The Innocomm Shark’s TV Tuner Gets Shown Off [Video]


We learned about Innocomm’s quartet of Android devices this past March, and we’re finally getting a first look at their 3.2-inch Shark equipped with a TV tuner. Innocomm was on hand at Computex to give demos of the phone’s TV capabilities in action and Engadget was nice enough to put the spotlight on it.

They didn’t show too much as it appeared to be stock Android (they state 2.1) but the demo we did get of Telegent’s mobile television technology was pretty nice. The phone has a long old school-style antenna built in for catching the signal. The TV application itself looked very responsive and the video playback was smooth from what was shown. Innocomm’s planning to launch the Shark worldwide this month, but the United States is obviously left out of this delicious-looking equation until further word comes of a model with a digital receiver (thanks, FCC!).


[courtesy of Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This could be another big step in android out selling iphone in another state….sure its ganna happen SOONER or later

  2. That phone looks really nice, but the antenna is a big turn off!!!

  3. Or maybe even in another country!!! :-D

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