Overwhelming EVO 4G Activations Bring Down Sprint’s System



Sprint might not have been prepared for just how many people wanted to get their hands on the HTC EVO 4G today, as their activation system has been off and on throughout the day. Now there are reports that the entire activation system has come crashing to the ground, stranding some new EVO owners with phones that aren’t fully activated. Any users out there experience issues with the Sprint activation process?

[via BGR]

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  1. Yup..went to a BB and took 3 hrs to activate. My buddy was porting from Verizon and his took even longer.

  2. Too many activation at the same time. That means the response was very successful.
    Imagine, all over the country everyone wanting to activate at the same time (thats probebly around 400,000 to 1,000,000,000)
    Who knows. Obviously EVO 4G more than impressed the customers. Success story.

    Sprint should rightaway work on their next phone or get to the drawing board how to take HTC EVO 4G even higher level, improve and include more functions and features. Never sit idle like Motorola Razer.

  3. Oh yeah, I have my EVO with me partially activated…I can receive calls and txt but I can’t get any internet. I keep getting Data Call Error Code 67 mentioning that my username and password are wrong…its been like that for HOURS lol.

    Spent 2 hours with a tech manually activating my EVO and still no luck…having the sprint servers down would affect the data too? I dont know what to do !! :(

  4. my radio shack’s entire computer system and phones were down for a FULL day. I was stuck not being able to purchase my PREORDER! What a disaster!

  5. It took me 45 minutes to get setup because I got lucky! How is 45 min lucky?!

  6. It took about an hour because the system at Radio Shack was so slow. I’m glad I went in at 8am.

  7. That sucks, sorry to hear that. I had no problems, was in and out in 10 mins from a corporate sprint store.

  8. It took a while to activate mine this morning around 10 am. I’m fully activated though with no issues and loving my EVO

  9. Sorry to hear that. But I’m glad to hear that Android keeps on rollin’ down the tracks like a freight train on steroids.
    How’s your day goin’, Mr. Jobs?

  10. Got my EVO activated in no time this morning!

  11. I work at a different part of best buy, but our activations were a disaster. Ppl waited up to 2 hours to get their phones working (st. Louis, mo)

    Customers were mad as heck, but sprint will be taking the fall for this one… not Best Buy.

  12. I waited nearly two hours in the store, probably 45 min at the register, but the port only took about 15 min. Phone is for the wife, I’ve got of until 6 pm.

  13. I sorry for those that got tortured by this.

    But, it is rather impressive that the demand is so incredibly high for this to happen. Take that Apple!

  14. Oh this was at a corporate store in Costa Medal,ca

  15. i had to wait 2 hours in a radio shack and then my phone wasn’t fully activated and finally after another 2 hours the data activation started working! just glad i have the toy to play with this weekend though.

  16. Seems like I’m the longest waiting here. I purchased my phones at 10:00 am and it’s now 6:35 pm and I’m still waiting for my phone to switch. I’m not sure if this is because I’m porting my number from T-Mobile or because Sprints system can’t handle the load. Day one of being a Sprint customer again isn’t going so well. Good thing I have 30 days.

  17. OH yeah…. this makes we want to get a sprint device

  18. Went to Radio Shack for my preorder during….my lunch break. Lets just say I was 30min late coming back to work but IT TOOK and I’m loving the phone!

  19. I had the same issues. Took even longer because I was porting my number. After three hours in Best Buy I was without the actual service for 3 hours after purchasing. Everything is all good now though.

  20. It’s impressive that it’s Sprint. The carrier that has been bleeding tens of thousands to millions of customers every quarter for a few years now is having a huge rush. Yes many will be upgrade, or full retail, but I’m sure many were also new accounts — that is the important part. It brought some people over to Sprint.

