T-Mobile Making All Phones Free June 19th


Ever since we first heard T-Mobile was cooking up something big for June 19th there has been all sorts of speculation as to what it could be. Well it won’t be the release of Android 2.2 for the myTouch 3G Slide, nor will it be the date the Samsung Galaxy S gets released. Instead on the Saturday before Father’s Day T-Mobile will be offering every phone in their store free provided you sign up for a new family plan contract.


This bit of news was uncovered in the form of a TV commercial script found by TmoNews. The script is sure to highlight the several Android phones you could be taking home for free, including the Slide, Motorola Cliq, and Garminfone. How nice of them to think of the families and on Father’s Day…sounds like a great last minute gift to me.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. I don’t know about you but I’d rather see Catherine Zeta Jones in pink than that guy.

  2. Another Tmobile let down! All I can say about this is Womp Womp Woooommmpppp!

  3. UGH…. looks like Evo… here I come

  4. i guess they are free because nobody wants to buy them.

  5. This just stinks of desperation…

  6. @steve:
    u said that right…sheeesh, free c’mon they do better than that or not?

  7. While doing absolutely nothing to even try to retain existing customers frustrated with poor phone selection I might add. Dotson should be just given a cardboard box and told to vacate premises in one hour…

  8. t-mobile is all about the mytouch. It’s a casual phone company.

  9. @ari-free:
    Yes, a casual phone company…, casually loosing customers to competition…

  10. aaand there goes any hope for them..while it may be a good deal to people who..actually never mind that does suck for everyone..unless somehow they released the galaxy s on their network BEFORE or on that day..but it’s too late for that.

  11. Well, at least Dotson is on his way out. Hopefully the German that is taking over will make the right changes. German’s get shiat done.

  12. Tmobile has always been the CHEAP place to go when you dont have money to shell out, and you are willing to deal with spotty service outside of major cities. I say Way to Go Tmobile! Keep up what you are doing. You got your niche

  13. Too bad Sprint is CDMA because if they were not, T-Mo and Sprint would have already merged by now. They are both struggling.

  14. Hey Dad, look what I got you… a contract! Three of em in fact. Happy Father’s Day!

  15. @Gorge of the Jungle – AMEN

  16. You have to sign up for a family plan contract? Not just a one-person 2 year contract?

  17. the funny thing is that the HD2 has great specs but nobody cares since it is a winMo phone. If that doesn’t tell Microsoft that something is wrong with their system, I don’t know what will.

  18. Why are all of you getting down on T-Mobile? Remember, T-Mobile was the only carrier to take a chance on Android. They had two Android phones before anyone else had their first one. The MT3G slide looks kind of cool to me, but I already have a Nexus One. It may not be Snapdragon, but I have heard it has good performance and the Genius button sounds cool.

    You speak about phone selection? As I recall, Verizon didn’t have a decent smartphone until the Motorola Droid. Besides, one of the best Android phones, the Nexus One (better than the Droid), came out on T-Mobile first (not directly by them, but for them). AT&T only survives by the iPhone which is a horrible phone because of Apple but AT&T gladly takes the blame all the way to the bank. Sprint had the Hero which is a great phone and failed to promote it when it came out.

    You forgot one thing that makes T-Mobile better than the rest. They have outstanding customer service. Their 3G service is no worse than the others.

    As for spotty service, I think they all are spotty for 3G. I tried Verizon and their service was very spotty. By my house, it was zippy; but four miles a way was a dead zone (and this is in the middle of a metro area). Sprint was pretty decent as is T-Mobile. I can’t speak about AT&T since I have not used them since they were Cingular or Ameritech; but I was always getting dropped calls back then.

  19. @Dean…damn straight. I was a recent customer of AT&T/with iPhone. I finally got rid of my second iPhone and ditched the blue sucubus. I dropped more damn calls on that phone than Adrian Peterson does footballs. I even got rid of my uVerse and went back to cable. That is how much AT&T sucks as a company. I thought about going to Verizon but ended up with a N1 and haven’t had a single issue with TMO..

  20. Stop complaining if you want the best then you gotta get the nexus one it is by far the greatest phone used on Tmobile network. This is what I have and keep in mind maybe they do have new and upcoming phones on the way they are just juicing the rest of there inventory first. Trust me when I say that the nexus one is far better then all the rest of the android and iPhones and I’m not taking anything away from the Evo but when 3.0 update drop at end of 2010 the nexus will be first in line and you might say but froyo isn’t out yet! Well not for all the others but for the nexus we already got it see were I’m headed if you want the best then you have to pay that’s life you can’t except a Honda to run like a Ferrari now can you?? So stop complaining about Tmobile they are definitely top of the game on my list because I have the phone that makes it so!!!! This is Green signing off NEXUS ONE THE IPHONE KILLA!!!!!!

