Qik Details What You’ll Be Getting for $5 A Month


Welp, it’s June 4th and Qik promised us more details regarding the premium features they’re asking users to pay $5 for. That promise was fulfilled as soon as the floodgates opened at retailers across the country. Let’s start off by letting you know that you’ll essentially be getting a 1.5-month trial of the features Qik will be charging for (set to end on July 15th).

For starters, the premium subscription will allow you to video chat with resolutions higher than 640×480, archive unlimited amounts of videos, send video mail, and you’ll get “priority support” if you need help with your Qik service. For those that couldn’t play with the new video chat-enabled app before today, the version in the market has been updated to allow you to do so.

Try all of this stuff out until July 15th, but the free ride ends there.

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  1. So I can save my sex chats? Awesome

  2. I hate the girl and her voice. She obviously was just hired because of her looks (even though I wouldn’t consider her hot) and doesn’t know anything about the call service. I’d rather see an ugly girl who feels comfortable talking about technology than a bimbo with no brains.

    Anyhoo, the video mail feature is neat! Wish I had held out for an Evo instead of jumping the gun and settling for the Hero >:|

  3. qik app does not work for me??? no matter what i do

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