Cellular South Makes Motorola Milestone Official


After having some fun leading up to an official announcement, Cellular South is definitively revealing the Motorola Milestone (or the Droid if you prefer it by that name) as their next Android handset. We didn’t get a firm date, however, only the usual ‘coming soon’ mantra. Those who want to take the Milestone for a spin on the regional carrier can sign up at the phone’s landing page.


And if the Milestone doesn’t get you all hot for Android, don’t worry. Cellular South is promising more phones of the Android variety are in the works for the carrier.

[via AndroidGuys, Press Release]

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  1. Well is it milestone or droid? The locked bootloader is the difference.

  2. are the new phones going to be better? And what is the “Game Changer” they’re speaking of, this or something that truly is a game changer?

  3. obviously its a milestone? cellular south is gsm the droid is cdma

  4. And it wouldn’t be called the droid on their network regardless of whether it was cdma or gsm because verizon is the company paying lucas films to license the name.

  5. I’m pretty sure cell-south is cdma… I could be wrong tho.

  6. great for Cellular South users

  7. Cellular South is CDMA. They contract out Verizon’s network (not as wide a range of coverage, but the maps are nearly identical). Milestone is the non-VZW licensed name of the Droid. People will be calling it “Droid” when they come into the stores, guaranteed.

    However, I am curious as to whether CS is getting the HTC Desire. Rumors abound, but nothing near confirmed by any source. I’d like to see something more along those lines in the CS repertoire.

  8. If you use cellular south, I highly recommend it. I love my droid. Even with the newer android phone that have come out just months after I got mine, I am definitely not regretting my purchase.

  9. they are getting the desire and the samsung galaxy s as well…….and yes c.s. is cdma

  10. They will also be getting the HTC incredible. :)

  11. Wish they would get the incredible, i am on Cellular South. Knowing this company the game changer could be the droid, aka milestone..I would be pleasently surprised if the game changer turned out to be the incredible. I am not so sure the incredible was released when they announced all this though so I am not so sure…

    This company has awesome cell service, and coverage, with great plans, but they are short on tech knowledge and customer service.

  12. The only phones that Cell South has confirmed so far are the Desire and the Droid or Milestone which ever you prefer to call it. It’s about time they got some new phones too. Their version of the Hero has yet to recieve the update to 2.1 without rooting and flashing it.

  13. Cellular south is cdma but with ALL htc phones they can NOT get mms txt somthing to think about before you buy a new phone.

  14. The Hero will be able to send mms after the 2.1 update, whenever that may be.

  15. I believe if you will check the CS website, you will find the HTC Hero update to download, and yes, it is CDMA, and yes it is the Milestone.

  16. CS is CDMA for sure. I have a razr that is fine for what I do. CS told me that cricket phones are CDMA but they might stay in roam on CS’s network. I can’t find a CS razr but thousands of them for AT&T and Verizon. CS contracts are up in November then I have something SC can kiss. A very rude cut throat company to deal with.

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