Intruder Alert: New HTC Handset Makes Its Way Into AT&T Inventory?


First it was the HTC Aria, then we heard about the HTC Liberty (which may or may not be the same as the Aria). Now, a new name has popped up for an AT&T-bound HTC device: the HTC Intruder. Obviously, HTC is brewing up a nice cup of soup for AT&T, but this is just starting to get confusing.


The name was spotted in AT&T’s Radio Shack’s inventory system with the model item/SKU number 1700625. Are these all the same handsets with ever-changing codenames? Are they all different from each other? We don’t have a lick of information on this new handset, so we don’t even know what operating system it’d be running. We do have a price, apparently: $699.99 to buy whatever this thing is outright, and $129.99 on contract. The off-contract price screams “high-end smartphone” but the phone’s two-year pricing sounds like it’d be suitable for a lower-end device (like what we know to be the Aria/Liberty).

Hopefully all of the details will start making their way into our hands as the summer moves on.

[Update]: That isn’t the on-contract price, actually. It’s RadioShack’s two-year warranty price for whatever this device is, as you guys have diligently pointed out. My other mistakes have been corrected, as well. Spot those with a strikeout. Thanks!

[via Unwired View]

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  1. As much as a lot of people would LOVE to see a high end Android device on AT&T that is subsidized it isn’t happening. Kind of like people imagining an iPhone on Verizon.

  2. AT&T better come out with a high-end Android soon, ’cause my contract has already expired, so there’s nothing stopping me from jumping to another carrier!!!

  3. The picture in the article is not AT&T’s inventory system, unless their inventory system is the same as Radio Shack’s point of sale system.

  4. A few things to point out: Looks like this is definitely an AT&T authorized retailer system. that means either Radioshack, Walmart ect. and with that being said the possibility that its a high end device is greater due to these type of retailers offering devices cheaper than COR at&t locations offer. so the $699 price means this is definitely a high end phone.

    In addition to that though the item number is most likely NOT the model number of the phone; as depicted in the article. That’s more likely to be their own inventory number.

  5. This is actually Radio Shacks inventory system. And the 1700625 number is the sku number not the model number. The 129.99 price is a 2 year repair plan on the phone.

  6. also, its most likely not the aria/liberty.

  7. The “On contract” price is actually the price of the repair plan for the phone, RS’s standard smartphone repair plan.

  8. Its RadioShacks system.

  9. That $129.99 in the screenshot isn’t the on-contract price. It’s the price of Radio Shack’s “extended warranty” crap they’ll try to sell you.

  10. so the EVO is only $499 off contract and the mTS is only $549 off contract so what in God’s name is gonna run us $699??

  11. If that $700 price tag is true, then maybe it has a dual core Scorpion.

  12. Let me say the same thing as mgeake said. AT&T better come out with a high-end Android soon, ’cause my contract has already expired, so there’s nothing stopping me from jumping to another carrier!!!
    My contract expired quite some time ago. My biggest hook is having five lines on my plan. We’ve already discussed me switching carriers, having two phone bills, and gradually moving everyone off AT&T because the others (including the iPhone user) gradually want to switch to Android phones.

  13. Watch it be a WinMo7 phone

  14. OMG stupid people. This infomation was leaked from The Shack and the funny thing is whoever leaked it didnt cover up their tracks very well. There is info linking their store and their login to that picture like crazy. Yay for losing your job. lol Tisk Tisk

  15. weren’t att supposed to announce an htc phone yesterday? (June 7)
    i have a feeling they aren’t going to deliver on those 5 android handsets by H1 2010 as they promised at CES.

  16. I am sure they will announce 5 to save face.

    Then again, technically the Dell Aero is announced. Was announced months ago. And was outdated the day it was announced.

  17. @Ace Curry
    I would be content with an announcement. I think the worst part about being on AT&T is that they’re so damn secretive about what is coming down the line, and you always hope it’ll be something good, but at the same time you always secretly know it’s going to be a bunch of bullshit.

  18. The reason why AT&T in my point of view is all their phones will be like crap. They don’t have nothing to do with ANDROID now the crappy iphone 4 is coming out. It will be weaker than the Back Flip. I’m just getting very piss off at AT&T for not getting a decent ANDROID phone or the DESIRE which I have my eyes set on since CES.

  19. its now “att pm product 37” in the system. interesting change.

  20. I can verify from a source at RS that the Intruder will be released by the end of the month. They could not confirm Android though.

  21. Even with the Dell Aero being announced, that only brings them to 3 Android phones in the first half of 2010 when they promised 5. I was seriously hoping the Samsung Galaxy Pro was gonna be coming to AT&T (even though I knew it was highly doubtful), but instead it went to Sprint. My contract has also expired and AT&T has not given me any reason to renew thus far. Someone should let AT&T know that not everyone wants an iPhone!

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