HTC Aria Renamed Before It Gets Official? Now Known as the HTC Liberty


Android Guys came through with a shot of a smallish HTC phone – the one we believed to be the HTC Aria – nearly a week ago, but the latest information to surface from Android Central suggests that the phone may have been renamed. The HTC Liberty looks almost like the Aria we saw then, but we can’t tell if the speaker grill is any different because of the image quality of the older shot.


It’s said to have an ARM 11 processor (not sure what clock speeds) and will have a screen resolution of 320×480 and what looks to be a 4.5-megapixel camera.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. IMO it looks just like a Desire… only that it shrunked

  2. This phone has the Legend internals…Just a different Body…

  3. Looks like a wide droid incredible to me

  4. I agree, it definitely looks like a wider version of the Incredible.

  5. 320×480? will it come with a magnifying glass or will we have to purchase separate?

  6. lower resolution makes things appear bigger. Don’t believe me? Lower the resolution on your computer monitor and see if things look larger or smaller.

  7. whats the opposite of a magnifying glass?

  8. There’s a new HTC Windows Mobile phone that looks very like this, but with the start button above where the optical trackpad is. It’s smaller than the Incredible – not wider, but shorter so it looks that way – and the Desire. I remember looking at it and thinking damn, someone should make an Android device that size with 2.1+ and HVGA+.

    It looks like they just have.

    Just looked it up, it’s the HD Mini:

    That screen size is about the same as the Legend and Hero and is the same resolution so it will be perfectly readable. GSMArena says it’s 3.2″ but I would have guessed more like 2.8″ … I could be wrong. It’s a smaller phone that either of those (based on the HD Mini) which is why I think it will sell well. It seems strange to me that the Legend is basically the same size as the Desire yet has a smaller screen.

  9. looks like a droid incredible, only a hell of a lot nicer looking

  10. I will skip this still. LOW RESOLUTION and a weak megapixel, such a small ass screen. All other ANDROIDS have bigger screens and a faster processor. AT&T you can do better than this. If not I’m moving to SPRINT. I REALLY GETTING SICK AND FED UP OF WAITING.

  11. The most plausible explanation I’ve seen is that it’s a de-chinned legent. It’s really frustrating if that’s true…and this ends up on sprint. Considering the positive commentary on the hero and legend form-factors, why do the feel the need to waste design and re-work time on mid-range internals that already have a beautiful top-shelf exterior ready to go?

  12. @trainwreck the opposite of a magnifying glass is a magnifying glass being held the wrong way lol

  13. Brian,
    Either way you look thru a magnifying glass, it will still magnify. I believe ou are thinking of scope lenses. ;)
    Looking thru one end magnifies while looking thru the other minimizes.

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