galaxy S (maybe even some hot Scorpion action????). I would love to be able to waltz into Best Buy on the 22nd (or shortly thereafter), test all 4 of those phones out and walk out with the one that will be my baby for the next 20 months.

  5. I want it rooted before I get this one as I want the stock android! :)

  6. Wow lots of nice features…
    Is Tmob the carrier for sure?

  7. @Nathan, this phone looks awesome and I’m with you on this as my upgrade with Verizon is 7/20, but when I looked at the specs of this phone it doesnt show the CDMA Network. So, perhaps this version of the Galaxy is going to T-Mobile as suggested.

  8. I’m a little skeptical on how good this phone will be since Samsung made it and they don’t have a great track record. Hopefully though it’ll be a great device.

  9. Unless they add a camera flash and kill TouchWiz, I’ll pass.

  10. latest rumor says a cdma version will be coming this year also…

  11. I’ve seen enough video on this thing to know it is the S#!T. The strength and beauty of this phone will be a tough matchup against the rumored HTC Vision and and Project Emerald if it is actually a phone. 4.3″ with QWERTY FTW! TMO.

  12. This site is not new, and has been up for some time. This is not related to the US release.

  13. I no longer care about the Galaxy after hearing about that Motorola handset coming this year with a 2 GHZ PROCESSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it iPhone!!!! Androids eat apples for breakfast!!!

  14. Actually that was probably one of the best promo sites for a product I’ve ever seen. Flash took a while to load but worth it. The music was pretty cool and unlike most music on Flash sites like that, it didn’t get annoying after 4-5 minutes of exploring the site. If the phone is as well done as the site, I’m interested. It shows that Samsung is putting a tremendous amount of effort into this phone.
    It seems very purposefully thought out. ‘S-Life’ sounded like a gimic and yet another dubious skin job, but they make a convincing case with the themed apps, going through your day and the uses and tasks people put the phone through, that was actually pretty cool.
    Hopefully their camera and video will be acceptable. Most of these ‘720p’ video cameras on new phones give actually really lousy jerky over compressed images. Samsung is one of the few makers that actually makes good cameras so maybe they can get it right.
    I also like that Samsung seems to be concentrating more on one flagship phone rather than 20 variations, which means that things like software updates, accessories & docking stations etc should be more available (Moment debacle notwithstanding). HTC for example makes great stuff but the many different phones they make mean no universal docks and they have to tailor updates to each phone. You wonder if they can really keep up to date with all those models and Android upgrades.
    Other pluses are 4″ screen size which may just be the sweet spot. Of course the s-amoled screen looks very promising. Also, if battery life is as good as they say, that might be a real deal maker over something like the Evo. Hoping a Verizon model comes out in July. T-Mo: mehh.

  15. The importance is the marketing: if you live in the US you are bombarded by Verizon and Sprint ads but the rest of the world hasn’t even heard of Android as a serious player. Samsung will change this with marketing that is more natural and not rock-on hi-tech. This is a phone that could really increase Android marketshare and since it has the specs, leads to great Android games.

  16. @Todd

    Yes it is coming to tmobile for sure.

  17. Funny thing is that this site has been up for a about a week now

  18. Very nice phone indeed. Sigh too bad it’s not coming to AT&T. Just sick of all the crappy phones that’s already on AT&T and this one isn’t even coming here. I would love to have this phone. Sorry just spreading my anger here at AT&T cause they won’t deliver a good quality ANDROID phone for users like me that have AT&T.

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  20. Samsung and AT&T announce Samsung Captivate coming soon part of the Samsung Galaxy S line …. WOOHOO!

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