Still No Date for Froyo on the Nexus One, but Google is “Striving Hard”


After the fake-out update that occurred just days after Froyo was officially unveiled at Google I/O, owners of the Nexus One have been eagerly awaiting any sort of official word on when Google’s own smartphone would receive the OTA update to Android 2.2. The rest of the Android community has been waiting as well, knowing that once the N1 gets its fair share of frozen goodness, other phones will surely follow.


You may have just bit the bullet and done a manual install, but if you haven’t here is the word from “passion-ate” at Google on the status of that update:

Apologies for keeping everybody waiting. We are not intentionally holding back on Froyo, just improving the overall experience and quality.I don’t have an exact date to share yet, but we are striving hard to OTA it ASAP. Stay tuned!

Not exactly what everyone wanted to hear, and to a point stating the obvious, but at least it gives us a little something to quiet our nerves as we wait for Froyo to make an official debut on the Nexus. When will ASAP become a firm date? Your guess is as good as mine.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. I WANT FROYO!!!


  3. Nonsense, it’s great to know they are listening and that they know we are all waiting.

    Nothing worse than waiting for an update and hearing absolutely zero from the corporation involved (e.g. Samsung).

  4. In all the waiting, I broke the update button on my Nexus keyboard. First it was sticking, then I just pushed it clean through.

  5. update button?

  6. @Jerry there is no update button on the N1. Unless you broke the screen? The search for updates under the phone is set to “This phone is already up to date” which is true since the N1 was the first phone to receive 2.1-update1. Once 2.2 becomes available for OTA, if somehow your phone missed the update, when you press that option, it will take you to a page to get 2.2

  7. THANK GOD I DID THE MANUAL UPDATE// i just hope the official OTA has more goodies!!!! i want my full desert!!!FROYO!!

  8. What update button?

  9. I want Froyo on my Desire :(

  10. oh my god, you guys seriously could not tell jerry was joking? it was a tech/keyboard joke. and this is a phone/technology info site…

    and yeah, i’m pretty glad i did the manual update. i’ll get the full one anyway so i have froyo until i get real froyo!

  11. Google is usually silent, that they are notifying us about their progress in any way shows the importance of getting Froyo out the door to us.

  12. Damn what is google doing? Few weeks is basically here how about a few months lol

  13. Have they at least pushed the Froyo source to AOSP yet? I wants me some Cyanogen-flavored frozen deliciousness…

  14. I think it would be funny if the DROID got it before the N1, I just put a leaked Froyo build on my Droid and it seems pretty solid, so far the only bug I have is some of the protected apps arent in the Market but Im assuming thats because its a test build and not a release key, that being said, I would still doubt Droid would get it first just because Verizon has do its checks and balances but it would be nice if the N1 and Droid got official Froyo around the same time.

  15. Using Froyo for 1 week and its SWEET. I did the manual update on a T-mobile Nexus One, I am not sure but I think people who have rooted phones are finding a lot of bugs but my non-rooted phone is working great :)

  16. @Me – No, it would NOT be funny. It would be an insult to everyone who bought a Nexus One. That was the whole purpose most of us dropped $500 plus on the phone. To get free of fragmentation issues. If any phone gets the update first, then why buy a Nexus One when you get superior hardware at a lower price with EVO 4G and Droid Incredible?

  17. I’d rather wait a bit longer and get a polished build instead of something rushed and buggy. Just take your time google!

  18. Good! I rather have a polished OS than a quickly released buggy OS!

    Keep up the good work GOOGLE

  19. Considering the fact that a Google employee said almost the exact same thing back on 5/25, I’m not holding my breath. There, the employee, passion-ate, said “We are striving hard to OTA the build to you ASAP, thanks for your patience!” I’m all for being “patient,” but why unveil an OS when it’s going to take over another month to complete and send out?

    Here’s the link to his/her post: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/android/thread?tid=488da0ef21660d13&hl=en&fid=488da0ef21660d130004876e153f33e8&hltp=2

  20. Wow, I’m an idiot. I glossed over the part where the article even said ‘passion-ate.’ I only read the quote; my bad.

  21. just release the source for 2.2, could care less about when its “officially” dropped. Just pass the source and it will be EVOlutionary.

