Jun 8th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:51 pm

Every day, something new comes along that keeps pushing us toward the crazy stuff we see in futuristic movies and shows with high-tech gadgetry. The latest headed to Android is a software-based gesture-control interface that uses your phone’s camera to control it.

The technology – being developed by eyeSight mobile – would enable you to do certain things on your phone without touching it such as navigating GPS menus, going through your music, changing your phone’s audio profile, and more. With more and more Android devices coming out with front-facing cameras, it’s easy to see why eyeSight’s ecstatic on getting this on the platform.

I could see this being huge for Android-based MIDs in cars. Hands-free control is something that’s very important to your safety on the road and this would somewhat eliminate the need to reach out and fumble around with on-screen controls. Voice control was the first step in bringing that added hands-free convenience that we’ve been missing on the Android platform, and this has the potential to take it even further.


CEO Itay Katzeye explains why this technology is so important to improve the everyday lives of smartphone users:

A good technology is an invisible one. eyeSight’s Touch Free Interface technology for Android-based devices introduces exactly that – a new level of interaction that is natural, intuitive and simple to use. Users are looking for ways to ease, improve and enjoy their day to day interaction with their mobile phone, ideally aiming to gain effortless control of the device’s applications and functions, which is where eyeSight’s solution comes to place.

How well it will work? We can’t say as there haven’t been any demos of it on an Android device as of yet, but stroll over to eyeSight’s site now to look at more demos of their framework being used on Nokia devices.

[via Android Community]