T-Mobile Getting A Head Start With the MyTouch Slide Marketing Campaign


The device isn’t set to make a full-scale marketing and launch blitz until June 16th (on a major scale, anyway) but T-Mobile’s starting to get their advertising campaigns out and about for the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. One reader over at TmoNews spotted a poster in the New York City subway, with David from TmoNews seeing the same thing during his morning commute.


Looking over the timeline for the Slide we saw a couple of weeks back, we should see all of T-Mobile’s major markets lit up with billboards, radio spots, TV ads, and more next week (should the NBA Finals make it to game 7, I’m sure they’ll enjoy a nice round of advertisements placed on ABC throughout the game being that they’re partners with the NBA).

Have you already gotten yourself a MyTouch Slide or are you waiting for T-Mobile and their retail partners to lure you into their stores when their “retail incentives starts” come June 16th?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yah they’re all over the place in NYC subways, several different ads. Reallllly tempted to get one for my wife but I keep hoping something with better hardware and a keyboard will pop up on the radar for T-Mobile soon…

  2. Samsung Moment is a better version of this phone. It’s been out for what, 9 months?

  3. I doubt tmobile will do better. I’ve been with tmobile 8 years! I’ve had my g1 since day one and every android after it has been tweaked but a few mhz.this phone shoudlve been here last year. Does tmobile know what the market is asking for? We want faster phones. We want extra new crap!! Lol the hdmi output on the evo is just crazy! The 8 megs is nice.the live wallpapers(the device can’t even do the live wallpapers!! Smh). Tmobile has lost my business. They always coming out with 5th tier phone when everyone else is hitting homeruns. The screwed up with the nexus on thing.that was a dumb deal for them to get into with google.now that whole google store thing is closing down. No one wants a nexus one verion and sprint ,2nd and 3rd that.now I hear tmobile maybe getting the galaxy s. Anyone heard of the behold 2 and the touchwiz iu? Epic fail. This phone is ok for some but comeone tmobile. Most peopel don’t care about keyboards we just want a SICK phone.I’m pissed because I gotta cancel my serivce and pay and etf and go to a crapier sprint service . Smh

  4. Chill out coolMandingo, the mytouch slide is going to receive the 2.2 update, and should then have live wallpapers.

    TMobile is more concentrated on social networking devices, rather than steroided spec devices. It will happen, but not till the more social scene demands it.

  5. @Blaine ummm… Android 2.1 has live wallpapers so 2.2 won’t make a difference. The reason it’s not running them is it doesn’t have horsepower to do that PLUS the rest of the UI. It is a mid-range phone.

  6. It seems like T-Mobile doesnt listen to us tech nerds very much, which is stupid because we are the ones that create hype about new devices. Tmo needs a line of superphones to go with the kiddie phones they have been giving. I hear the slide is a great phone, but it is not the “G2” that everyone wants. Please give us a evo or galaxy s with stock Android 2.x and a 5 row physical keyboard. i dont care if its another millimeter thick. Tell me they wouldnt sell a crapload of these……they would. btw… i really like the rumor of the new sidekick line running android, they just need to make sure they have 4 inch or larger supe amoled display and front camera…… I refuse to jump ship for a phone like others, so i wait with my old friends G1 and cyanogen 5.0.7(2.1 runs great on G1).

  7. @Darkseider MT3GS is actually quite nice. “Mid-Level” is not giving it enough credit. Sure it doesn’t have the high-end screen, but the proc is nice, and when root comes, things will be even more buttah. True, it is silly of Tmo to not give a high end qwerty, but it isn’t a bad jump form the G1.

  8. I’m pretty faithful to T-Mobile because of their low rates and I love my Nexus One, my wife just insists on having a keyboard which I can understand.

  9. I have the myslide and its awesome. I’m coming from a g1. Though the process is only 600mhz it runs like a 1Ghz. Even after a few days it doesn’t slow down. I never thought a phone would replace my precious g1 and this does a mighty good job. I’m using launcherpro and runs it like a champ.

  10. People are falling for the old MHz myth. Not all Hertz are alike. The MT3GS only runs at 600MHz, but it’s a lower-clocked version of the same Snapdragon that’s in the higher-end phones and so is much faster than everything other than a high-clocked Snapdragon. Also, because the screen has a lower resolution than those higher-end phones it actually is the highest performance Android phone out right now (clock/pixel).

  11. All I’m saying is I just would like if tmobile would step up and get a high level phone.I’m from haiti so I know about jumping ship! And I’m not laughing.I will gracefully leave tmobile. I do wish them the best. I can’t deal with mid level phones. Its not my fault I want the best for my hard working money. I’m sure if you had the money for a mac book you wouldn’t buy a emachines. Emachines is exact level of phones tmobile is dealing with. So long and keep holding y’all breath for tmobile to smarten up because they won’t. They are aiming there whole porfolio towards social networks.just like the dude said up top.we the geeks or whatevr u call us make these phones hot. Were the ones spreading the buzz. Why not give us loyal custmoers something worthing buying.