  21. EVO is a cool phone indeedy but this is a slap in the face to those who have said Sprint is just as good as Verizon…

  22. Yeah, took a good 45 mins to break through the phone queue at the RS i was at, and that was for the people before me. But luckily I was the last one and the RS employee asked the person if they could just activate one more person and they agreed meaning I didn’t have to wait for another 45mins+. though my phone still isn’t fully activated and that is quite annoying. Can make calls, but no data :(

  23. yeah I was at radio shack this morning and they couldn’t get in via their computer system. so they called them in. took 2 1/2 hours to get in but hey im a happy EVO owner now!!

  24. it was sooo wild at my store. 1.5+ hour activations. the worst part is that i cannot have mine for a few days…

  25. Yeah, like this didn’t happen when iPhones were launching either.

    Newsflash: overburdened database system flips out when stressed. Film at 11.

  26. yeah i made the joke so this is what it feels like to get an iphone on launch day.

  27. The problem is not the phone the problem is Sprint

  28. I have mine and it took the normal amount of time. Cruising on it now loving it. Android is cool so far. I guess I got lucky. But the iPhone crashed the system too when it came out remember?

  29. i love this phone i went to get one this morning at 7am and was out in 15

  30. All I can say is they better report a TON of activations to justify this. If it is like only 20k activations and they pissed everyone off, this will be embarrassing. I personally brought 2 people to sprint today and hope this company can turn around. I do not want to see them go under (or turn around too much and start charging more :o )

  31. I just wonder about the EVO inventories. If sprint was able to hemorrhage customers at the rates that they were, they should be able to handle new account setups in the same manner. Now porting numbers involves TWO carriers, I believe.

  32. VZW sold all 150,000 HTC Inc in few days without reported activation issues or system crashes. Its a bad sign for new Sprint customers. More bad experience to come…lol…

  33. Actually, the first allocation / shipment of Incredibles was between 200K and 250K sold through to customers in a few days. Only a partial of the second shipment happened (so far), since that was the time Samsung screwed HTC out of amoled displays.

  34. ….and I see engadget was pulling the same old where are the lines crap this morning. Well obviously somebody is buying it if the system can’t keep up and stores are running out.

  35. My evo was up and running within 3 minutes… I understand your pain but give Sprint a chance, there were a lot of sales in the first day… what would you expect for such a nice piece of equipment.

  36. Got to the Sprint store in Brown Deer Wi and was in and out within a half hour. Been messing with the phone all day. It is blazing fast. Very nice phone. I ordered a larger battery also because I have heard this thing is a battery whoore. Hopefully Android 2.2 will help this issue?

  37. BestBuy contacted me yesterday and “scheduled” an appointment time with me because of the overwhelming pre-orders for Evo. My appt was at 6PM EST. I left the store at 6:20 EST with a fully activated handset and that time included a few minutes going over accessories and protection plan.

    Overall, my experience was very smooth. BBuy even threw in a free bluetooth headset. It was kinda surreal considering that it was BBuy.

  38. I had about a 30 minute wait at a Radio Shack in Hillsboro, OR. They had to call it in, but it is now the sweetest experience!

  39. I think it worth noting point of sale infrastructure is not in any way the same hardware customers are using once they actually have an active phone. All the activation headache was around that point of sale infrastructure that is more than adequate 355 days of the year.

    I switched from AT&T to Sprint today not just to get the EVO but because I work in the ground floor of a 4 story building where I was stuck with edge and my Verizon based co-workers were also without >= 3g network but Sprint users are 3-4 bars of 3G service.

    I knew I was switching to Sprint for a long time now, just waiting for an Android phone with decent hardware spec.

    Satisfied Evo owner here.

  40. I’m going to put this on my list of reasons why I don’t get hot items the day they come out.

  41. Over two hours at Best Buy in Pittsburgh. Sprint’s system seemed to unravel around 2:30pm Eastern here. Worth it, though. Eclipsed the previous 3GS as my new business phone.

  42. Wodin, Radioshack alone sold out of there initial order which was 20,000 so i think you won’t be disapointed.

  43. I gave them my information, went back to work, and they called me when it was ready (about 3 hours later). I would have waited on the sidewalk and been happy about it though. Freakin’ awesome phone.

