Motorola Gives a Sneak Peak at MOTOBLUR 2.1 on the FLIPOUT [Video]


While the Motorola FLIPOUT may not be your cup of tea, Motorola’s banking on a huge target demographic of teens and social networking addicts to snap up this smallish device. After they officially announced it a couple of days back, they’re now giving us an in-depth look at the phone and how Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR works with the device.

You can use filtering options to decide who you want showing up on your homescreen, you can resize widgets to best fit your needs, there’s improved push support for corporate email, and a whole lot more. Expect the Motorola FLIPOUT to be available sometime this month.

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Did they really just use the word “frenemies” in a corporate marketing video?

  2. hahahahha, yes they most certainly did.

  3. Points for talking directly to their target audience, and not just at them.

  4. If my Cliq ever receives the freakin 2.1 update I will be excited to use that filter option!….I have been waiting 8 months for them to give us filtering and I’ve had to endure thousands of ramblings from people on my friends list that I could give 2 craps about what they have to say….I’m guessing everyone on Facebook has these kind of “friends”….You know, the ones that are more like acquaintances than friends that you really don’t want on your Facebook but have to put up with because you would be a jerk if you deleted them…..Please just release the 2.1 update to us Cliq users already….Motoblur…More like Motorture!

  5. I wasn’t sure I heard that right but a couple of you confirmed it lol

  6. please put dhis on dha cliq

  7. Is she a computer generated character? A little shiny on the makeup.

  8. 7 home screens, resizeable widgets, contact filtering… My Wife will be very happy to get this on her Backflip.

  9. Wish we had 7 home screens on the plain Vanilla 2.1 Moto Droid!

  10. The interesting thing to me was that they appear to be marketing this phone as something working adults could use for work (accessing corporate email), as well as for social networking and personal use. And here I was thinking that it was targeted at kids (based on the form factor and the many colours it’s apparently coming in).

  11. The new Motoblur features certainly seem to make sense, and as a Cliq XT owner (hey, it was the best TMo had when it launched), I’m looking forward to them. But, they all seem to be relatively cosmetic/shallow alterations (okay, seven homescreens is deeply useful). I’m hoping the real difference between Motoblur 1.5 and Motoblur 2.1 is speed. I know it’s not like we’re getting Froyo’s compiler boost (something desperately needed by all the weak Blur devices), but a highly optimized UI could offer smoother, faster performance. That’s what’s needed.

  12. @asqwerth, she is talking about Blur in general, not specifically the Flipout. I expect you’ll see Blur on more devices including those intended for Enterprise use, while things like push email on phones like the Flipout, which are clearly t(w)een phones, will simply never use it even though it’ll be available.

  13. This square form factor will not sell well.

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