  21. I agree with dean. Quit dissin’ the my touch slide! I love this phone. I’m not the techy that I aasume most of you are,but it does what I want and quickly I might add. Tmobile has excellent service and I haven’t had much of a problem with reception. Even when I traveled to italy. The price is right and that’s why I stick with tMo.

  22. Well me and my family will be moving to at&t and upgrading from the G1 and MT3G to iPhone 4.

    I love Android and really do think is better than the iPhone. I have gone over the plus and minus list since Monday. I can sit here and argue that Android can do this and that… but my phone cant! Even if I went out and bought a new EVO 4g from sprint… no 2.2. Nexus one? yeah they got 2.2… but did they ever fix that 3G connectivity problem they had? Problem is T-Mobile is simply clueless. nobody is going to buy another Samsung phone that has dealt with the lies about the Behold II. A year old tech in your two newest flagship devices? Ridiculous prices on top of that? but wait… now they will over charge for the price of the phone so they give it away for 1 day out of the year. I want a SUPERPHONE in stock… THAT WORKS!

  23. Preach it Dean. I don’t have problems with my T-Mobile. Totally agree about the G1, they were the first through the door and look where it’s at now. Who has the best phone is a never ending change of hands. T-Mobile does have some good phones, and to get one for free is cool. So you have to get a plan, who buys a phone without one? Serious, who?

  24. It’s amazing how much everyone likes to gripe about T-Mobile. They consistently rate amongst the top 2 mobile phone services nationwide. Is it really that important to have the fastest, most up-to-date mobile phone? After all, it’s just a phone. I replaced my POC Palm phone with the MyTouch 3G Slide and love everything about it. Haven’t used the owner’s manual once. It’s solidly built, has a large keyboard, great sound quality, and runs Android 2.1. I’m happy. Just as soon as you whiners get the current best phone, another will knock it off its perch. Please quit whining!

  25. T-Mo needs an improved smartphone line. MTS is better than anything else they have, but still way behind. Their screen is at least 1 year out of standard. Their processor is definitely under-powered.

    Still, rooting for T-Mo. I alternate between being pissed at T-Mo for not maintaining the tech pace, and then being glad to be T-Mo for the pricing and support. I only hope they come out with a phone worth buying. I’m out of contract now, and waiting just a few weeks more to see if they get the SGS of equivalent.

  26. I’m with Dean and the others in the Choir. Bitching at T-Mobile for giving something FOR FREE is just insane. This doesn’t mean they won’t launch new phones ever, it just means that THIS event is about a special discount. How can you criticize that? On the higher end phones, such as the HD2, it may even make up the difference for being on an Even More plan rather than Even More Plus.

    Speaking of that, I applaud T-Mobile for the experiment with Even More Plus that began last year. Most people do NOT understand it, however, and fail to understand they pay less if they give up the subsidized phone. That’s probably why they are doing this now, to give those who refuse to give up subsidized pricing a piece of the action.

  27. WTF? People are complaining? This is great! T-Mobile seems to get things more along the lines of what people want. They might not be the top player in the US, but world wide they beat ATT and Verizon combined. (or very close to it)

    I think this is a great idea for T-Mobile to do. I hope it brings them a lot of people. Free phones are great.

    Now if I can get the free phone without a contract but on a family plan… I might just do that. :-)

  28. I had a sidekick, after being down for a month I got a dash as a replacement when ms crashed the servers. I lost my 19.99 data plan for the kick, got bumped to the 3g plan that never connects 3g at home. in addition the dash 3g is garbage…it locks up all the time and I took a pic of it when it did (it looked like a static filled tv. I am on my second one, the firmware to 6.5 fixed alot of issues but still locks up making me take out the battery. I hope june 19 is something great because I will be switching carriers in november if they don’t come out with something that works right soon!!!Loved my sidekick till MS got involved, windows phones aren’t for me. I would have bought a nexus one already but am reluctant to stuff any more money into crappy service!!

  29. This is a pretty good idea. No it’s not a great idea, but it’s a good one. Unfortunately, it won’t stop the hemorrhaging of customers. This isn’t rocket science, it’s hard to sell service, it’s easy to sell a shiny phone. One is tangible and can get people to commit on the spot, the other takes a long time to build up. Couple that with the fact that Tmo’s coverage isn’t as wide as the other carriers explains their current situation. The prices are great, but if you can afford the higher priced plans, why’d you settle for Tmo’s handset offerings? You would get an iphone, Incredible or Evo 4g. This same demographic is more likely to buy the next cool phone on your network when it’s time to upgrade. Thus your retention program is also your program to lure new customers. This is the stuff Tmo isn’t getting or at least they haven’t done anything to address.