  44. I just checked my HTC Hero for a software update in the phone menu. Happy to say after checking everyday for the last month today was the day.

    I downloaded Android 2.1. A free download right from your phone.

    I saw the new phone at the sprint store today looked good. They told me they where sold out already

  45. Radio Shack at Port Authority Bus Terminal, NYC could not get through to Sprint for the life of them. I went in at 10AM and didn’t get my phone until 2PM. And my phone still isn’t activated yet. They told me it’d take an additional 24-48 hours. I then went to Sprint by Bryant Park after work to pick up a screen protector. Their system was totaled and all transactions had to be made in cash. It was a rough day for early adopters, for sure.

  46. I got my EVO 4G from the Radio shack where I pre-ordered it. I was in and out in roughly 20 minutes. Pretty painless. The phone is remarkable. The biggest surprise of the day for me was despite the fact that my home market, Los Angeles, doesn’t officially have 4G service yet, I was able to get a 4G signal near downtown. I did a double take because I didn’t believe it first. I went to speakeasy to conduct a speedtest to test the speed of the 4G signal…well one tested resulted in 6Mbps down, 1Mbps up & the other resulted in 8.27Mbps down, 1Mbps…blistering speeds for a cellphone.

  47. Live in Iowa (Central Time Zone.) My appointment was 8am at Radio Shack, took about 20 mins including picking up some accessories. Their accy’s were pretty limited to I also went to the local BB and found a holster later. Sorry so many of you folks had delays. I’ve went from a Sanyo Voice/Txt only 3 yr old flip phone to this Evo. WOW! Its pretty cool!! So far only thing I’m not liking is the large size, neat screen but using it as a phone is defintely large. Good luck everyone with further activations.

  48. It did take about an hour for me at radioshack, but I was the second person in line from opening. Part of the problem was he tried to ring me up as an upgrade instead of an add a line. They should really ask if it’s an upgrade or an add before proceeding & not assume. That alone made him have to go through the whole process manually with sprint customer support to fix what he had done. I was a preorder & specified “add”…even told him the night before, but he forgot. Oopps. At least I got a working EVO in the end!

  49. Not a bad phone at all. I really would love to try it. I’m still waiting for T-Mo to give a high end phone I want. I believe it will be th Samsung Galaxy coming up shortly.

    Luckily though, my rooted G1 phone is still beating.
    I live next to Angel stadium and I download 4 to 5 mbps average!!! on my G1 :o

    Can’t wait to try the Samsung Galaxy and compare. Hmmmm.

  50. Seriously people chill out! A point of sale system has nothing to do with the service you will receive. I used to have Verizon and the customer service Sucked! I have been with Sprint for 6 months and service has been awesome! I have Samsung moment and now a evo as well! They are both sweet!

  51. Went into a sprint store at 2:30, 2 hours later I still didn’t have the evo. called at 7:00 and they said that the sprint system was down. Now i have to wait for tomorrow.

  52. My activation took about 30 minutes. Ported from the overpriced Verizon. Sprint’s data is alot faster at my house.

  53. I was in line for an Hour and two hours inside The Sprint Store in Burbank Ca. The System was very Slow because of all the activations then it Crashed after i got my Evo. I Love it
    and it was worth the wait.

  54. Paid for mine yesterday at a corporate store, picked it up today and they had a temp number activated on it so I could use it. My number ported from Tmo at about 7:30 PST. My wife’s still hasn’t porter from VZW yet, but it should within a day.
    I’m lovin’ the phone, it’s a nice piece of hardware, hopefully the 4G part can catch up. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my broadband!

  55. I was in and out in 30 minutes Sprint had a small problem porting my numbers from that sorry At&t Incite phone. I actually terminated my At&t contract (with my HTC EVO in my car after it was activated) with 6 months left only cost $145 small price to pay for a real 4G network.

