Notion Ink Adam Pops Back In, Still on Track for Q3 Release


If you made a list of the most anticipated Android tablets, the Notion Ink Adam could easily be placed at the top. A combination of stellar hardware and Android optimized for the tablet experience have made it the talk of the town whenever the Adam decides to show its face, which is admittedly less than we’d like and has led to concerns that the tablet may get delayed or worse. The founder of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan recently checked in to squash any of those doubts.


Notion Ink just finished lining up investors for the Adam and is now sitting pretty at a point where they can get 100,000 units off the assembly lines each month. This still coming after a launch sometime in the third quarter of this year.

The Adam will be available in two models varying by the screen deployed. The lower-priced variant will feature your traditional LCD screen, but if you pony up for the better display you will be getting a Pixel Qi 3qi indoor/outdoor transflective display. Both models will come with second-generation Tegra chips inside, though there is even talk of a Tegra-less model with other alterations to come at an even lower price-point.

If you’re in the market for a killer Android tablet this is one to watch, even if we all will need to wait a bit longer to see it in the wild. Unless something amazing pops up in that time frame, this one could have my money.

[via Android Community]

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  1. The screen technology in this one keeps it a winner for me. Unless a major player can deliver the same specs first I’ll still be waiting for this one.

  2. It sounds nice… but I hope the final version will allow for more than just 12 icons on a single huge screen. Looks a bit odd.

  3. Ooh fun!!

  4. I still don’t get the tablet craze. The great thing about an android phone is I can do a lot of the things I would normally do on a PC or laptop in my pocket. Why carry around something that essentially takes up as much bag space as a netbook or small laptop but doesn’t have the power of one? Don’t get me wrong, I support anything that is going to hurt Mac, but in general tablets just don’t seem worth the money.

  5. If “Android optimized for the tablet experience” means 12 icons with tons of blanks space between them…well, ulp.

  6. I soooo want one of these…!

  7. I want to see how they have integrated android to it.

  8. @Edian

    A tablet is a luxury item and if you have the money, it can fit nicely into your technological life. Its supposed to be a middle of the road item between a smartphone and a laptop/desktop. A smartphone is convenient in that it is nice and small but for reading (newspapers, magazines, ect) and watching movies, the small screen is a disadvantage. A desktop and most laptops are not as portable as a tablet can be. So perhaps you want to surf the web from your couch but dont want to leave your 5+lbs laptop on your lap, a lighter tablet might be the device for you.

    That being said, I wont be getting one either.

  9. Just get launcher pro. You can add another row of icons, plus four more at the very botton on either side of the app drawer buttin.

  10. I really like the Adam, but until Google allows support for the Android Market, I won’t be getting a tablet.

  11. By the way is there any price on these?

  12. Just look at that beautiful elegant icon spacing. (/sarcasm)

    Really, are they purposely trying to make this product look half-assed? Because they’re doing a good job at it.

  13. I’d rather have a bigger phone (such as 4.3″) than a tablet. I am of the philosophy of serious computing at any time and at any place and that can only happen with something that can fit in a pocket.

  14. If you watch any of the early videos they have demoed they explain that the prototype is running vanilla android, but they are working on an enhanced UI for the device, but they haven’t shown it off yet. They have also stated that it will have access to Android Market and they are going to have their own ‘market’ of sorts with more app options. They are also gearing up for developer competition to reward the best developers for the device. I have been following this very closely and this is definitely going to be the tablet to get.

  15. How much?

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