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Paul from MoDaCo has done it again, this time tearing into the LG Optimus all the way down to root access in what he is calling “some sort of record” time. This isn’t the most widespread Android handset in the world, but that hasn’t stopped the guys at MoDaCo before. I’m envisioning some sort of series in the same vein as those Blendtec videosWill It Root?

[UPDATE]: Apparently the crafty root wizards over at forum.android.com.pl beat Paul to the punch. If you are versed in Polish (or Google Translate) and want to root your LG Optimus they even have full instructions.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Nice, but users from android.com.pl has done it first. Here it is: http://android.com.pl/news/sprzet/772-lg-gt540-optimus-zrootowany-przez-naszych-uytkownikow.html and the instruction: http://forum.android.com.pl/showthread.php?t=13986 (use google translate)

  2. forum.android.com.pl users were the first… link to the topic: http://forum.android.com.pl/showthread.php?t=13986

    I can send the English version.

  3. Wow, another device rooted and it’s NOT the Incredible. This is just insane and after the Jake Day debacle, us non-devs are not kept up on the status of this mission impossible.

  4. As above … guys from POLAND did it first ! U can see post date: 03-06-10, 21:24 :)

  5. Yes. Paul from Modaco only translated a tutorial dating from http://www.Forum.Android.com.pl and made a picture.
    They rooted LG GT540 almost week earlier.

  6. I’d like to see a “Will it Root?: HTC Incredible” edition….

  7. He is not first person who root’ed this phone. The first one was Ultima i piotremis form polish forum. Here is the link:

    Please to update article – be a man of honor.

  8. – Turn on the device and click the icon to open the phone dialler
    – Enter the code ‘3845#*540#’
    – Select the option ‘Module Test’, then ‘Stability Test’ then ‘Enable Root Permission’
    – You will now be prompted for a password – enter :SWIFT::GT540:
    – A toast message will briefly appear saying ‘OK’ – your root access is now enabled!
    – Reboot your device, and now when you connect via ADB, you’ll see you have a root prompt (#).


  9. I have the Optimus T from T-Mobile. I tried ‘3845#*540#’ several times and keep getting ‘Connection problem or invalid MMI code.’

    All of my connections are running – web browsing is fine, full signal strength and reception, tried with wifi on and off, just in case, so I don’t see this as having any real connection issues.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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