  56. No problems here… went to RS in the morning and took about 45 minutes, and they guy was slow…

    First Impressions:

    I have 4g in my area (central PA), but not 100% rolled out. Ran speedtest.net app around town and got average of about 2-2.5mb, which is not too bad.

    I am coming from VZW, and voice quality is comparable in my area. Still need to test a couple different area’s where i travel to normally.

    Hardware is amazing, screen is great, will need to find a good reason to use front camera, but good to have regardless. Battery lasted most of the day, but had it plugged in at work. I did enable/disable 4g thru-out the day.

    more feedback to come..

  57. I had major problems getting my evo activated today. I purchased my phone from radio shack, and they couldn’t get it activated, so I left the store with my new phone not working yet. When I got home I called sprint to be told to go back to radio shack because they miss typed my esn number. Turns out the esn number on the phone isn’t the same as the one on the box. I think it was miss packaged somehow so I say it’s SPRINT’S FAULT!!!. Then I go back to radio shack to leave with a phone that still doesn’t work. I called sprint when I got home, talked to advanced tech support and finally got the phone working. All in all, it only took about 5 hours, and at least those Jews gave me a 20 dollar credit.

  58. It took about an hour at I/O to be able to activate, because there were 5000 people in the same building, trying to activate their phones ;)

  59. Amusing to see all the kiddies with their Apple obsession. Why is it that Apple makes you feel so inferior?
    I seriously doubt Apple is at all concerned. Especially since it is very likely that the iPhone will be on Verizon and Sprint this year. Android has not done nearly as well in european countries where most carriers have the iPhone. You will see Android slow down quite a lot once the iPhone is on other carriers. I have an HTC Incredible btw…only because I couldn’t take AT&T anymore. It’s an adequate copy of the iPhone but still pretty far away from the real thing.

  60. I waited 2.5 hrs and the system crashed when I got up to the agent to make my purchase/activation. I beleive the overall system failure was my own fault (LOL!) I live in Washington DC and most people whe came in to purchase the EVO at a print store near the White House on 14th Steeet NW at 10am waited around longer because of the system crashing and then they continued to wait until the close of business just to walk out the store with no phone– some (like me)were able to keep thiers on hold at the store for activation tomorrow. The customers and sales people were screaming at one another out of frustration.- I should have recorded all the excitement on my palm pre and posted it on youtube LOL. It did not turn out so sour because all the people in the sprint store shared a similar “bad” experience, and many of us got the chance to communicate durring the long wait period, exchange numbers and become friends.

  61. I was in and out of Radio Shack in about 20 min…but 7hrs later, still waiting for the data side to activate.

  62. @Darwin, Adequate copy? LOL!

    Buddy Jobs must have you by the nads if that’s all you think it is. *facepalm*

  63. when i went to get mine at radioshack at 1130″ish” they warned me that the system was acting up…but i was out in 40 minutes like they said when i went to pre-order!!!

  64. @Darwin You sir are one sucker born a minute ago.

  65. Radio Shack in Los Angeles went down, too. The poor sales rep took nearly 3 hours to activate my phone. He ended up having to use a different activation system in the back office in order to get through, as the one on the sales floor was completely toast. He was very patient and nice, though. (Props to you, Radio Shack! I hadn’t been in one of your stores in years, but you definitely scored a return.)

  66. Sorry to shatter your world Darwin but when you see Q2 figures Android will have massively outsold the iPhone in all markets. It is a numbers game that Apple can not win. As for the next iPhone? I’m sure it’ll be a good copy of a froyo based device but it’ll be a long way from being the real thing.

  67. For all you iPhone junkies, I had an iPhone, and the experience is incredible. The first phone I have found that compares to the iphone is the Evo 4g I just purchased. Why does it have the iPhone beat? Because your not limited to Apple and iTunes multimedia, the world is your limitation. Also, the Flash on Evo is sweet! What other phone were lacking was the touch response of the iPhone, which the Evo has. Take this from someone who has owned both phones.