  12. I just got the mytouch slide on yesterday, as a matter of fact I’m typing this on it now. As someone who has had the g1 for ages and who has friends with the hd2 to give me plenty of facetime with that device. I can say that the slide is most definitly worth the wait and a feature packed phone in comparison to the so called superphones out there. Any phone that can do what a 1ghz phone does and then does it beautifully and just as fast with no friggin hiccups, needs wayyyy more respect then what you’ll giving it.

  13. And what will the price be without contract?

  14. Just got mytouch slide yesterday and I love it! It is quick has tons of features and is extremely user friendly. I can totally tell the difference between tis and mytouch 3g. You guys can cry about the 600 mhz, all I know is its fast enough for me. Love it! Love it, LOVE IT!

  15. Picked up a 3G Slide thursday off contract ($429.00).
    Its almost not an upgrade at all over my G1. Pretty sad that it takes TMO almost two years after the G1 release
    to release the Slide and its barely an upgrade at all.

    I gave my G1 away but as soon as I pick up a temporary phone to use (returnable for 14 days) the 3G Slide is going back for a refund.

    Its not even close to being worth $429.00.
    I’ll wait for the Nexus One, its supposed to be in TMO stores this month.


  16. @coollessmandumbo-truly tired of seeing your silly blah posted on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. Do you believe that anyone truly cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO has to bring. Jump ship & whine on another site 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carriers game, depending on their lineup. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. Overt.

  17. Couldn’t have said it better. Overit, you rock for singing our praises! Stop bitching & “move on.” Sent by my not too shabby, at all! myTouch Slide.

  18. Awesome!!! Slide rocks supa phones!!

  19. i need someone to send me a picture of the billboard that hs the 3 little girls on it and it should say, when sugar kicks in, you know it. one of them is my daughter. We don’t have the billboards yet on the west coast. if someone sees it, please email me.

    [email protected]

  20. Just moved to the mytouch slide from a blackberry and this thing is IMPRESSIVE. It’s as fast as my friend’s Nexus one (sometimes faster for certain tasks) and the fact that it’s getting froyo is icing on the cake. Extremely happy with the decision… also, it doesn’t FREEZE and stutter like my brother’s HD2. Not yet, anyway…

  21. I just called T-mobile trying to upgrade and obtain a HTC HD2 phone, and they talked to me about the new My Touch Slide phone that is supposed to be available for customers on June 18. I decided to give this phone a chance, but I don’t know if it was a good decision or should I try to get the HTC HD2 phone in a couple of days. I have been with T-mobile for 8 years and would not like to leave, but their phones are not as impressive as Sprint’s new HTC EVO 4G phone. Any suggestions on which phone is better from T-mobile: the HTC HD2 or the My Touch Slide? I am a current Blackberry user so which phone will I like better? I have heard that the HD2 phone freezes since it runs on Windows Apps, and its NOT and Android phone. Any suggestions?

  22. I have the HD2 and love it so much. The only thing is that the market is not as great as the android. It all depends on what you want and need. If you are a person that loves games and stuff, you may want the Slide. The HD2 is awesome though. All I need is Facebook/twitter, great camera, camcorder, email text messaging and fro it to look beautiful. And it does all of that. It’s great. I LOVE it.

  23. I have been a loyal T-Mobile user for almost 7+ years now and have currently been using the original G1 since it first came out. I use the slide keyboard constantly and overeall I like the G1 for most everything it does. The only problem is the memory and the fact that apps go to the phone memolry instead of the SD card which sucks…bigtime. At first I had about 80+ apps, then it came down to 60, then 45, then 35, now I’m at 29 and I have to drop a couple more just to be able to keep my phone memory around 29mb…that’s the maximum memory I can use if I keep going to settings, checking my memory status and then going back to clear the cookies, casche and history. This sucks to do this many times a day, if I don’t the phone constantly says force close or wait…or just stalls. Everytime the phone updates, I need to drop anotherr ap inorder to keep my phone memory at or around 3omb. Now the phone is so slow and is always bogging dfown. I have had to reset my phone 6 times, and that is also becoming extremely annoying. I wish the G1 had a spell checker built into it to be able to change spelling errors…like in this written format…also no spell checker with gmail….in the mobile version…and this sucks, as well. I use this phone as a lap top, so maybe I’ll go get a new EVO.

  24. Please T Mobile give us the Samsung Galaxy with the 5 row keboard and 1g processor.Please

  25. I had the HTC HD2 and loved it, but it had many problems with freezing, not getting all calls, volume problems, and the list goes on. I was told I had to remove the battery every day to soft reset the device. Who wants to do that, plus it didnt always work. After a month I finally had to give up my love of the huge screen and return it. I picked up the my touch 3g slide and have to say I am quite pleased. It is a fun and functional phone. My only gripe would be that I have yet to find a simple way to transfer pictures stored on the phones internal memory to the sd card. Also, at present i am unaware of a good way to get apps to be stored on the sd card instead of the phone’s internal memory. I did find one way online, but from reading up on it, it is risky and you may turn your phone into a very expensive paperweight in the process. Bottom line though, I am very pleased that I changed phones.

  26. Very happy with my 3G Slide. In terms of functionality and look/feel it’s awesome. No regrets.

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