Peter Chou – HTC CEO – Speaks at the D8 Conference


All Things D is still hosting their D8 Conference today, but a very interesting interview between Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and HTC’s CEO Peter Chou sneaked out sometime yesterday. With Android being their biggest focus currently, it’s only natural that he had some things to say regarding the OS.


One interesting question Mossberg asked was regarding the newly-launched HTC EVO 4G and its battery life, stating that it runs down “alarmingly fast”. Chou counters this question saying that if you’re a heavy mobile user – especially on today’s smartphones by any manufacturer – then poor battery life is just a by-product of that. He alludes to the fact that their phones have removable batteries while the iPhone, specifically, does not.

He also made some comments on things such as the company’s plans to enter the US stock market and the recent troubles at Foxconn. It’s a great read so head over to All Things D to check it out if you need to pass some time today.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seriously, no body bothered asking this guy about 2.2 on the Incredible and the Evo. Wtf!

  2. mossberg is such a douche, good interview though i really like peter chou, hes doing great things at htc!

  3. Lol… exposing one of the most glaring and ridiculous flaws of the iANYTHING… No removable batteries, no memory card slots, etc., etc., etc. Love it ;)

    Great things at HTC for sure, more and more good stuff flying out and all in conjunction with the Android OS, I can’t wait to see the AMAZING APPLE unveiling and the YAWN’s it will produce.

    Just my $.02

  4. I think that one of the better solutions is to actually make batteries bigger without making them physically bigger. What I mean by that is if you could get a 3200 MaH battery that is physically the same size as a 1300 MaH battery wouldn’t you take it? I think what is being overlooked is the battery manufacturers not the company making the phones. The phone maker has come up with the times but the technology for the battery has not progressed at the same level causing a discrepancy. But then again I might just be crazy.

  5. I have to agree with MrMoore on that one. Why haven’t the batteries had a change in technology? All industries that use batteries are changing and more things are going to battery power why aren’t they changing with them. With the evo you have more room so why not make a better battery for it.

  6. Agreed…Mossberg is Steve Jobs’ Douchebag….

  7. @MrMoore and Shane: You really think they arnt trying? Large batteries are the bane of just about all of our tech. There is a lot of money going into developing better batteries.

  8. Does anybody know if he released any information about what phones will be getting the 2.2 update?

  9. Hmmm…. a battery that is the same size but twice the charge = a two times improvement in battery technology. Just making the same thing smaller IS in an improvement, not just an option.

  10. “Let’s talk about the SD card bug….”

    “yeah that was patched today. How about the iPhone’s SD card bugs? None – oh because you CANT USE SD cards”

    “what about the battery life?”

    “Yeah it sucks but you can remove it and replace it. You can do that on the iPhone….oh wait YOU CAN’T EVEN REMOVE THE BATTERY”

  11. Making better batteries is not as Straight forward as it seems to, mobile ones is made of lithium and we are running short an that one. Only Bolivia has huge supplies and are going to be the next Saudi-arabia. But for some reason they are holding back on selling.

  12. Jimmie, Last week HTC announced Froyo for the Incredible 2nd half of this year.

  13. @Hendrix I’m not the only person that feels the way that I do about battery manufactures not getting things up to par:

    Not trying to shove it in anyones faces but I don’t see any advances that have come out.

  14. @Hendrix I’m not the only person that feels the way that I do about battery manufactures not getting things up to par: trying to shove it in anyones faces but I don’t see any advances that have come out.

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