  68. It took 1 1/2 hours for 1 of my 2 Evo’s to get activated at Best Buy(it also took about 45 to 50 minutes when I got a Droid Inc activated at the same Best Buy). I didn’t realize until I got home that the 2nd Evo was not active. I called Sprint and then realized that the MEID DEC numbers on the box don’t match the numbers on the phone of the unactive phone. Sprint got it working for voice but data didn’t get activated until early this morning when I tried the handsfree ota activation again. On top of that I left Best Buy without my free bluetooth headsets.

  69. Best Buy took two hours to get my phone activated, complicated by a change to my family plan to a supported data plan. Their computers kept crashing.

  70. Sheesh, first AT&T (repeatedly) and now Sprint. When are the carriers with the killer phones going to learn that they need to seriously beef up their resources for launches like this? Verizon, by comparison with the Droid/Droid Incredible, has come out smelling like a rose, and is plagued only by the inability to keep their killer Android phones in stock (which is not really their fault anyway).

  71. It was a mess and I expected it to be. Took me 3.5 hours to get my phone, with a pre-order at Best Buy…many people in line just left after about 2 hours.

    Sprint has a very shaky provisioning system. 3 years ago, when I got my last phone from Sprint…that time at a Sprint Store…just on an ordinary day, no big releases, their system constantly crashed. Took 45 minutes to buy the new phone then. The Sprint sales people said the system always does that.

    The phone is awesome though.

  72. I used to work for Radioshack.
    Sprint’s activation system was down on a regular basis:) as I recall.
    Even without major phones like evo.

  73. do you have an estimation of how many EVOs did they sold ?

  74. I stopped by a Sprint store yesterday at 8:00am on my way to work on the off-chance they might have an EVO for sale. The manager was making phone calls to pre-order customers to see if they still wanted their phones and was able to secure an EVO for me. My activation took 4 hours because I was switching carriers and wanted to keep my old number. But, I was able to go on to work and use my old phone waiting for the switch. Going back to the Spring store after work to copy my contacts took awhile because my old HTC Touch Pro wouldn’t cooperate.

    Right behind me yesterday morning a guy who drove two hours to the Sprint store was able to secure two EVOs the same way. Don’t know how long his activation took.

    My EVO is up and running and is light-years ahead of my old HTC. Count me happy!

  75. My husband got my phone yesterday right as the sprint store opened. His number ported from tmobile 10 mins after he left the store. I’m still waiting for mine over 24 hours later. Kind of sad about it because I want to play with mine :(

  76. @Dave

    Thank you Dave! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  77. Funny, I was at radio shack waiting around while they tried to get me (and a couple other people) up and running… I dialed *2 for customer service and the rep literally had my phone up and running in 5 minutes Radio shack just needed me to sign a paper contract instead of the electronic one so they could record the sale

  78. Waited three hours at best buy in Leesburg VA with no line to get my evo activated.

  79. Americans chill out!!! U r getting a 2years plan for a great phone and you complain so much about the activation time. Sometimes life is harsh. Accept it. Else sue Sprint for psychological damage for 1million dollars. That is TOTALLY like you. Don’t get me wrong guys but we are talking Evo and all you can do is complain? Get down to business and PLAY with that piece of magic now! ;-)

  80. i had a lil trouble with the act process. Do you think they will be issuing refunds for the act fee?

  81. I’m happily with T-Mobile so I’ll never have to experience this kind of problem. T-Mobile will simply never get an Android phone that would ever bring this kind of excitement.

  82. Sprint sucks.

  83. I bought mine at the Sprint store at 8am when they opened and started the setup process on my lunch break around 2pm. I was porting over from AT&T and was on the phone with Sprint for about an hour doing a manual configuration. They said 7:30pm my phone would be fully functional, it wasn’t until about 10pm that I was able connect to a 3G network and receive/send data. All set up now tho and it’s working great. Just a big PITA at first

  84. Yup, took my brother 2 hours to activate his Evo.

  85. doesnt surprise me….trying to take on more than it can handle….too bad so sad……go vzw incredible

  86. I was the first in at BB at 10am even though my appt wasn’t until 12:30pm. It was a good thing. It took 2.5 hours to get it done, and after leaving the store, I realized it wasn’t even working. I called Sprint and within a half hour they got it working but I did have an error pop up for an hour so saying I had no data connection. I’m still having issues with wi-do but that’ really it. I LOVE this phone!!!