  30. T-Mobile is running this for one very simple reason: Families spend more and stay longer. They aren’t the biggest dog, and mfgs want their highest end phones in the hands of the most people possible. They got the first HTC android and the first Moto android and they have a samsung android. T-Mo is also kicking ass and taking names on hspa+. In philly and ny they are the fastest mobile internet you can get. Interested to see what the German will do. If they would add the Nexus one to the offerings for the 19th, that would make this perfect.

  31. In a few months or a year when tmo is rockng their 3.5g all over the country, they will be sittin pretty as long as they maintain their prices and add at least one or two phones that people arent embarrassed to be seen with in publc. As of now they have about 0 phones at their store that i would tell me friends i own, and they don’t have good coverage. I live in San Antonio, millions of people and i have 3g at my house, E in nearby neighborhoods in the most densely populated areas, and of course any time I enter a store the data cuts out completely. Of all the time for me NOT to have the internet, “while I’m shopping with my wife” is second only to “while I’m being chased by rapist murderers” and in the latter situation I’d be better off just throwing my t-mobile phone at one of the attackers. Thanks for getting me raped and murderer t-mobile, thanks a lot.

  32. dude what about that sexii nexus one is that free huh?

  33. I love my evo 4g

  34. They need to make the monthly plan (especially data plan) cheaper, not making phone cheaper.

  35. “New family plan”. Does that mean if I already have a family plan I’m SOL and don’t qualify?

    Boy, loyalty sucks. :-( I’m still waiting until late July/early August to see what to upgrade to, as it looks like a lot is coming out this summer and I’m planning a big trip in late August.

  36. I have used the Evo4 a guy I work with just bought it and it is a great phone but I have the N1 it also is a great phone my screen is at least twice as bright and clear then the evos but the big screen is nice.Maybe they will have the N1 in stores for this a free N1 would be great for getting new contracts for them.

  37. Tmobile is the best. Customer care is friendly and service is great

  38. the complainers in here are making me tired.
    I have had TMO for 4 years. no problems, great service, 3G everywhere I go….
    including rural areas.
    i am loving my MyTouchSlide, and they will be updated to Froyo inside of a month.
    the Samsung Galaxy S is coming in July, and the iPhone may be on TMO by October.

  39. Awesome…with more customers either leaving or not joining…gives me more bandwidth on the 3G service!

  40. Yeah, just out of curiosity- how does this affect current family plan members? How would this promo translate for us?

  41. Way to go Dean!

  42. I currently have a AT&T Family plan(and have been for 6 years). I’ve been waiting and wondering what AT&T was going to do with the iPhone 4g and Android. Now that the 4g is out and soon to be released; I find myself with a bigger problem. I am not all that impressed with the new iphone, and AT&T has done NOTHING but disappoint me with their other smart/super phone selections; and as for the Android selection? You must be kidding!! The Sidekick? The Dell Aero?……really? I mean, really? You all here at T-Mobile are LUCKY. I cant speak of the coverage here in the Seattle area, but the device selection you have versus mine at AT&T is pretty impressive.
    AT&T appears to have trapped themselves with the Google/Apple competition. When Apple is unleashed on some other carriers(T-Mobile/Verizon); who presently have some really amazing devices; AT&T will be left with crap, and some really pissed off customers. Hence the reason I am here looking at this post.
    This seems like an amazing offer to the customers of AT&T who are as annoyed and disappointed as I am.

  43. T-Mobile has always been the best deal out there service wise. It would cost me at least twice as much on verizon to have the equivalent service level that i get from tmo. It is true, as some of you point out, that tmo has been first to market with lots of things, particularly the android platform phones.

    However, as eddie murphy put it in “Raw”, “What have you done for me lately???”

    I mean come on. the mytouch 3g slide is a glorified sidekick. tmo has no flagship android platform phone now. Why cant the get the EVO or Incredible behind their glass?? I dont want to leave… but here i am with the G1 just dying to spend money for something new and cool…

  44. I spoke with a representative today and she confirmed this was true, just in case anyone was doubting. Tomorrow everyone’s getting briefed and given T-Mobile’s sponsorship of the NBA, they might be choosing the finals as a prime time for announcement of the event (also a great way to reach “dads” watching the game). Anyways, I gotta agree with what people are saying about T-Mobile. Loved my G1, but I lost it last week and I’m going to do this to add a line and wait until my contract on the other line expires, avoiding upgrade fees on a new one. No good phones. The HD2 is alright, but I would prefer Android 2.2 over Windows 6.5… The slides have the worst hardware of their smartphone line, with the regular myTouch in a close second. I just don’t know why you would pay that much for an inferior phone, or why they would make a phone as nice as the HD2 stuck on Windows 6. If they don’t have something flagship-worthy lined up by back to school/fall I’d be worried.

  45. I dropped at&t long ago… I’ve had no problems with T-MOBILE… I use the MOTO CLIQ XT… and I’m happy!!!

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