Promo Boxes Promise Samsung Galaxy S “Landing Soon” in US


The Samsung Galaxy S has launched in Europe, and while the plan is to bring the flagship smartphone to over 100 carriers worldwide there is still no clear time frame for when the US might see that shimmering Super AMOLED display and hummingbird processor. It is currently believed that the Galaxy S will hit T-Mobile first, and it may even happen as early as the end of this month. One thing is for sure, according to the promotional packages that have been getting out to several websites the phone will be “landing soon.”


Along with that promising message the packages also contained flying saucers emblazoned with the Galaxy S logo. It might have been cooler if there was an actual working Samsung Galaxy S in the box, but — as the saying goes — beggars can’t be choosers.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Bill23 over at howardforums, an individual apparently “in the know” has hinted that the phone may be coming to Verizon sooner rather then later:


  2. please come to tmobile soon before i get the evo..

  3. ok why is Verizon getting all the hip android phones!!!

  4. VzW now? Hmm…interesting considering the original rumors that stated none of the carriers were interested in making it an exclusive phone.

  5. I hope this comes to T-mobile soon. They really need a good high end Android device right now.

  6. @Dave_Okc Tmobile has the nexus one. I’d rather have a nexus one any day rather than a Samsung phone. Regardless if it’s supposed to be “highend” or not, I’ve had bad luck with Samsung phones in the past.

  7. This phone will be out for T-Mobile. It’s been seen in video with T-Mo apps in the app tray, including My Account, My Device, T-Mo’s app pack, and a couple T-Mobile-colored icons previously unknown. You might be able to find that video in archived posts at tmonews.com.

  8. Please go to t-mobile so i can just upgrade. T-mobile really needs a good phone that can compete with evo, droid, n1. even though t-mobile sells n1 its really just google’s phone with t-mobile service.

  9. I doubt there will be a Droid Galaxy S. It’ll definitely be coming to T-Mo.

  10. Any chance this could be the mystery reason that all T-mobile corp. stores are opening early on June 19th? I agree with most that it probably just a special Father’s Day promo with the MyTouch slide, but hey, this could be a nice addition to the lineup on that day!

  11. Verizon and Sprint will probably get this phone in Quarter 3 or 4 being that there is not a CDMA version available yet. I am hoping T-Mobile get’s it by months end.

  12. When i first laid eyes on this phone it was like love at first sight. Kinda the same experience i had when i first laid eyes on a shiny white Xperia X10 last year. I know i will never have it since this is not a CDMA phone =[.

    id take this baby over the shadow/xtreme/droid 2 anyday!

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