  87. Went to Radio Shack as needed. Tyler was GREAT! Did the transfer in about 10 min. Then put on the screen protector and gave me a 30 min how to tutorial. Could not be happier.

  88. @Sam

    T-Mobile already got an Android phone that generated this type of excitement. it’s called the Nexus One, google’s flagship phone. I have mine running with Android 2.2 right now capable of watching all those goddies on the web like lost tv shows :-)

  89. Took about 45 minutes in line at BestBuy and then about 15 minutes to activate. All in all not a painful process at all. As for the phone, WOW! Blown away by the Evo.

  90. I’m usually skeptical when something is ‘sold out’ as it can be contrived for marketing buzz. But when activations bring down the entire system, that means that this really is very popular.

  91. Darwin: why would anyone want to copy a phone with a small screen and no replaceable battery? The iPhone has simply failed to EVOlve.

  92. For those of you that think Sprint sucks LEAVE ! ! !
    Go get nickeled and dimed by at&t or Verizon. (the two worst carriers in the world)
    So what if there the biggest carriers, bigger is not better , just ask your girlfriend

  93. Not as bad as I expected. I had to get my number ported from Walmart, so it was 1:57, then 3:30, then about 11:30 I got a CSR who knew exactly what he was doing. The best thing, my old phone did not go off until the number was activated on my EVO.

    EVO is definitely too big for me. The big screen doesn’t make that much difference, the heat buildup is over what I’m comfortable with, the TV subscription stuff is all pay for, then I was told today, we only get 5.5 gb of tethering which kind of ruins my plans.

  94. Today I was rushing to buy the new EVO at the Mayaguez Puerto Rico Sprint Store, to my surprise all sprint stores in PR where completely out of EVO’s. Then I wondered about a radio shack store in San German PR that almost never has what I look for when I want to buy something and to my surprise they had one…. Yes one EVO left. I purchased it inmediatly and left the store with such a great smile. The phone is really nice and meets all my expectations. Up to this moment I am owner of a HTC Touch Pro 2 Srint and HTC EVO obviously Sprint, both phones are the best on their respective operating systems (Windows mobile 6.5 and Android 2.1 with HTC Sence). Sprint is really making a great comeback to both ATT and APPLE Company. Srint’s phones completly pass the fruity iphone standards and Sprint’s service as well as plans are way better than ATT’s.

  95. It took me an hour and 45 minutes at a local radio shack. No preorder, and I got the last one of 6 that they had. I ported from Verizon and after that hour and 45 minutes, my phone worked instantly.

    Now I’m outside of a 4G area so I haven’t tested it out yet, but so far i enjoy my new service, the fact that at work I can actually get and make calls from my desk, and I have a crazy fast phone that does everything I want it to do.

    I don’t know about that 5.5gb of tethering though. I got the unlimited data plan so I think I’m good.

  96. @Charlie Solak according to all reviews I’ve seen, the data is unlimited. This applies both for the phone and teathering.

    For the 3g iPhone, I stood in line for 8 hours (sorta fun – after the first hour it is less like a line and more like a block party) so I don’t think a few hours is that bad for the premier of a new phone. I do think it would be cool of google to help some of the carriers that are selling phones with google’s os on it get past their initial launch pos db issues.

  97. Say what you say jagsfan but Verizon has the best signal and 3g andddd soon the best 4g now I’m talking about proven overall test again and again and again so bottom line is: I don’t mind paying for the best. Your free to pay for your sprint phone and service all ya want but just know that the PROVEN best of the cellphone carriers is only-only a Google search away bro. …..y0!

