myTouch 3G Slide Now Available from T-Mobile



For those who have been waiting for the next in the myTouch line of phones from T-Mobile, wait longer you will not. Today marks the release of the myTouch 3G Slide for the price of $179.99 on a new two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The latest Android phone on T-Mobile features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.1, and the nifty Genius button for voice commands and searching. Head on over to the T-Mobile site to order yours.

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  1. Good, now update my fender mytouch!

  2. aaaah, the joy of knowing that when android 5.0 comes out I will still be stuck on 2.1. Thanks TMobile! I can’t wait to run out and go buy this!


  4. The slide is a total joke I asked a tmobile representive why they are opening early for june 19th he said to present the slide as a grand opening and I said what’s the point its still out of date for android, and he replies “but its the new father of the first generation g1” I just walked away.. I have a cliq and tbh tmobile is a joke for android google slapped them in the face saying they can contract the nexus one, it barley benefited them if project emerald ain’t confirmed as anything new I’m walking out

  5. $429??? (unsubsidized)

  6. I hate to say this, but after 10 years, I am ready to leave TMo behind. They simply aren’t motivated to (or capable of?) bringing a high quality phone out. The N1 is an exciting handset, but they don’t even have a way for me to add it to my families pre-existing plan. I’m rinding out my contract and then bailing to Sprint or Verizon.

  7. @Androidawg
    Why use t-mobile if you are going to get a contract? Month to month is the way to go with them.

  8. i left tmobile a month ago for sprint… i stuck with tmobile for 7 years before jumping ship – their plans just weren’t worth it anymore, and the phones are out-dated. So now i’m with sprint, for less money, more features, and better phones. i highly recommend sprint for anyone where they have coverage. not to mention the EVO coming soon….

  9. No joke, who cares. As a T-mobile customer and they guy pushing all my friends to switch to T-moible for over 8 years, I finally jumped ship to Verizon for the Incredible…and I couldn’t be happier. No more hoping my phone will stay in 3g coverage, no more waiting for a decent Android device that really is an upgrade from the G1 I preordered before it was out. It feels good to no longer have to try and adjustify why I still use them.

    T-mo has great customer service and prices, but sadly that’s where it ends. Service is mediocre, coverage is limited, but I would have stayed had a phone like this “G1 successor” come out a year ago.

    If they continue to lag behind in almost every category, they’ll eventually leave customers no reason to stay. I love my Incredible and gladly pay a little more each month for fantastic coverage. Plus Verizon’s customer service is just barely behind T-mobile’s now and my experience has been very good so far. I would urge anyone considering the move to definitely do it!

  10. This phone is not meant to be an evo, incredible, or n1. This is a great phone for first time smart phone / android users. My girlfriend just got hers today. Man is she in love with it. She was a huge fan of the sidekick and this basically the closest thing to a “new sidekick” until the make another one if they ever do. The phone has tons of accessories, easy to use features and plenty of power for someone like her. Just because it isn’t a superphone doesn’t make it a pos. It is exactly what it is which is a great phone for a first timer.

  11. I may hold the dissenting view, but I think its a reasonable price for the features. I called TMO this morning and even though I’m on EvenMorePlus plan they discounted it $50 for customer loyalty. So, $379 seemed reasonable to me. I should have it by the weekend.

    It’s definitely getting FroYo when that is more widely released than n1 and its packed with features. No, it doesn’t have a 1 GHz processor but unless you’re doing extreme multitasking, gaming, video streaming you probably won’t care.

    Overall, we save money on our family plan by staying with TMO. I regularly shop around and even with 23% corporate discount with Sprint it pays to stay at TMO. Plus Sprint is CDMA not GSM which is a problem when we travel out of US. So, if you look at the overall picture with TMO I think they provide value. They may not discount handsets as much, but that is the trade off for lower monthly prices.

    As for higher end Android phones. They’re coming. I’m optimistic :-)

  12. obviously for everyone thats jumping over to cdma you guys arent real businessman since you dont travel ouside the us. god knows i would love to pay the international roaming fee since i want to use a phone who takes sim cards. verizon and sprint works great in europe!

  13. For you guys getting/or already have this new phone, congrats I hope you like it. My comment wasn’t meant to bash the phone at all. I do think it will be a fine midgrade smartphone for most users, especially people new to smartphones or that really want a physical keyboard. When I got my G1, I absolutely loved it and still think, there isn’t a phone out there with a better physical keyboard.

    My frustration with T-Mobile is more related to their constant delay behind other carriers. I could handle the 3g delay, and when the G1 came out exclusively, I was stoked and thought things were changing but they’ve been going downhill ever since. I mean, this the first phone you could really call a real G1 successor and it’s been almost 3 years. For me, it just wasn’t worth it anymore and I thought I would never leave T-mo. I do think they are a great value but I’ve come to realize the ole “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Anyways, rant over…I’m happy now and hopefully you are too.

  14. Well I must say I currently own a N1 and just purchased the slide Wholy Sh_t what a phone ! Its fast and keyboard is awsome although I do see what some people are reporting about the keys being confusing with letters and numbers being the same size. Other then that my N1 just whet up on craigslist awsome phone definetly more than entry level device.

  15. I think for non-techie people, this phone is perfectly fine. I can understand those on T-mobile being upset if they aspire to having a top of the line cutting-edge Android phone, or they want a phone that gets the latest and greatest Android OS version quickly, but I think there are tons of people for whom Android 2.1 running on a respectable processor is completely acceptable for a whole range of everyday tasks and for communication (sms, email, social networks, etc). There will be tons of people who will love the modified Sense UI and its integration of all the different forms of contacts and communication that people use, and not worry that their phone won’t get Froyo quickly because of it. The apps available to this phone on the Market will also be perfectly acceptable to many people in this category.

  16. Meh I’m stuck with a cliq and I’m resorting to rooting to try and atleast just have google nav! For this to say this is Tmobiles successor to the first gen is an embarrsement, its a failure of a launch and is going to be way behind in about 1 month with the new 1.2GhZ snaps coming out, so what if it can run froyo it won’t be enjoyable when its the lowest clocking phone, and we have to remeber this is tmobile… ull get froyo when 2.3 is out trust me

  17. Well, let’s remember that this recent “scramble” with android phone developers to keep up with updates will soon be coming to an end. It was announced that the time between android updates will be SIGNIFICANTLY released, to maybe one a year. Once the major foundation for android is laid, and we aren’t seeing all these significant changes with each build, developers and manufacturers will have more time to make phones with the latest firmware.. and with time to spare, so that more time can be spent developing cheaper hardware that can not only handle, but more efficiently run the latest version of android.

    I think that after Fro-yo.. or maybe 2.3, we won’t see another update for a while.. so I’ll remain optimistically cautious and enjoy my slide. (Which, by the way, runs fantastically.. and I assure you, I am no mid-range user). I know the specs might say otherwise, but this is a pretty good phone.

  18. Hey well is november 24, 2010 and i want to know how much does the my 3g slide cost now when i start a new 2 year contract

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