Jun 10th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 3:53 pm

Well I’ll be. Motorola isn’t the only manufacturer looking to make a big splash in Android’s growing pool in 2010. After hearing they’d be bringing 20 handsets (for a variety of different carriers and markets) by the end of this year, it looks like LG’s suiting up and following in those footsteps.


According to Korea Times, the company’s set to bring out 20 Android handsets by the end of this year to try and bolster its performance in the smartphone market. In the past year, they’ve reportedly dropped from 6.7% to 0.9% in operating profit. It’s clear why the pressure is on and why moves need to start being made.

Analyst Chung Seung-hoon puts it best: they need to start becoming a leader and not a follower. While his statement wasn’t only directed at their mobile devices game (and, more specifically, Android) it applies just the same. Here’s to seeing if LG can rise up and start besting Motorola’s and HTC’s offerings by the time the holiday season comes to a close.

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