  98. took me 3 hours to get activated at RadioShack on Friday morning.
    3 reps were activating people and each activation got stalled.
    Finally, one of the RS employees got a Sprint rep on the phone and got me activated over the phone, as opposed to through the Sprint online system.
    Once he got me activated, they passed the phone around the store and had the phone agents activate everybody waiting in one fell swoop.

    But the 3 hours of waiting beforehand was just sitting around and waiting.
    The RS employees were very nice (Woodbridge Mall, NJ). They even bought out chairs for each of us to sit in while the system lagged.
    We all broke our phones out of the boxes and nerdgasmed over the beauty. Then, once activated, we ran out of the store happy as can be.

    For me, i didn’t mind. I consider running into bugs and problems at launch an undeniable expectation that comes hand in hand with the Nerd Tax. You want something first? Just expect a couple hiccups. I wasn’t surprised or annoyed by the minor inconvenience, personally. Just take a breath and relax.

  99. @ Mensah overall best network? Who cares. I am generally only in a half dozen places or traveling between them – if I get service at all of these places I’m 80% happy, if I get service in transit I’m 15% happier, and if I get service when I travel that’s the 5% of blissfulness.

    Case in point: I have an iPhone (probably turning into an evo) and a blackberry. The blackberry works at home and in the dc metro but doesn’t work for shit in the office two blocks from the white house. The iPhone doesn’t work well at home, at all in most of dc’s metro but works perfectly at work. This is pretty funny since the blackberry is work and the iPhone is personal. However, if sprint can provide me service in these places, I couldn’t care less if they’ve got good service or no service in Juno Alaska – I don’t live there and probably won’t travel there in the next year or two.

    Point: overall service might matter to stock holders, execs, and people blindly trying to make a point, but it really doesn’t mean much to anyone else.

  100. @Ben W. I felt compelled to write just to throw down some kudos for “NerdTax” Is this yours or did you snag it somewhere? Cuz I’m totally stealing it, and need to give credit where credit is due.

    VERY Nail-on-the-head stuff, man…that’s EXACTLY what dealing with all this extra crap is…bravo.

  101. @Charlie Solak, I have no idea why you’re complaining about the EVO’s size, AFTER THE FACT! Everyone knew what they were getting into prior to purchasing the EVO. The heating issue you’ve mentioned is not something I’ve experienced nor have I read about. Sprint does not cap ANY data on the EVO. Tethering (hotspot) is unlimited. It appears there are a few who are trying to find anything negative about the EVO.

  102. Wow, sorry to hear about all the woes. It tool me about 10-15 minutes for my preordered EVO purchase and activation. No problems at all and none since (in Orlando FL on June 4th at 6:00 am eastern time). Switched evo to my line, added a HTC hero to my wifes line later than day and had the activation problems. Tech helped me resolve it last night. Most of the issues should be about resolved. Yesterday they said they were about 70% resolved.

  103. adding to my previous post… I had the activation problems with the hero, not the evo

  104. I ordered my phone online Thrusday night. Should get it on Wed. I knew this would happen. I guess Patience is a virtue.

  105. Mine is arriving on Monday via UPS… Hopefully phone and online orders won’t create the same rush then and I’ll be able to activate w/o issue.

  106. I love my EVO 4G, even with out the 4G I get 300KiloBytes/s not KiloBits/s! This phone is amazing, and I have not been able to put it down. The screen is awesome, no need for a slider with a screen is this big!

    I only wish that the docking station with HDMI connector was for sale already.

  107. VI guess I was lucky. It took about five minutes to activate mine at a Sprint company store on Friday afternoon.

    However, I am having some problems with this comment form on the stock EVO browser. The Name field shifts way up the page when I focus it. You might want to test it. I can provide a screenshot.