  22. I’m actually kind of disappointed. I expected that when Google said a few weeks they were timing it with the release of the iOS4. This seems like a misstep on Google’s part to not have Froyo in consumers hands before people could upgrade their iPhones.

  23. Does anyone know how phones receive OTA updates? Like, is it going to show up with the rest of the Marketplace updates? Or does it pop something up on your screen somehow?

    Or do I have to go to “settings>system update”? Because that menu really doesn’t feel like it’s doing or checking for anything.

  24. I’m already thrilled with the FRF50 version and find it very stable, so anything else they choose to add in would just be extra toppings on the current FroYo. My request would be FM receiver turned on and 720p video recording now that it’s been discovered it’s possible.

  25. Having been running it since it leaked, I gotta say it feels really stable, and yes, speedy. Makes me think they are really just pushing it out so they can get more features in(the aforementioned fm radio and 720p would be pretty sweet) before they let it loose.

    @sean: you get a pop up if I recall correctly. There is technically a button under the settings that causes it to “check for updates”, but to be honest, I have never had it produce an update…I usually got the popup when it was my turn(they do the updates in waves).


  26. I would love to have this for my EVO!!!

  27. im assuming they made froyo ON on nexus one so what else do they have to do? ha.

  28. I’m with @Rob I am also running on FRF50 and it’s really stable. The only kinks is with the protected apps, you simply can’t find them in the market like Paypal, Skype, Documents to Go (activation key) just to name a few.

    So if the “official” Froyo OTA doesn’t include something significant like 720p video recording then it’s no big deal.

  29. I’m good with the manual update until the official boy comes out. Just hope its sooner than later and worth the long ass wait!

  30. I have enjoyed froyo however i have not enjoyed losing apps because of it.
    I have a love hate relationship with flash. It is still in beta no.

  31. Oops meant, “though”

  32. yeah the waiting game is just frustrating, I want my real FROYO!!! ahihihii

    N1 2.2 user

  33. my desire sick and tired of eclair now icrave that frozen youghurt …. this is how htc south africa responded:

    New Response
    Good Day Thank you for contacting HTC support. We don’t have the exact when the software will be released in south africa, you expect it during the cause of june – july.you need to register on leaf club(www.leaf.co.za) or HTC club(www.htc.com) to be notified when the software becomes available. Regards HTC support.

    looks promising for my desire

  34. As Apple… LOL

  35. Patience my eager young padawans… Google knows what they are doing. They probably want to release Froyo around the same time Apple drops there new bastard on AT&T.

  36. The problem with Google is a profound lack of strategy, planning and marketing. There is never a clear message on what to expect and when. It seems like developers are running the show and dictate delivery dates (which leads exactly to the situations like this one). Have to give it to Apple – they are always clear and on time… Google should stop hiring PhD’s and get some good MBA’s on board.

  37. I think the reason they’ve been waiting so long is because they wanted to see what iPhone was putting out. I’m hoping they’re putting in a few unannounced cool features to kick the iPhone right in the butt LOL. Crossing my fingers.

  38. i agree about the the turning on the fm reciever. that would be a hell of a nice suprise! and i dont see why they just dont let us change the color of the trackball, why give the phone a multicolored led but only give us the white option?

  39. Froyo is still in a frozen state, everyone knows that its best consumed when you can mix all the toppings together….Everyday I wake up and look at my phone hopping for that update…. its like waiting for the tooth fairy…..

  40. I guess moto droid isn’t androids flagship fone huh? N1 then everyone else, that’s wrong

  41. @Dennis….How is that wrong..First of all the moto droid isn’t googles phone and since android is owned by Google and since the N1 is a Google flagship / branded phone that means no others phones will recieve the OTA 2.2 Froyo other than the Nexus One. Maybe down the road when 2.3 is ready to come out you might see other handsets with 2.1 be updated again once Google flagship phone gets the goodies first…thats why we (the ones who bought the N1 expect) paid top dollar for the handset. The Nexus One will ALWAYS recieve the updates before any other android based phones…sorry thats just what Google plained on doing when they had a phone built for them and for the loyalty those customers will get the very best!!! Froyo come over here!!

  42. its N1 then my desire …those are google leaders

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