  108. @ Shawn

    nicely put Shawn. i completely agree. a carrier’s strength is only determined by each individual’s location and day-to-day living situation. why would i care about verizon’s larger us coverage and want to pay $40 more for it if i only live and drive around in my city that has great Sprint coverage and Tmo coverage as well? it’s a no brainer! you simply go with the carrier that has the phone you like and/or the best price. whichever carrier suits your individual needs, no one cares about anyone else that live in all the other states…

  109. There’s a sucker born every minute, sprint fucking sucks.
    Coming from a nexus1 owner on Tmobile who had sprint last year

  110. @g1-and-only
    There’s a sucker born every minute, T-mobile fucking sucks, small and spotty 3g. Coming from a Evo owner on Sprint who had T-mobile last year.

  111. so we wait 3 months for the phone to come out, and people are complaining about 3 hours to activate it? get real…

  112. Think about it….If everyone ran out Friday from 6am-8pm at Sprint Stores, Radio Shack and Best Buy to Get an EVO…thats potentially Hundreds of Thousands (Maybe a Million?) of activations in a 14 HR window.

    Be Realistic….ever try to have a gifted phone activated on XMas day? it may take a while. So Balloon that 70%

    Whats slowing me from buying an EVO..is 1) My TP2 keyboard but 2) the idea that if i catch wind of something in the fall waiting for the Car & Home Docks to e released..i may not buy one at all.

  113. The port from ATT to Sprint took only 5mins. Phone purchase at 7:29AM ported @ 7:32AM. and activation took only 5mins. This is the type of luck Sprint need when things go bad to Great from one phone. They Have Evo’d to the top of the phone chain.

  114. After 48 hours with my new HTC EVO 4G, I must say that this is by far the BEST phone period in terms of brains & brawn! It eats iPhone for breakfast!

    Concerns are:
    1) Sprint Customer Service – After 2 tries they still haven’t applied by corporate discount. They are living up to their reputation (or lack thereof).

    2) BATTERY – It SUCKS, period! Charged all night and after first 3 hours of albeit heavy use, I had to immediately buy a car charger. Its like driving a Corvette in rush hour traffic. Big V8, no place to go.

    I haven’t ported my number yet. Applied battery tips noted on the forums and lets see if it can last at least 10 hours on a full charge.

  115. Looks like Best Buy is completely sold out online as of last time I checked on 6/6 at 10pm. So glad I got mine first thing on 6/4!

  116. picked my phone up june 4th at 630am eastern, took about 8 seconds to get it activated. go go gadget radio shack! the manager of the store did mine for me, she powered typed some stuff on the screen, scanned the label on the box, clicked twice, then powered on the phone and handed it to me. it had my voicemail notifications on the screen before I finished the “how to use it” tutorial.

  117. lol it was so amusing at BB for me… they tried for about 30 minutes to get mine set up and then said “beast died” whatever that means, so then they tried “beast” on the computers in the laptop section of BB, no luck, so then they tried the old method “snap” at the help kiosk and that finally worked… i was out in 2 and a half hours lol but it alllll works

  118. got in and out in less than 45 minutes at Radioshack. Bought the phone on the 5th without a preorder. Maybe if everyone didn’t NEED to get it day 1 they wouldn’t have to go through such long waits

  119. Was able to walk into Radio Shack on June 5th and buy their last EVO. Activation was handled by the Radio Shack dude. Phone worked great over the weekend, and most of Monday.

    Monday morning, the phone stopped working, displaying the message “Data Call Error Code 67 mentioning that my username and password are wrong” as noted above.

    Went back to Radio Shack and they unlocked the phone so that I could at least make calls and send txts.

    Not sure if it’s the reason, but I had asked to port my number over from Boost, which apparently takes up to 2 weeks. I think that I have my old number now, but still can’t access the interwebs via 3G. Still getting the above error message.

    iPhone 4 is looking better and better. LOL. Too bad it’s on AT&T.

  120. I think they are not giving the commuters adequate service they deserve. This way you can’t hold the market even if you offer low cost.



  123. So is it prove that iphone4 is not what consumers expected or what Steve told us? Me personally expected much more from this gadget. Anyway thanks for sharing.

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